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Hi I just found this site and I am loving it! I am so tired of being the only "curly-white girl" in the world. I am still a little confused about my hair type, I think I'm a 3C since it takes hours and buckets of product to get it to lay down in any sort of way.

I've had the same hairstyle since elementary school because I don't know of any other style I can wear. My husband calls my hair "the anti-christ" and said someday it will take over the .

I haven't set foot in a salon in over 9 years because it's just too much trouble. I've been asked to leave both "white" and "ethnic" salons because they have never worked on my hair type before and just don't want to deal with it. Hopefully I can find what I need on here and not feel so trapped by my hair .
Hi CG's
I am new here and I stumbled upon this website when researching how to repair damage done to my curly hair.
I am biracial and was born with 3b type curls. Within the last 6 months and I have extremely damaged my hair by daily use of a Babyliss flatiron. My hair is now a 2a & 2b texture. I really need your help and advice to getting back my beautiful 3b curls. I was thinking about chopping my hair off and starting over but I really don't want to if I don't have to. I am all ears and hoping someone can help. Thanks so much and I am so glad I found this website! Curly Girls ROCK!

Signed Hopefully,

This is Pradnya from India and thrilled to find the site.
Only wondering how will I ever find right products in India!
im new here and im really excited to start taking better care of my hair
2c-3a depending on what my hair feels like that particular day
ehh so i'm new and i still use shampoo with sulfate and all that but i'm on the way to being better about how i treat my hair. this all seems pretty silly but if it gives me better hair then so be it!

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Hey EmiJones, I'm the OTHER white curly-girl with insane 3C hair!!! I've been doing serious battle for many years. I too am the only person in my circles with hair like this.
I'm a newbie here too, it's a great a supportive place to be...when I found this place I felt like I "came home", I thought I was the ONLY one in the world with hair like ours so welcome aboard . All the best're not alone!!
My name is Lisa I am new to this site and in need of some hair help! the front and side of my hair is 3a curly and the back is 2a wavy, my hair is thick and has a course texture so i've been told, it's colored hair and shoulder length...I know I do a no-no and I shampoo and condition everyday, my scalp feels so itchy and nasty feeling if I don't and if I do try to rinse it out it gets thick fluffy and gummy feeling. I use tressemme shampoo and conditioner, but am open and willing to change for the benefit of my hair! The two hairdressers I have talked to said it would be best to just perm the back to look like the front, i'm not sure if I want to do that though!? ANy help???
I'm also new here!! I came across this site searching for my favorite and discontinued gel, Graham Webb Making Waves Curl Defining Gel. However Iím so excited to come across this website. I became instantly hooked with it that I want to try all the products jejeje. Thanks for providing this resource to all of us the curly gals who love and embrace our curls.

Since the product was discontinued Iíve been on the search for the perfect product to define my curls without crunchiness and maintaining them shiny and bouncy. Previously I used Silk Repair in connection with the Curl Defining Gel, both from Graham Webb.

Do you have any recommendation on a product that I should try to replace Making Waves Curl Defining Gel?? While searching your site I came across the Curl Junkie Coffee Coco Defining Cream and Kinky Curl C__ Custard (I donít remember what the 3rd C stands for). Does somebody has tried it? Is there any other that you would like to recommend? I have very thick and abundant hair. I would like the product to define my curls and leave them shiny and very bouncy.

I look forward to hear from you!
Hi Fellow Curliez and Naturals!!!

I have been wavy/curly forever but never really cared for my waves/curlz. I have problems with my hair because at any given wash my hair could be anywhere between 3a and 3c, bushy and dry. I hope to gain knowledge and help with styling my hair and getting out of the ponytail bun regime!

Happy Curlz!
~Soft, Wavy, Curly, Kinky, Kinda Hair~
Hi CG's
I am new here and I stumbled upon this website when researching how to repair damage done to my curly hair.
I am biracial and was born with 3b type curls. Within the last 6 months and I have extremely damaged my hair by daily use of a Babyliss flatiron. My hair is now a 2a & 2b texture. I really need your help and advice to getting back my beautiful 3b curls. I was thinking about chopping my hair off and starting over but I really don't want to if I don't have to. I am all ears and hoping someone can help. Thanks so much and I am so glad I found this website! Curly Girls ROCK!

Signed Hopefully,

Originally Posted by rchatty
Same here, online looking for help with my hair as always and stumbled on site. I am not sure which type my hair is. The picture is myself (blonde) and my sister who always straightens her hair because she just can't deal with her hair. As you can see we have extremely thick hair. I have been having some luck with my hair and am trying some of the tips and reviews. To have soft hair for more than one day woudl be great. Any suggestions on my hair type would be great so I could zero in one what to look at.
Hello Curly Girls
im new to this website. ive been trying to find a good website, with tips and blogs from people with curly like me and finally i found it! ive been reading about the "no poo routine" and it sounds really interesting. hopefully it works out for me! a few years back i had gotten a perm done and worst idea ive ever had. i had to cut my hair, and let it grow back again since it had all different types of waves, i havent done anything else ever since, oh once i got extensions since i wanted longer hair, DONT do that either. keep it natural girls, looks best! .. cutting ur tips every 3 months helps alot.

my hair has grown, but since its so curly you cant tell as much. when curly it goes down to my shoulders, and when stretch out it goes below my breast.

well thank god for this site, im looking foward to keep looking around.
3b JeyJey

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Hello everyone. newbie here. I'm transitioning also and I'm about 6months into it. Currently transitioning with extensions. Wish me luck
Hello! I just found this site a few days ago, and thought I'd go ahead and join.

I've got mostly 3a hair, really fine and thick, and am just now learning how to take decent care of it! It was so mistreated before that I didn't even realize how curly it was; it was mostly kind of wavy with finger-in-lightsocket frizz. Yeah, I really used to dislike it, and have kept it cut very short for most of my life. It doesn't look very curly then, just sticks out and swirls oddly all over my head. Every time I grew it out, it got crispy, knotted, and snarly, and eventually matted to the scalp --no wonder, with all the daily washings and dry combing in hopes it would look less "stringy". And keeping permanent color on it. And all the other stuff I was doing to try to whip it into (an unsuitable) shape!

I'm trying to let it grow again, so I finally looked for some better information on taking care of it. Once it hit about 3 inches long (and starting to curl more), it started drying out worse and getting multiple fairy knots a day; it was getting to the point of either finding something that worked better, or chopping it off again. I've been down to about one knot a week lately, with better care. Glad I didn't go for the chop!

I have been doing a no-'poo routine and not combing my hair dry for a few months now; weekly baking soda washes and ACV rinses (with some coconut oiling) are better than sulfates on my hair but still too harsh and drying. It's still been a huge improvement over at least every other day sulfate washing and very light conditioning, but now I know my hair doesn't have to be crispy and frizzy and am looking for further improvement. I was afraid of co-washing when I first read about it, but then I was skeptical about no-'poo in general.

After two co-washes, I'm hooked! The crown was getting a little crispy and flat, but it's improved some already with a protein pack, then the co-washing with a leave-in. The sheen has improved a lot, and it's feeling softer. Today was the first time in a while that I thought my hair looked pretty good!

I'm looking forward to finding out more here, and talking to people who can identify.
Grew up in a household of straight-haired people who continuously made fun of my curly/frizzy locks. Never knew I was supposed to do anything different then them. I have a combination of 3a and 3b hair, which is apparently very common, but I thought I would mention it. I have been hiding my curly hair in ponytails and buns since I can remember, Cannot straighten my hair by ordinary methods and was told about chemical straightening but thought it quite extreme and instead chose to enjoy what god gave me for once. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.
Hi there everyone!

I'm bi-racial, have 3C hair and have been natural for more or less 10 years now.

My mom started relaxing my hair when i was 7 since i'm the only one with kinky hair in the familly (well, except for my mom that's probably a 4D).
In 99 i started transitioning (which i didn't know the word for at the time), regularly cut my straight ends and didn't relax for a year. I kept on blow drying my hair all the time and always wore it straight.
A year after i decided to cut off all the straight ends and i texturized my hair, after being advised by my hairdresser because he thought my hair was too kinky (sigh....).

In 2002 i got tired of my messy hair and wanted to chop it all off (again, didn't know about big chop at the time). My boyfriend threatened to leave me if i did (which he didn't in the end but anycase, what an a**hole!) and i had to go to 4 different salons as they all refused to chop it off.

Bare in mind that at the time, in Europe, it was not so common, everyone was against it (my mom, my sister, my friends etc). To this day my sister wants me to relax (she is a 2C/3A).

Anycase i didn't listen to them and embraced my "real hair". Only thing is i never really knew how to care for it and used the wrong products and techniques all along. My hair is super thin and was constantly dry, frizzy etc but i didn't give up.

About a year ago, i discovered a natural hair forum (boucles&cotton) and since then my hair has done a 180. It's never been so healthy, shiny and moisturized. My curls are extremely defined and i love my hair more than ever before.
Since my hair was so damaged i cut it off a lot. I went from lower back length (straight) to ear length (which was unintended to be honest, never asked the b***h to cut off so much, it was unnecessary, but i digress...).

So anyway here i am today, a year later, with a lot more knowledge about products and how to care for my hair. I still have lots more to learn though and i'm here for that.

Hope you guys will help me figure out more about my hair and hope to be able to help out some of you guys.

Take care
I just found this site today and decided to join. Hopefully I'll learn something because I really have no idea what to do with my hair at this point. I've been all natural for about 6 years and still have no "go to" products. I try something new all of the time. I also mostly flat iron my hair. The few times I don't it is in a ponytail. Lots of damage/breakage from heat and lack of moisture. I'm not doing another big chop. No way! I'm just looking to repair what I can by not heat styling for awhile and conditioning to the max. Then... I'll trim regularly.

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Hi everyone...
Well I just joined today , and I'm on here to find solutions as to whats going on with my hair. I have short 3c hair (when straightened is exactly shoulder length) and my hair has been entirely the same length for the past about 5years! Ive been wearing my hair in its natural state hoping to see growth...yet I havent seen ANY. So im ultimately on here to find help to better my hair in its state of health and length!

p.s. i hope im posting this in the right place.. ive been searching how to start a thread for the past hour!
Hi everyone,
Thank you so much for putting information together in threads like this - it's SO helpful to newbies like me!!
So, I'm embracing my natural curls for the first time, and transitioning to the CG method. I've abused my hair loads over the years with relaxers, straightening, etc, so I love the idea of getting support and information online as I fight the frizz!
Looking forward to curl chat with you all

My five year-old daughter has, as near as I can determine, 3c curly hair. The curls are very tight and kink right to her scalp. My hair is perfectly straight and my husband's hair has slight wave. No one else in either of our families has hair like our daughter's.

My daughter's hair can look quite pretty but it is an awful lot of work to tame it, probably because I don't really know what I'm doing. I use special product in her hair (KRLY Kids) and this does help immensely but still, it looks huge and wild within about an hour of taming it with lotion and spray gel. I'm also very reluctant to have her hair cut because it has taken five years just to get it to hang a few inches below her chin. If I pull it straight, it is midway down her back but since it is so tightly curled, it looses a lot of length.

I'm just looking for advice on how to deal with this hair. I used to wish that I had her gorgeous hair but it's just so much work! I never dreamed that curls could be more work than straight hair.
Hi, I'm new here...have never posted on any site, and don't even know if i'm doing this right.... but happy to be here!
Also, i believe my hair is type 4a/4b and need advice on a really good holding creme when wearing my wash n go. I prefer a soft look opposed to the hard look of a gel.


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