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Hi Curly Friends,

I'm Faith and I stopped relaxing my hair almost 4 years ago. I just recently stopped wearing my hair straight too because I want to show my curls. I seem to have 3ab hair. There are just multiple textures going on all over my head.

I'm still learning which products are best for my hair, and have found that coconut oil has been great. Hope to build a better routine and gains some knowledge.

Looking forward to talking with all of you.


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Hi, I've just joined this forum and hoping you guys can give me some advice. I'm from London, family originate from South Asia. I have had curly hair from birth. I don't actually know my curl type but they weren't too tight, more like loose ringlets which when brushed would turn into a massive bush. I hardly ever straighten my hair, probably about five times in total and i'm 24 now. Last January my sister straightened my hair and from that point onwards i never saw my curls ever again. I've never seen my hair so straight before. After that incident my hair would smell whenever i would wash it, this burning smell eventually stopped after 3-4 washes. Since then i've trimmed and cut my hair but my curls just won't come back. Ive used shampoos designed specifically for curly hair but that hasn't helped at all and been to a few salons to get advice but they're all clueless. I'm thinking of getting a perm in the hope that it will help bring my natural curly hair, but wanted to know if anyone else has had a similar problem and what they did? Thankyou
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Hi girls! I am new to this forum and I've had straight hair since I was a kid, but I want to sport a new look and possibly get a curl. Should I get small or big wavy curls?
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Hi everyone!

I did my last relaxer December 2010, BC May 4, 2011.. So I've been fully natural for 2 years *yay* It's been a learning experience and still is, figuring out which products work and do not work.. But anyway, hopefully I learn some extra tips here..
Hey Everyone! New to the site and happy to see there are more people with hair like myself. Im biracial so most of my family aside from my dad do not have curly hair and i was lost most of my life on how to control and maintain it. I absolutly LOVE my curly hair and have worn it natural for my entire life but i would love to get tips on how to control it better. See yall in the forums!
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Hi Everyone! I just joined today after searching forever for a good site to teach me how to handle my hair. Hopefully Naturally Curly is that site!

I've been natural all my life, but this is my first time really trying to grow my hair out to see what it can do. I started growing my hair out November 2011 and itís been an interesting year and few months.

I've mostly been wearing my hair in braids this whole time and honestly donít know that much about my hair or where to begin finding the RIGHT products to tame it. Thick does not even begin to describe it lol!

I hope that by learning to actually work with my hair that I can take a much needed step towards a much healthier lifestyle.

Hereís to all the beautiful natural people out there!

chamallie - YouTube

I have a new youtube channel where I will be sharing lots of curly girl tips and DIY as well as makeup videos. I also have a facebook page where I share lots of tips. Please check out my page. I am a type 3A but I share tips for all hair types.
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Hello Ladies!

My name is Ameema and I have been reading about going natural for about two months and finally decided its something that I wanted to do for my hair. I have been perm free for about 2-4 months (does that mean I'm still transitioning) ? I did a lot of reading o line and hearing what mny have to say on YouTube and was excited about all the news coming out of different posts and videos.

My hair is between a 3c and 4a I think I'm not to to sure. Some products that I'm using do far are ECO styler gel, Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Repair Cream, olive oil, carrot oil, tea tree oil, raw shea nil utter oil, and garnier triple nutrition shampoo and conditioner. Are these products good? I had good results so far.

-Happily Natural
So hello to everyone. I'm new and am so confused. I've been blow drying my hair straight and straightening my hair with a flat iron for a very long time (I'm 44). My natural hair seems to be getting curlier as I get older and I have no idea how to take care of it and go natural. It seems I have different wave/curl patterns on top of my hair than underneath which is curlier and I fight with frizz all the time. I just need to learn how best to take care of it. I just don't want to fight it anymore and I want to embrace my waves and curls but don't really know where to start. So, I found y'all by accident and am hoping to learn some new things. :-)

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Hello to anyone who cares to read about this. Instead of boring you to death with every minute detail of my life; I have decided to use a different format.
Age: 20
Natural: Yes
Hair Length: Probably around 20'-24'
Hair Texture: No clue
Possible Hair Issues: I normally straighten my hair with flat irons, I may or may not be using the right products, my hair seems like it is a lot drier now.
Hair Routine: Wash, deep condition, comb, air-dry, with the occasional braid out, or flat iron.
Hair tricks: Washing hair with eggs.
I believe that is it..
Hopefully my hair journey will be able to help others.
Hi I have a question and not sure if I am doing this correctly but want to know if the new Loreal evercurl is good for hair that has a keratin treatment. I am assuming it is sulfate and silicone free....has anyone tried it who has keratin treatment?
Im Scarlett, Im Floridian and Ive been a CG girl for 3 months and I'm a type (3-a)! I made an account in hopes of meeting curly girls with the same issues as mine that most straight haired girls wouldn't understand. My entire family all have straight hair except me, my mother never knew what to do with my curly and frizzy hair. I started straightening my hair with flat irons at 16 years old and continued to do so for about 5 years. Although, straightening my hair was extremely damaging and hard work, I felt like I belonged more, I felt confident and got compliments... At this point my hair became very dry, extremely frizzy and damaged. It wouldn't even curl anymore! I decided in early 2013 I wouldn't hide anymore and I haven't. Its a long process but its all been worth it. Every day and every minute of it. I finally found a method that works for my hair and that I'm not the only one. Good luck
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Hi everyone! I'm aynate1 and I'm new here. I'm from NC where the humidity is about to get into full swing. Ugh! I don't think I've posted to the forum before now. I am looking forward to interacting with all of you and learning new things about how to style my 3a-3b partially 3c hair.
Ok i am new i want to make a page with a question just like this one.where i have the first post how do i do that?

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So I've actually signed up on this website before but i haven't been active. I plan to be more active though. I just skimmed the Hair type section and watched some of Jouelzy's videos. I believe i have 4C, low porosity, high density, coarse medium hair and that is AWESOME!. I feel like my hair isn't growing much though. It has grown a bit from since i became natural but i find its not growing much. I think i need to learn more about my hair in general and how to care for it and love it in every stage. Anywho's. Nice to meet you all and I'm glad to be back. Lets support each other on our journeys <3

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Hello Everybody !

Im a Newbie , Just wanted to introduce myself.
I have type 3C/4A hair & its a hassle at times.!
I experience frizz ALOT, and I have no clue on what products to use for anything. I have tried alot of things and i switch products like every month because I seem to not be happy with them.

When i shampoo my hair feels like wool after rinsing..!! blah
Im currently using Organix Macadamia shampoo and conditioner ,does anybody know if this product is good for thick hair?
Also using Aussie 3 minute Moist Deeeeeep Conditioner and
Garnier Fructis as my Leave In

Any suggestions on products would be great for me !
Thank you
I'm happy to be part of your community. and I hope to learn a lot on the forum. I'm sorry if my English is not very good I am French and it is a bit complicated to locate me in discution.

thank you to you ^^

I've had a look around on the site for a while now but decided to finally sign up. I've been trying to follow the CG methods and been avoiding all the right products but the trouble I have is with the styling/techniques etc. It really is overwhelming at times especially because there is no one way of doing things since everyone's hair is so different! I've been trying to figure out what works for me but still not there yet. I went to the hairdressers today on the basis of a review that I read and their website made it seem that they would cater for curly girls and the lady that I spoke to said that I should be able to get some advise. Unfortunately the lady that did my hair didn't have a clue. I told her that I wasn't using sulphates of silicones but she only picked up on the sulphate part and ended up using a silicone product :/. They charged me crazy money as well and now that I'm home I'm just thinking what was the point of that?
I'm trying to be patient with all this but really nearing the end of my tether!
I'm a male and I have curly hair. Honestly ? I don't know what type of curls they are so please don't ask. They're tight at times and lose the next. I have very short hair and I've been thinking about growing it long, at the moment my hairs length is uneven as the side and the back of my head are both skin faded. My top is curly but it's no way near as curly as it usually is, and I don't know why because I didn't trim the top. What does this mean !? Am I losing the curls ? Some one help me !
Hello everyone,

I stopped perming my hair over two years ago and about two months ago I started wearing my hair curly. I never did the big chop, but grew my hair out gradually. I am experimenting with different products to see what works best for me. Glad to be on the forum and I am looking for any information that can help me best maintain my hair.


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