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I'm new,happy to be here. Excited to start checking out the community.
Hi all! I just registered and can't wait to go through this website.
I am happy I joined this site because I live in Norway and I do not know any curlies who are naturals. My friends all relax their hair, so I get a bit lonely at times where my hair is concerned😢.This forum helps to keep me on track and not going back to using relaxers 👍. Thanks much😊
I have to shower in order to wake up properly in the mornings
Hi ! New here, looking around for moisturizing tips. Such a nice community, so much to read!
What a terrific site--- thanks for all the great info. I have already learned more in the last few weeks here than in all the years I have been fighting the curls/frizz.

I am most likely a 2C/3A/3B or a combo of all those. 50% + gray but coloring for years to a nice light blonde. Just past shoulder length-

Modified CG since July 2012

cleanse: DevaLow poo 3x weekly, APC rinse every two weeks
CW- devacare cond, trader joes TTTcond,
leave in- giovanni cond
style: KCCC, Dev arc angel, LALSG
ice queen, super soaker, sometimes plop
t-shirt or floursack scrunch, clip method, pixi curl diffuser method when necessary.

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i think im a type 3b hair type and very dry hair my scalp gets very dry i have tried very many products such as: deva curl, biolage,tea tree by paul mitchell,redken,matrix products by biolage, biolage shampoos and conditioners, kenra, moroccan oil products,bed head, i only shampoo my hair twice a week and use conditioner everyday right now im using the moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner along with the hydrating mask and my scalp still dry and itchy, i currently use the biolage gelee, and paul mitchell hair spray and i use a diffuser to dry my hair in the highest heat setting till its mostly dry and then i let it air dry. i need help i want my hair to be silk and smooth and pretty curls
Hi...I'm Toni! I've just recently joined this site, and this is my first post. Hopefully, I am doing this correctly. Looking forward to learning how to take better care of my natural kinky curly hair. So far I love the site!
I have been relaxer free for 2 years but still have a lot a straight ends from what I believe is heat damage from always blow drying and flat ironing. I think my hair type is a combo of 3c/4a? It's hard to tell with the straight ends. I have been testing almost every product under the sun, and some days feel like I'm losing my patience with it all. I am too afraid to chop off all of the straight ends as my hair has always been just past shoulder length, and I don't know what to do with short hair(how to style it) and even more scary is how I will look with short hair. What if I hate it?
My ultimate goal is to get back to just past shoulder length with my natural hair(I have been trimming as I go and just recently cut off about 3 inches), and be able to sport a wash n go style most days. Would love any types/advice/support...

Also would love to know why most "curly" salons(at least in New Orleans) still automatically throw big rollers in your hair, put you under the dryer and then flat iron you.
Hi new to this site so i hope im doing this right.
can't wait to explore it fully.But anyway i have a question for some of the transitioners out there.I am almost four months post relaxer an i can't seem to keep my ng moisturized i hav tried sooooo many products an nothing seems to work an im ready to call it quits an just relaxe my hair but if any of u have any suggestions please let me know im in desperate need lol. thanks
hello all i am new here

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Hi new to this site so i hope im doing this right.
can't wait to explore it fully.But anyway i have a question for some of the transitioners out there.I am almost four months post relaxer an i can't seem to keep my ng moisturized i hav tried sooooo many products an nothing seems to work an im ready to call it quits an just relaxe my hair but if any of u have any suggestions please let me know im in desperate need lol. thanks
Originally Posted by jan_m3
Sooo many of us have been where you are and felt just that way. Maybe it will help to know that I have seen several people who comment that at first their hair just drank all the moisturizer they could put on, but as their hair's condition improved, they were able to use less and less. Welcome to this journey.
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Be Happy!


Experimenting with too many products to name here. All this great info keeps my head spinning.

I'm Kelly, from the Dominican Republic I've been transitioning since last june (June 2012), and got my BC today and decided to go CG as well, from today on.

Thank you for creating this.

lots of love!

First time posting.

I have been perm free for nine years. After loosing my hair from chemo, I decided that I didn"t want to use chemicals. I did twists for years and decided to wear it straight. Now I am wearing it short. I have type 4a hair and it feels like cotton. Some spots are real tight and some of the ends are straight. What products can I use to get a nice defined curl? Is there any hope?

hi everyone! im new here! im trying to grow my 3b/3c hair down to my waist...i cut my heat damaged hair off about 8 months ago now
Hi all!!! I'm from Missouri and really need to be shown how to care for my naturally curly hair. I think I am between the 2C and the 3A. I would say it looks more like 3A but is not coarse as in the description of that category. I have been doing the "curly girl" method for about 6 weeks and I do have a question. The instructions say not to comb your hair but I feel (and see in the mirror) that I look like someone who NEEDS to comb their hair. I have given in and combed with a wide tooth comb several times now. I think my layers are making it looks more stringy so when they grow out it should be better. But that takes awhile. Does anyone else have a problem with NOT combing??
Im newly natural.. I shaved my head aug 5th 2012 so less than 2 months ago and Im mostly focused on at this time how to retain moisture. I dont have much length for styling and Im not sure of my hair type so I dont really know what will and will not work.. This is why Im here to gain knowledge on how to take care of my hair better and for support on my new journey..3
Quick question. Most annoying question I know, but what do you think my hair type is? I was thinking 3c but I'm not sure.
Start Here!-imageuploadedbycurltalk1348246218.318375.jpg
Hi Everyone:
I am new to posting on this site. I have been reading here for a couple of years. I finally registered and now posting.

I have 3A 3B red hair. I have fine to med texture, normal porosity, thinning hair. I did have very thick hair but have had surgeries that have thinnned my hair by about 1/2. I still have enough hair but I have to totally learn how to handle it better. My hair is also graying at the temples.

I have been using Aveda Curly Products, which I like; but, now seem to be drying. I also use WEN now and then. I have tried Carols Daughters Products and they are heavy for me.

Since my surgeries in May I have thinned dried hair. My goal is to not damage my hair any more.

I am not opposed to using a minimum of cones. I do co wash but also alternate with low poo shampoos. I live in the desert so have very low dew point most of the time. I am willing to just stick with low dew point products considering the small amount of moisture we have all year. Also I do like big hair so I like volume just not dry frizz.

I am getting my hair cut and colored this week. I do like layers. I am just having color and no highlights (which I normally have) because of the bleach.

Thanks for listening. Sorry this was so long.
Hello Everyone!
I am new to the website and completely stoked that I found something like this! I have always had naturally curly hair (I think it's hair style 2C) that I have no clue how to manage.... I used to straighten my hair almost everyday because I HATED my natural curl. In reality my hair has just always been dry and it is SOO frizzy! Recently I have decided that I really do love my natural curls and would like to embrace them more.. But I am still have the problem of the dryness and frizz that comes with it. I would love to learn more about how to keep my hair healthy and bring out more of the natural curl! Also I just moved to Hawaii and it's so humid here that my curls are almost completely frizz.. I'd love to learn more about managing them in this weather!!! THANKS!

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Hello everyone!,

I am Gyan Singh new here from India and am mainly here because i love healthy & shiny hair!
So i just want to learn more about How to care hair?, hair growth and also wants to share my experience.

I really happy to meet new members with this great forum.

- Gyan Singh
How to Care Hair - SheelTalum Ayurvedic Herbal Hair Oil for your hair growth as healthy and shiny.
Hi Im a newbie! I have 3c hair and just started vlogging on youtube!

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