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Hi! I'm Sarah Jackson!

I've fought with my curly hair all my life and it's SO NICE to finally have a place where I can go to talk to other people who experience the same frustrations as me. My hair has never been kind to me and has always turned out crunchy and dry...I'm a 2B I think so that's news to me, but I'm trying to get used to it!

Glad to be here and to meet you all!
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Hello! I'm new here, and I'm hoping to know ALOT through the discussions!
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I can't believe I'm 26 years old and just now figuring out how to take care of my hair. I've labeled myself as a 2c but I can't really determine if I fit that category or a 3a better. Who knows, I imagine if I continue to navigate the site I'll figure it out. Super happy to have found a spot that actually has tips for my hair type....usually when you listen to magazine suggestions, they really only include the straight-haired community. When I try their tips it turns out to be a total mess. Anyway...super happy to have discovered my new time-sucker! Thanks!
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Nice to meet you all, I am hoping I can find some help here for my hair.

My username describes my hair, it has always been naturally curly, dry and porous, and the older I get the worse it gets. I also have thyroid issues which makes it even worse.

So, this winter my hair started to dry out to the extreme (even though we have a humidifier on the furnace). I have tried oil treatments, somebody recommended Aestelance and I have been trying the protein conditioner, leave-in and butter for a few weeks now, has not made a lot of difference, just a little. I have been doing the low-poo I read about on here for the past week (which has helped some).

But seriously, every morning before I put leave-in conditioner I spray a solution on my hair (water, coconut oil, and jojoba oil) then I put on leave-in conditioner. I used aloe vera gel to style my hair (which is extremely curly, I wish it would be a little bit less). Even when I can get it to feel softer, it still is extremely frizzy and dry.

I no longer use a brush, only a wide-toothed comb (one of the really big ones).

Trimmed the ends recently (as little as possible but it really needed it), although I am trying to grow it out as it is just easier to stick it back in a barrette or in a pony tail. I really am getting tired of dealing with it.

Usually there are at least a few times per day at work where I go in the bathroom and put water on my hair (because it starts to frizz and I do that to calm it down).

It is so porous that everything causes problems, if the atmosphere is too dry (like at work) it sucks the moisture out. If the atmosphere is too humid it sucks up all the moisture and frizzes up.

The only shampoo I have been using lately is Jason Aloe Vera and I have only used it once in the past week and a half, just on my roots. Although my hair needs something every few days, I did the low poo with the Jason Aloe Vera Conditioner, then finished that with Aussie 3-minute miracle (which used to help my hair a lot but not as much anymore). I also did my 3rd protein treatment today. I also bought some jojoba oil and use that and coconut oil for conditioning treatments (as well as spraying it on every morning).

I don't mind buying products, but I don't want to waste my money on things that are expensive but are not doing much to help. Please can people with really porous/dry/curly hair on here tell me what products really work for my hair type?

I would be eternally grateful for some good advice, and I will continue to read on here and do the low poos and only shampoo the roots when I do normal shampoo.
Hi all,

I'm new here... I'm finally happy with my curls these days, but do have a few questions I thought people with my type (somewhere between a 2b & 3a -- so I guess on average, a 2c )might be able to help me with. Love this forum after lurking for many years and learned most of my 'tricks' here!!
My routine:
1) Clarifying Shampoo: Neutrogena Anti-Residue 1x/wk (gotta really get at the scalp, rubbing in circles)
then 'Spot cleaning' Shampoo: Pravana Invigorating Cleanse or Neuma Renew Shampoo daily
3) Conditioner: Garnier Fructisse Triple Nutrition
4) Cold Rinse
5) Squeeze out excess water a bit, just with hands, no towel
6) Neuma Tangle Me Free and light finger comb
7) Scrunch in Neuma Argan Oil
8 ) Plop for 20 minutes
9) Pravana Beach Spray
10) Air dry or occasionally diffuse
Hi everyone. My name is Madison and I am transitioning from relaxed her to natural hair and I am so lost. I have been reading EVERYTHING that I can find as far as how to transition but it seems as though I am still lost. I am trying to find someone in my area who has experience with natural hair and I'm not having any luck. It's been 8 weeks since my last perm (still early I know). At this time, I would have gotten another perm but I'm not because I want to go natural.

I have no idea what my next step is. I can see A LOT of new growth and I am trying to keep my hair/scalp conditioned and oiled and it seems to be working. But I have to find a natural hair beautician. I know that I want to wear the 2 strand twists as my new natural hair style, so I am excited about that. I will continue to read and watch videos on YouTube to learn more.

Thanks everyone.
Uh, hi! I'm new here. I just want to learn how to deal with my 3C/4A hair. Because I'm so totally lost. Lol. I've been natural since February of 2012. (I made a year yay!!) & I still don't know what to do. When I try styles, I get easily frustrated. I mostly just do wash-n-gos & I'm never really too happy with those.
Hello everyone,

I just wanted to learn on how to deal with 3B type hair. Sometime my hair can be very very curly which I love but sometimes it can have no curl or little curl. I wonder why? I do not wash my hair every day and its very thin so I'm trying to find a good product for curly hair that has volume and hair growth and curl thickness.

Ive been use indian oil 2x a week on my scalp to help the thickness and hair growth also rogain for men 5%. I will see the results in a couple of months, I guess.

I just started using Ouidad products which I love. I always wanted a product geared toward curly hair since our hair is unique. Any feedback will be great.

Im new to the site i just happened onto this site by chance, this site is so informative i have had curly hair since birth, i think im a 2c wave...with my hair but i dont know, it tends to clump a lot i also have a love /hate relationship i love it that i can put mousse in it and go but i hate it that it can be unmanrgable, i also dont have the paitence.. also t i tried straighting it and it wont work also i never have used blow dryers with hair diffuser or curling irons since they just make my hair frizzy looking for a hairstyalist who can do something differnt so if any suggestions it would be much appreciated,,,i think i found a place I live in Woodstock ont i think i have found a place in London Ontario so i will call them this week...thanks

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Greetings Curly/Kinky world! I have been natural for 10 years. I did my first bc in January 2003. I rocked my twa, afro, twist outs, etc and was happy. However I was not educated about all the natural hair care products and care processes that I should have been using to maximize the health, length, and retention of my hair. In January of 2007 I locked my hair and kept them healthy until undergoing major changes on my job that induced stress and caused severe thinning to my locs. I attempted to save and nurse them by cutting about 8 inches off, but due to me having less time (new baby Sept 2011) I embraced another bc in October 2011. I rocked it at 1/2" long for a year and 2months. Mid January 2013, I realized I was in a new season of my life and wanted to grow my hair back out as I embarked upon another dimension of who I am. This time around I have been doing my due diligence in researching everything I need to know about growing and maintaining healthy natural hair. I am excited about the journey ahead and look forward to sharing this experience with you as I reach out for more knowledge and tips from the more experienced/more successful curly/kinky sisters!
Hey y'all!!

I big chopped my hair (myself!) last week after continuing frustrations with breakage and shedding.

In 2010 I made a bet with a friend on who could be perm free the longest. I lost, she ended up going au natural and now has her own natural hair care shop and product line. So proud of her!! But I decided I could still have "healthy hair" and be relaxed,so I started researching products and methods to retain length without giving up my crack. In 2011 I moved to Phx, AZ and my hair fell in love with the dry environment! At the end of 2011 I felt the need to cut my hair into a cute little bob and dye it jet black. The dry air, plus my protein/moisturizing treatments, and overall care resulted in my hair being thick and shoulder length by July 2012! I was loving it!!! UNTIL...I did the craziest thing in my life,I moved back to GA and let my cousin (yes cousin) put in not one but TWO permanent colors attempting to dye my hair back to the copperish red tone I had a few years back. A month later, the breaking and shredding began. My hair started falling out in chunks with every wash and would shed with the wind. I seriously cried every time I had to wash it, I knew there was no way to salvage it. So the last week of December, to make dealing with it less stressful, I decided to get a sew in. Two days after New Years, I was laid off from my job. Add in the stress of trying to maintain breaking hair with limited funds, I decided what the heck?? I NEEDED to get my hair back healthy and was wasting time I chopped it all off last week! I guess you can say I transitioned for 6 1/2 months (since I hadn't relaxed since the color fiasco), so I have about 2" of curly hair on my head. I'll be going to a pro as soon as I land a job and can afford the extra expense...until then, I'll be on naturallycurly every day reading new/low cost ways to maintain and get my hair back on track.

I took a picture and sent it to my friend who has her shop in MS and she determined I'm between a 4a/4b. It feels 4/bish in the middle but 4/a around the nape and in the front. I guess time will tell...Wish me luck guys!

I hope to post more of my journey with you as time goes on!
Hey guys, my name is Jenissa and I just turned 15. I think my hair is 4b, not too sure, will post photos later. I'm from Toronto!

I honestly don't know what to do with my hair, I'm stuck. I have right-under shoulder length thick curly hair when wet and when it dries it's not even curly anymore. I always kept my hair in a bun and I'm kind of tired of it. I would love to find out what products work good for 4b hair and some hairstyles that are not too out of my comfort zone (start from buns and experiment slowly out of them) and I just want my hair to be healthy.

My hair is super dry and so is my scalp. Any tips?
Thanks so much guys
Hi everyone, my name is Artivia. I am 14 and want to be able to properly care for my hair. At the moment, I am not at all sure what my hair type is but trying to figure it out. I have really long hair, like a few inches below my waist.

My hair is curly so I guess I am a type 3 but not entirely positive. The main problem with my hair is that when dry the curls like to break apart. I think I might have some heat damage since while dry some strands are quite straight. I dont really have a special routine with my hair, unlike what I see with other curlies. But I dont know what to do with my hair. Not only is it long but also very thick and is a hassle. Its texture is actually quite soft but it also tends to get frizzy. I really hope joining NaturallyCurly will help me better care for my hair.
Hi everyone, my name is Natasja and I am a 24-year-old curly girl. I have hair that is in between 2c and 3a, long and brown. I spent most of my life hating my hair and fighting with it on a daily basis. About a year ago I was blow-drying my hair and my hair began to burn, melt, and fall out in chunks! I swore I'd embrace my natural hair from then on, and began to search for how to care for curly hair. I discovered Lorraine Massey's book Curly Girl and started following the method one year ago and am still going strong. It has been an emotional process as I'm sure a lot of curly girls understand... I have finally come to love and appreciate my natural hair and am always looking for new products and ideas. That's how I found Naturally Curly and have actually been using it for a while now but only just made an account today. I'm part of the curly hair revolution (haha) and am here to stay!
✌❤❤❤hey everyone!! Im 15 years old and i have a 3a or 3b hair. I joined this site so i can take better care for my hair. I straighten my hair But thank God i found out about this site. Im finally done with straightening my hair.. Im just going to EMBRACE THE CURLS
Hey y'all! I am so happy to be back on here! It has been a very long time. There are a lot of changes on the site though.... I will definitely have to get used to them. I am a 2c to 3a curly and am currently working on gettting healthy. Not just my hair but all of me. I look forward to all the great advice I will be recieving and any advice I may be able to give back. Thanks y'all! Feels good to be back!

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Why, hello!

Long time reader, first time poster. I'm actually incredibly glad I ever found this website.

My parents used to keep my hair very short, and in turn, I was given terrible nicknames and became incredibly self conscious.

I grew up being told and thinking curly hair is ugly; different; unacceptable; uncool. Through high school, I started hating myself, and my hair, and thinking that boys only like girls with straight hair; all the popular girls have straight hair; all the popular girls can dye their hair and do whatever they want without consequences!

When college came around, I was ready to shed my "old self" and take on a new identity. I also got my first steam straightener! I painstakingly uncoiled my curls with the highest setting on the straightener. It took anywhere from 3 to 5 hours, depending on how many breaks I needed.

At some point, I decided to break the mould set for me, and reacquaint myself with my crazy curls. Unfortunately, all the damage I did to my hair with the straightener, and an unhealthy dose of blow drying, had caused my luscious locks to become nothing short of DEAD! My hair would no longer curl!

Enter! I kicked straightening to the curb, found myself a wonderful stylist (who knows what's up), cut out sulfates and alcohols and damaging ingredients from all products! It has been a journey, and it's been a LOT of work - but I can finally say that I am pleased with my hair, and getting more and more accepting and proud of my curly q's with each passing day.

Let this be inspiring! LADIES! Curly hair IS BEAUTIFUL. After YEARS of being told otherwise, it took me finding an entire community of coily and curly women to empower me to embrace the beauty I've been given. I am so indebted to so many of you lovely gals posting photos of your gorgeous 'dos (and sometimes your don'ts) for bringing some sense to the mess atop my head!

In conclusion, thank you to every beauty on this forum and who visits and posts to this website! And to the "newbies" who are learning to love their locks: DON'T GIVE UP! It's 150% worth it in the end!!

Have you tried scrunching with a curl gel? I find that keeps my curls together. And definitely don't use a towel to dry your hair - I find that did a lot of damage when trying to keep the flow of the curl!
Hi everyone, I recently found this group through a hair dye forum.

I have shoulder length 2c/3a curls i think (ringlets underneath and wavy to curly on top ). I have struggled with my curly hair most of my life. I have always liked it curly, but as i got older, my hair just started to become more frizz than curl, and I have bought more products than I like to recall, all in the quest to control my frizz.

On top of that I started going gray when I was 15 and so have been dyeing it ever since. A couple of months ago I decided to just let it go gray (I am probably 70-80% gray) so I trying to grow out the dyed ends which look awful at the moment.

I have just started the cg method this week and I am already seeing a big difference in my hair when i checked my current products, everything was loaded to the gills with sulphates and cones, so I went to Priceline and bought a few conditioners to trial.

I am currently using tresseme naturals to co-wash, garnier fructis nutri-oil or yes to carrots conditioner to rinse out ,and sukin conditioner as a leave-in, and for the first time since the 80s, using a gel.
Attached Thumbnails
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Hair type: 2c/3a, fine, med density, med-high porosity
Co-wash: tresemme naturals
RO: garnier fructis nutri-repair nourishing, matrix cb, ytc
LI: sukin, matrix cb, kckt
Sealer: argan oil, coconut oil
Gel: garnier fructis endurance 24 hr, kccc
Dt: matrix cb, alchemy masque
Pt: gelatin, joico Kpak
Hello All, Yes I'm new too, hope I'm not the last one on earth to arrive at the party . Just decided to try the CG method today, I have my pen and paper ready to start taking notes.

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