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My name is Amber. I am 20 years old and a fresh natural YAYYY. Anyway I guess I should talk about my hair right? I am a 3c/4a. I just recently did a big chop in may. I transitioned for 11 months WHEW! I am very excited to get to know some more naturals on this site. I have a youtube channel, facebook group, tumblr and twitter (@naturallecher)! Please feel free to come visit me

Facebook group:
Twitter: @naturallecher

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Hello Amber and welcome!
UK Curly
Curl type : Boticelli, 3a, loose curls
Porosity : High
Texture : Fine/medium (I think!)
Co-wash/rinse out/leave in : L'oreal Full Restore 5, GFR&S, Schwarzkopf Bio Pomegranite
Gels : Umberto Giannini Flirty Curls Scrunching Jelly
Finish product : Boots Naked Style Frizz Fighter Serum or a pea-sized blob of condish smoothed over canopy
CG since Feb 2011
Hello, my name is Sommer and I've been natural for about 9 months. I am obsessed with having healthy hair as my hair has been damaged for 6 years with bad relaxer after bad relaxer. I had healthy-ish long hair with the relaxer, but with ime constraints I stopped caring for my hair after a really bad perm. Hoping to get my long prettty hair, but not curly/kinky!

I live in Germany, but have access to products found in America via American stores and of course the internet. Happy to meet you all and be inspired!
Last Relaxer June 2010
Big Chop October 28, 2010
Mother of 3
Hi all,

I was inspired to try and get my waves back after spending a week in California, where I remembered that I HAVE wavy hair. I live in Arizona, though, which makes things very hard in terms of keeping my waves from falling flat or drying out. I color my hair, and am not sure how or even whether that affects my CG routine, and on top of this, I have gluten issues, so have to find wheat-free shampoos.

Hairwise, I fall somewhere between a 2a and a 2b (depends where on my head you look), with fine hair of average porosity and elasticity. I just did my first co-wash today using Desert Essences products - really hoping that my hair takes to a modified CG routine that's easy to follow, and also hoping to meet some great people with good advice!
Hi everyone, how do make a new thread??? Also do you guys know any resources for me to find pictures of hairstyles like this one:
When I first started here, it took me three tries to figure out how to start a new thread. Go to the area you want to start the thread in (Newbies info/introductions, General discussion about curly hair, or whatever), look at the top left of the opening page, click on the pink "New topic" button, write your first post of a new thread.

There is a picture gallery here, under the "Styles" heading. Don't know if you'll find that particular style here, though.
Be Happy!


Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.
Hey im new I dont even know if im posting this correctly or even how to post but hi to all the curlies out there.
Hi. I just joined a couple minutes ago. I am a teenager (15) and have 4c hair according to my research. I live in New Mexico where there is NOBODY i could go to for hair advice. I've struggled with my hair forever and i used to relax it, but havent now for about 2 years. Ive gotten braid extensions twice and I use the flat iron once in a while. I just need advice for my hair (styling, products, etc.) Lol so I hope I can learn some stuff.
Hi, My name is Kaira!

I've been natural for about 3 months now. well "Kinda", I've only had a relaxer once and that was back when I was 5. But since then I been using tons of heat products on my hair. So three months ago I decided that I should start loving my curls for what they are and officially stopped using any type of heat product.

I'm so glad to be part of this site and can't wait to meet new people
Welcome all natural newbies!!!!

😜🍸Sent LIVE from my JPhone 4s using some CurlTalk app. 😜🍸

I just started the CG method a week ago, and already can see results. My damaged, dry hair that was barely wavy, is getting waver, and maybe it will go back to it's curly state from years ago. I started with Deva Curl products, but will switch to more affordable.
I have discovered that sometimes my hair looks like straw, has no body at all. Today I did put more conditioner, and did not rinse it all out. And it is softer and nicer looking. Any tips would be very welcome, as I don't know a lot.

I think my hair is 2c, high porosity,medium density, thin, but some are coarse, because I have a lot of grey hair.
Hello, all,
Greetings from Lawrenceville, Ga.
I am newly natural and currently wearing a TWA.

My first question is what is a good leave in conditioner to use on 3c/4a hair? I LOVE how my hair looks wet...but when it dries I dont like the shrinkage and it becomes dry...

It will curl pretty much on its own but I want something that will keep my curls loose and moisturized.. I have tried Kinky Curling cream and Fantasia gel. and I have to admit I like the Fantasia gel better, although I know it may contain some ingredients that arent so good for me..But I like the curl pattern it gives better than KCCC. Yet I still want something that will keep my hair from shrinking so much..

Originally Posted by mrstrent
this is EXACTLY my problem. I use the Kinkly curly products as well, and it helps with the shrinkage, but I dont like that it makes my hair stiff and hard.. Also, my mid-section is THE WORST.. it just looks NAPPY and I dont really want that.. I currently use Organix products (shampoos and conditioner) - I actually leave the conditioner in and add oil to it for the soft curl look and it doesn't leave my hair stiff, but it does weigh my hair down... I use the custard as a gel to style it in a pony w/o my edges coming up.. works wonders!!! But, I'm trying to find something to make my mid-section not be so dry and brittle looking..
Heyyyy everyone!! I'm FeFe and just did the chop the middle of May after attempting to transition and finding it more of a hassle than to just get the cutting over with. I was nervous about how people would act and what they would say, but things have been pretty good so far I've had a lot of friends and family along with a wonderful man who have helped me be more comfortable with my decision. I'm really enjoying learning how to care for my natural hair so far it's been quite exciting just seeing my natural texture after having not seen it since I was a little girl. I don't think I have a specific hair type, but more of a mixture instead, anyways I've browsed this site a few times and finally decided to join all of you lovely members.
I just found this amazing site, thanks to the powers of Google. After spending a few hours reading and poking around, I did my first no-poo wash & plop today! I'm transitioning from a haircut I had to wear blown straight, so I need a trim to help the curl, but so far I'm really impressed!
hello everyone!!! 1st day here!!! yeah!!!
can anyone tell me what my hair type is??????
Hi everyone! My name's Azul. I'm so glad to have found this board. I've been going through the articles linked on the intro page and I've already learned a lot.

I have 3a hair... I'm currently reading and taking notes to try and figure out my texture and porosity. I didn't ever realize that porosity mattered when it comes to curl, and I think I've been mis-labeling my hair as coarse.

I've checked out the before/after thread, and I must say I'm experiencing some serious hair envy right now.
@Azul welcome. Is that really your name? I ask because I have never met another girl who's real name was blue or bleu or azul.
Hi @bleuyteuy. No, that's not my real name. AzulBlue is just a web /blogger name.
Hi everyone! I am new to the natural community. I transitioned for 9 months then finally BC'd on July 1, 2012. Best decision I have ever made. I am learning a lot about my hair and myself. I am in the military so it was a little hard for me to decide to go natural since there are so many regulations that confine my options for styling. With me being stationed in the UK, there aren't too many natural ladies. So I basically was getting my support from my friends on FB and getting into web searching and YT. has given me nothing but helpful info. So I had to get in on the fun.

Now I have been going thru products trying to find the right one. Being overseas is harder for me to obtain natural products for my hair so I have to do a lot of online shopping. I almost felt that I was going to stop shampooing all together. But Organix (only tried Coconut Milk) is the only shampoo that I have tried that did not make my hair feel stripped. So I'm going to continue with that in my regi. HE has been great for my conditioners. Now just trying to find the right moisturizers and DCs. I did order the KCCC to define my curls. I tried the eco styler gel, did not work for me. I can't define my curls for nothing. If this doesn't work out, I'll just have to end my quest on defining my curls until my hair gets longer. I also ordered the Shea Moisture line. So wish me luck. Hope you ladies have an awesome day.
Hi everyone!
I'm 15 and I live in Austria so I want to apologize for all the spelling/writing mistakes I'm gonna make. ^^
I discovered this site a few days ago. It all started with the Curly Girl picture thread... After I had looked at approximately 20 sites of beautiful hair that was changed from dry and undefined to wonderful curly/wavy and shiny I was very very glad that I had started with the CG method (this has been 3 or 4 weeks ago even before I found this website). Then I saw the texture typing site, the frizz forecast and finally I fell in love withe
I really hope to find answers to some of my questions concerning my curls and the CG method ^^
Austrian Curly Girl

Texture: 2C/3A

Products: Balea Feuchtigkeits-Spülung, Alverde Glanz-Spülung, Alverde Stylinggel weißer Tee & Lemongrass

Sorry for my spelling mistakes... English is not my first language

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