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Hey All,

I'm a newbie. I've read through forum discussions for months now on the droid app and I've just gotten around to registering so that I can participate! I am doing the natural hair challenge of 2014 and I can't wait to see everyone's progress. My hair grow unevenly, but it grows so I'm not complaining.

In joining this online community, I hope to fine-tune my hair care regimen with the all of your help in addition to sharing my triumphs and struggles to assist whomever. I have kinky 4c hair, hardly ever know what to do with it. I big chopped down to half an inch in September 2011 and have been back and forth using countless products. I was a bit of a product junkie but it's $$ to keep up so I'm simple nowadays with a mist spray bottle of water, Glover's growth blends herbal, unrefined Shea Butter, Optimum Oil moisturizer, Pantene Pro-V Relaxed and Natural Deep Conditioner, and a tea tree oil blend.

I'm excited to join Curltalk!
Welcome I'm new here too, transitioning from relaxer, think I'm 3c/4a.

Nice to meet you, hope you like it here and find the info and encouragement you need
Last Relaxer: July 6th, 2012, approx 1:30pm.
12 months/52.2 weeks/365 days transitioning!

"Right now I'm wearing a 'Darn-I-Went-To-Bed-Without-A-Scarf' and later I'm gonna try a 'Salvage-This-And-Try-To-Look-Presentable.'"
Hello, I'm newbie and I'm pretty lost here. So many details ... can you help me?
hey everyone my name is Diana.. I'm new here and I need some help..

I have a 2c/3a hair I think.. I never liked my curly hair until now..When I was a little kid my mum used to brush my hair every day , because se didn't know that it wrong,so my hair was kind of poofy..I hated and everyone was actually making fun of me.. On my 13th birthday my parents finally bought me an iron..I was straightening my hair every day, 5 times per day for almost 3 years..Fortunately at 16 I went holidays to a town where iron was i had to like my natural much straightening caused a huge hair loss so my hair is very thin..

it's been 8 months that i hadn't used my iron,so my hair is all natural..I've read countless articles about curly routines but nothing really usefull...
also my second day hair is awful..

the main point is that I live in Greece and all these products don't exist here..the only ones are sunsilk co-creations for curly hair (shampoo,condition,leave-in-conditioner) which i now use , pantene and schwarzkopf gliss for satin curl which i want to try..
can i order products from this site ?

sorry for this really long speech and for my english.. thanks in advance
Hey all. I just joined so I can learn how to better style my hair, look for tips, etc. I've got 3C hair and I'm half Caucasian, half African American. I used to straighten and dye my hair a lot but for the past year and a half or so I've been going natural.

My goal is to grow my hair out (it's around shoulder length at the moment), but because of what I did to it I'm also going to try to take better care of it and get it healthy again. I just got my ends trimmed today (yay!) and I am starting my new holiday job tomorrow, so I'm going to wear my hair down and natural.

When I was in middle school I caught a lot of crap for my hair. A kid in the trumpet section of our band class used to call me "afro girl" all the time and another girl would point and laugh and say "look at her hair!" I didn't know what to do with my hair as brushing was too painful so I'd let it just be. Well, this resulted in a ginormous mat that had to be cut out, and my hair was styled into a bob to hide that. The upside is, a friend of mine said I looked like Halle Barry Downside is, my self esteem took a hit so I'm just now learning to love and appreciate my natural curls.

TLDR-- What's up? 3C who is going natural so as to repair the damage from too much straightening so my hair can grow out. Nice to meet you!

EDIT: The products I use are VO5 moisture milks conditioner, Garnier Fructise leave-in, Africa's Best hair balm, and a finishing serum. I just started using Herbal Essences Honey I'm Strong condish to help fix the damage I've done from excessive heat. I mix it with the VO5 and leave it on my hair, then wash it out and mix the Honey I'm Strong with my leave in and put that on. I found a curl lengthener today when I got my hair trimmed so I'm going to start experimenting with that.

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Hey just saying hello.
From QLD Australia.
My hair is 2c/3a. Course, thick, high porosity.
Sunny QLD weather and lifestyle play havoc with my hair which is super dry and frizzy.
Day 2 of co-washing today. So hoping for heaps of tips from you all to keep me at it!
So Nov. 16 th I did my first Big Chop. I was transing for a year and four months. Now hair has always been a very big thing with me. So for me to chop my hair off I knew I was going to cry. I started laughing and I felt so wonderful about what I did. My mom would put relaxer in our hair a young ages for me I was 12. I thought thats what I had to do to let girls at my school know I was black(stupid I know) Later on I would do It because I wanted to have hair just like white people. I was not taught as a child that God did not mess up with how he made me.So July 7 th 2011 I put my last relaxer in my hair. OMG It has been so so so so so hard. I love the fact that I could look up things online and see so many beautiful women starting a new life with their hair journey. Now I just hope my hair grows back lol. When I look at my face I do see a women I dont know. So I have to get to know me all over again. It is scary cause I am thinking Im not pretty with curly hair. So I am in that phase of I love I love it not. I came to this site cause I need help from women just like me who has done the Big Chop send me before and after pic pls and if you Big Chopped years ago let me see how long your hair is now.
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Hello to every curly,

I am quite new here and an even more new on CG method. I have been using CG method the past 2 weeks(I know it's ridiculously early) with 2 co-washes per week. My hair type varies since before co-washing I would consider it as a 2c with frizz but after co-wash it seems something between 2b-2c. I think it has a medium to high porosity, a medium density, medium hair width and are bra-strap lenghted but they need a cut. I have always had a natural curl that seemed to show more when I cut my hair with layers. I have never straightened my hair until the age of 19-20 when I started dying my hair also. Oh forgot to tell that! I don't bleach neither over dye my hair but some damage happens.I want to keep dying my hair though but with the less damage possible. I am not sure what else to write so :
Hi Everyone,

I am new to I am a natural mami of a 1yr old from the west indies St.Thomas USVI to be exact. So I guess I would be a west Indian american But I have been on my natural hair journey for about 3-4 years( IDR when I started). I'm unsure of my hair type.I think I'm a 3c/4a or 4a/3c. I do have issues with frizz, shrinkage, split ends and retaining the right moisture level in my hair(its either always too damp or dry). So I have decided to recommit myself to maintaining a healthy scalp and head of hair. Currently my hair is made up of a variety of lengths up top is EL and rest of my hair is CBL/SL. I also am going to be focusing on length retention. I do not have a preference how long I want my hair to be but BSL or MBL is good enough for me. So I hope that this will be a fun and interesting journey. As I figure out what works for me and my little one. I also wanted to know how do you pics on your profile and how do I create an avatar on here for my profile. Thanks
I'm new here. Thanks for posting this I was wondering how you get those extra lines at the end of your message or reply where you can put extra info.
Hi, I'm new here too... I used to perm my hair for years thinking I had straight hair because that's how my mom always styled it when I was young. I didn't like my hair straight though, so started perming in 8th grade. Years of that ruined my hair and I quit perming and cut my hair short about a year after I got married, when I was 23. Well, I hated my hair so much, blow drying it straight every day and wished I could perm it again. I mentioned this to my hairdresser and he said, "But your hair is naturally curly!" LOL He thought I just preferred it straight. So he showed me how to use the curl naturally and I've been much happier ever since. I think my hair is C1 or 2, not quite sure, really. It's very thin but I have a lot of hair (not as much as I used to). It does frizz, which drives me crazy. Anyway, here's a picture in case anyone can tell from it what type my hair really is...
Hi I'm Redd I'm a 4b new to this site looking forward to learning a lot more
Hi Hi! I'm Celina K./DeadlyPretty. Originally a Georgia girl but, currently residing in Indiana. I'm here to find products and techniques that will allow me to have my long naturally curly 3B locks in a softer style.

My hair is almost waist length. For years I've been on the wash, condition, gel to style and tons of hairspray to set gambit. My boyfriend doesn't like the way that method makes my hair hard. I can't say that I really do either but, it keeps my curls tamed and uniform.

I would really like some suggestions on products that will give me the definition that I need AND allow my hair to be soft without the hard plastic feeling. If anyone has any tips or suggestions please msg me!
Hello, everyone! I'm the Doctor. Basically... run. Just kidding, I'm just an ordinary teen girl who has moved from a big city to a small town. I have naturally curly hair that I have issues with constantly. I've decided my hair is 3A, nearly 2C but not quite. I have straight roots that go down a bit, and then my hair curls. And with those curls come FRIZZ. Frizz that is even worse in this humidity I have moved into. Think Hermione Granger hair. Yeah. Currently cut just above my shoulders. This website has been helpful so far in answering my hair questions and its very friendly! I decided to sign up, because I'm a curly girl. My hair is pretty thick as well.
Hair Type: 3A
Leave-In Conditioner: Abba Gentle Conditioner
Leave-In Spray: It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In
Low porosity, medium density, medium width, and medium length.
"Raggedy man... good-bye."

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How do I post questions on here?
Hair Type: 3A
Leave-In Conditioner: Abba Gentle Conditioner
Leave-In Spray: It's a 10 Miracle Leave-In
Low porosity, medium density, medium width, and medium length.
"Raggedy man... good-bye."
Hi All!

Just got my first Deva cut and I LOVE it! I have always embraced my curly hair, but never really experimented much with products. Some days it was awesome, others I threw it in a pony. Now that I know about this site and all of the wonderful products out there, I hope to be able to turn my 2c curls to 3a ones!
Hello beautiful people! I am new to the forum and I have a question, how do I upload a picture to my avi?
Hi Ladies,

I am a newbie as well. Although i began my hair journey a few years ago, I am just now getting to register within a hair forum community( i been a professional lurker lol). I am excited to learn and offer advice to others on their hair care journey as well. I am currently mid back length and my last relaxer was june 29 and my ultimate goal is to grow all my perm out in three years and to be waist length by my relaxer free anniversary ( June 29,2013). I look forward to sharing my progress with everyone and see others as well.
Hi Guys I'm Jen and I am so happy to be here

I have what I would call 3a hair(?) Its fairly thick and big loose curls. Within the last two years or so I have had about 4 keratin treatments and I was in loved . My hair was shiny, long (waist length), growing, and manageable until.... MY HAIR STARTED FALLING OUT!!
Plus I started to miss my curly hair.

Unfortunately my hair now does not curl the same way which upsets me but i have cut my hair, it is now about shoulder length and am now about a week into the curly girl method. yay!!! I am already addicted to learning so much from you guys so thank you all.
Hello all!

2b or c
High porosity
High density
Medium length

Hair turned curly during puberty, around 14. I am now 35 and have gone through natural curly phases and round brush / flat iron phases. I've never used a "curl" hairdresser or ever been properly taught how to care for my curls. I stumbled upon the curly girl book at my library which led me to this site. Yesterday was my first CG day.

So excited to begin this healthy hair journey!

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