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Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.
Hey, all. My name is Shay, and despite having curly/wavy hair (2b/2c) all my life, I was never taught how to take care of or manage my curls =[ I did a massive amount of trial and error my senior year of high school and finally figured out how to wear my hair with it's waves and have it not be super frizzy (prior to senior year I had been flat-ironing my hair almost every day since 7th grade... yikes!)

Now it's a couple years after graduation, and I'm looking to take it to the next level and not only have my hair look decent, I want it to BE HEALTHY and look EXCELLENT! I am now on the beginning days of my journey to become poo-free!
Hello everyone, Just a newbie here and want to have new hair style for myself..
Kelly Williams
The Beauty Reviewer
hi everyone! i'm new here and i found this website when i was browsing for hair care on curly hair.. and i think, this is where i belong! you know, with the users having curly hairs
i have naturally curly hair, and i think i am somewhere between 3A and 3B. my hair is currently long, it reached below my shoulders but because of the frizziness it looks like it's only shoulder length.
i usually flat-iron my hair so it looks more decent and not unruly.. can any of you recommend what i should do w my hair?

i'm looking forward to finding out more here~
I am so happy to be able to share how I care fro my hair with you and hopefully finally learn how to take care of my hair by reading and understanding how others with my hair type take care of there hair. I have been doing the Curly Girl method for two years now. I have been using a T -shirt or long sleeve silk shirt to plop my hair once a week on Sat. night, when I want my curls to hold an look especially nice on Sunday morning. Since I have been doing this method I have bought KCCC thinking some how this would be the magic product for me. And it isn't,I just would like to find out how and what to use and how to use it on my hair so i can have fantastic hold and soft curls. Maybe even get some tips from some ladies with my hair type,and learn some different ways to do my hair.My hair is a bit longer than what you see in the ravatar,it is now half way between my shoulders and my elbow,the curl pattern is a little different because of the length.My curl pattern starts just above my ears,not much curl on the crown. I am always trying to get my hair to form those curls,and with no luck. I would love suggestions.

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Hey guys just thought id introduce my self... New here.<3 loving the site already. much lovexx

I'm so excited to have found this website! I haven't always had curly hair -- it used to be pin-straight growing up. But in the past 3-4 years, my hair has changed to become wavy curly. Since I didn't grow up with curly hair it has been such a challenge trying to maintain it and I don't know how to style it anymore -- you can get so overwhelmed with all these products out there!

At any rate, I'm looking forward to reading up on tips and techniques from everyone! Can't wait to start embracing my newly natural curls!

- evvy
After surfing around on this site (and others) on several occasions, I decided to join the community AND to try the CG method (I started today!) and to plop my hair (I watched the video and am sitting with a long-sleeved T-shirt on my head as I write this.

I have type 2B-3A hair, very fine, long, but with deep wave extensions as well (weave method). My own hair is shoulder length, but with the extensions my hair goes down to my waist. I colour/bleach my hair two to three shades blonder than it's natural colour (that is a dark strawberry blonde/lighter brown).

I have three daughters that all have naturally curly hair with the following hair types:

5 year-old: 3B, normal thickness
3 year-old: 2C-3A, fine hair
3 year-old: 2C-3A, fine hair

With time, I might try the CG method for my daughters as well.

I would love tips from others with the same type of hair! My hair is fine, and it's flat unless I use styling products. I also have to fight to get the curls more defined and, particularly, for the curls to last!
Hi ladies!
Recently transitioned from relaxed, short hair. Last relaxer 18 June 2012 and cut out remaining relaxer on or about 18 July 2012 and I LOVE IT! I've always been pretty particular about my hair, I like to say that I'm simple, but complicated . SO, here we are! I'm currently rocking a fade and plan to keep it short, but may let it grow out just a little with Fall approaching. Looking forward to all of the great info I'll learn on NC.
Hey ladies,

I'm new here so I'd figure I would introduce myself. I've had relaxed hair since I was three years old and am making the transition to natural hair. Hopefully, this goes well. Wish me luck!
I am so glad I found this site! I was searching the web for some kind of inspiration for my "new" hair. I've been natural for years, but I just recently cut off my 12 in. locs and now I have about 1 1/2 inches of hair (straight). If there's anything else I can do with my hair besides.... nothing, I would love to know. Thanks in advance!
Hi Readers, I am new to this website I am very happy I found it however. I am in the process of getting my hair back to the healthy stage it was a long time ago. I have 3B hair and a few years back I did the huge mistake of putting a relaxer in and leaving it in too long. After that I went on to dye it several times even glue in extensions. Once I realized the damage I had done I started researching and found helpful suggestons, now it's so much healthier I wash and condition witH organic products use leave in conditioners and have not used dyes and stay away from sulfates or alcohol products.

My big question is how can I get my hair to grow faster that is my main concern I got it back to look like it used to and it's healthy now it's just growing very slowly. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!
So for a while I lived in a world where if you're hair did not curl up into a spiral tight curl, you have straight hair and then burned your hair until it was stick straight. Which would take up to 2 hours! I have tried to let my hair air dry, but for a while I was not a fan. To me I would describe it as looking like "homeless hair". It is thick, almost 1C straight the very top layer but 2c through out and if I did not use a certain amount of product, OH the frizz! Now I'm at the point where I want to accept my natural hair because I have noticed the back lash of burning it with hair dryers and straighteners. My thick hair is starting to be thinner! So I am here to be schooled in the ways of wavy hair. I am completely lost for what to look for when it comes to my hair type. If I buy any curly hair products, I feel like if I use too much that it is too oily for my hair. And I'm not sure if my hair can do the "second day hair", I wake up with pretty oily hair, when I have attempted to try.

So this is me, asking the hair gurus for help!
Hello all, I've browsed this site before for tips/advice and now I'm finally joining. Right now my hair is about 1/2" long and I really would like to grow it out as long as I can get it to go...I joined for some encouragement and advice.

Curls: 3A/3B
Medium density
Freshlychopped and trying to grow!

I'm still trying to find my "routine"

Thanks to and the help of 2 friends, and my mom I am now ready and educated on how to go natural. I love this site for all the knowledge it produces, youtube video tutorials, and the product guides! It's so wonderfully for a novice like me. I had NOO prior knowledge because I've been a salon baby, relaxed hair addict, since elementary school (about 10 yrs. old). Thanks to everyone who make this site, the reviews, video posts, tutorials, feedback, etc. Keep it Curly girls!

Transitioning since Aug. 2012
Type 4a
Hi ladies, I'm an italian 2b/2c.../3a hair and I want to say THANK YOU for this wonderful web site because it opened a world to Italy there's no infomation at all...... but now I'm ready to enjoy my curls!!!
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Hi y'all,

I'm a 2b/2a who has been wandering around forever thinking I had straight hair with a "slight wave." My baby silky fine and thin hair (as in not a lot) has been nothing but frizz and flat on top as well. Even when it is blown straight it will start to curl where it is mostly 2b. If I let it go curly for a few days it starts to look 2c and people ask me if I got a perm to which I laugh. Does anyone do that anymore?? The dirtier and curlier it gets, the more compliments I get. Honestly I would rather have much curlier hair than this wavy mess I have to deal with.

While living in Atlanta my hair was completely out of control with the humidity. My stylist (also curly) told me to just get over it and let it curl. LOL. Loved her. She taught me how to use a diffuser and sea water spray but nothing about shampoo. Back here in Phoenix my hair does funky things. It can be smooth, I sleep on it and it's all over my head, not in a pretty way. The dry air and sun makes it even drier and no doubt using the wrong products. I hope the Deva Curl kit I found at Ulta will help my situation. If not, at least there is help here and I know where to find products.

I am very happy to report that I found a stylist who actually understands my hair - he did a dry cut last week and I'm happy with it. I'm embracing my wavy hair and not looking back. I'm trying to educate myself on products and what works for me so this site is invaluable. Thank you!
Greetings, everyone! I've had a lot of hair trouble in my day, and I've been running out of options. That's when I decided to quit shampoo. And I must say, my hair has improved so much! It's not straw anymore. Anyway, I'm excited to be an actual member of the forum now, instead of just creeping about and getting co-washing tips LOL
2a/b, fine, thinning, high porosity

Co-wash: Suave Naturals Soothing Lavender Lilac
Leave in: Suave Naturals Soothing Lavender Lilac
L'Oreal Ever Sleek Super Sleek Intense Serum to ward off the frizzies

AM: Minoxidil 5% foam
PM: Minoxidil 5% liquid
Hi- so happy to find this site. Just started CG 3 weeks ago after many years of blow drying it straight only to be so frustrated with slight weather change. Also arms are tired! I have also been transitioning to grey for past year-with last highlight low lights about 3 months ago.
I think I am a 2a/b most days, and not sure of porosity and texture yet, chin length layered bob. I live in a coastal town so we have lots of humidity and dew points to deal with on most days. Hair gets fat when very humid. I plan to get cut from curly hairdresser soon so I think that will really help with how things look. Trying to find the right products will be fun.Have tried KMF shampoo and VO5kiwi(cowash),Tressome Naturals (RO), KMF gel, HE tousled mousse,LA beachy waves-- when hi dew have tried KC shampoo,kcnt as RO and kccc--havent figured amount yet-1st time hair was stringy and 2nd day not so goo--yecht-next time maybe not enough. all trial and error--willing to play for now! My hair may still be recovering from silicone and sulfate withdrawal. will post picture when I figure it out.
Sorry so long--will keep you informed with my journey!
2a/b? fine high porosity, growing out highlights to transition to grey

CG 8/12
Thanks for creating this page; it's one of my new favorite sites to visit!

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