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Hi I am new to Naturally curly and I am having a hard time navigating the web site I was wondering how do I create new threads. I look forward to all future conversations and friendships here.

I can't wait to get my hair healthy

History of my hair
0-5yrs old: Hair was very curly 3b
6-10yrs old: Moved to the UK from South Europe. Curls became wavy, due to excessive brushing and plating
10-5yrs old: damaged the curls more by dyeing my off-black hair lighter and straightening
15-9yrs old- Curls are coming back, but shampoos and conditioners make it extra frizzy

So approaching my 20th b-day, I want to try the CG method to get my hair healthy. My hair type now is 3a, with some 3b and 2c strands, but still very frizzy. I am starting my journey and wish luck and patience to all the newbies,(I wish I knew about this site 11 years ago)
Hey everyone! My name is Jacquelyn and I have been curly since 2008. I am queen of the "Wash-n-go" or "pineapple" style. My hair is a 3c. Occasionally I have individual braids, two-strand twists with hair added, or a weave because I work out about 4 times a week. I have been reading books, blogs, and other websites and it's soooo much information, it's quite overwhelming I don't know where to start. Since going natural, I have noticed that my hair has grown the best with all-natural products and only using heat (blow-dry) about every 3 weeks. My staple products are:

-Shea Moisture's Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie
-Cantu Leave In Conditioning Repair Cream
-Shea Moisture Deep Conditioning Treatment Masque (w/ 2 tbsp. of Olive Oil mixed in)
-Organix Tea Tree & Neem Oil Shampoo & Conditioner
-Nothing But...Clarifying Shampoo (1x a month)

From all my reading, it is hard to know what state my hair is in. It's not damaged, I've never had a perm, and I condition my hair alot. My natural hairstylist says my hair is healthy but I don't know what that means. I look at all the "maintenance" it seems curly hair requires and I don't do most of it so I'm unsure if I am all I can to get my curls to look their best.

If anyone has feedback, I'd greatly appreciate it!!
Hi there, my name's Rose. I'm turning 25 in less than half an hour lol and my whole family has curly hair. Our textures range from very coarse curls all over to almost slight waves with no real swirls and everything in between. We all *dad included* wear our hair very long, and growing up like this I guess we just compared notes a lot. I'm still being introduced to a lot of the science behind these new approaches to curly hair coming onto the scene, but it feels like second nature after years of being in an all curly family. I remember being told never to use shampoo anywhere but the first inch of my hair, and to always use my fingers to comb my hair in the shower using plenty of conditioner. I'm excited to hear about other people's experiences and experiments with different regimens, especially anything edging towards thrifty and natural approaches. I'm glad there's so much information coming out so that other curly girls can learn to take pride in the hair they were born with and properly care for it. I'm always stricken when I hear about another girl feeling as though there's nothing to like about their hair, because I surely had moments where I wished mine was straight. Even now I'm still figuring out how to wear my hair naturally and truly like the way it looks but I guess that's why I'm here after all.
hi all, i'm new to the curly hair community i just cut off those relaxed ends last month after transitioning for 2 years i'm only 15 but my health and the health of my hair is extremely important to me. I just started my heat-free summer vacation and I thought I'd share my first bantu-knot out with you.

Texture: 3b
My Current loves:
Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie
Cantu Strengthening Shea Butter Treatment
It's a 10 Miracle Leave in Product plus Keratin
Organic Root Stimulator Olive Oil Lotion
Hello All!

My name is Amber and I have been naturally curly all my life. I've had about 4 perms in my lifetime because I didn't always "like" my curls; my last was around 2007.

I very rarely wear my hair down, it is most always in a slick bun.

I am a 3B and looking for products that will work for my long, frizzy curls.
My name is Kelly 20 years old, Cape verdian girl living in The Netherlands and i came here to
see how other curled girls work with their hair, so we could learn from each other .
Since my i got 12 my hair began to curl, before that it was as straight as could be, the indian girl my family called me
but now i have my curls and i love them ! <3 just how the should be.

Love from Amsterdam (l)

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My name is Lily and I'm 17, and I found this website while trying to find out what a perm would do to curly hair!

Until I was 14 I flat-ironed my hair every day because I hated curly hair (on myself) but then I just figured I should live with it because I have, and now I rock it (almost) every day.

I'm a 2C and I'm working on making my hair less frizzy with more defined curls!! -.-"

Thank you Gretchen for posting this up here for us! I'm confused on how do I start my own post all I see it reply thanks guys!
Hi everyone!

My name is Jazmin, and I am 23 years old. I have been natural since the later part of 2008. I'm not exactly sure of my hair type, but it seems like it would be 3b/3c. The front of my hair is loosely curled and the back of my hair is tightly curled but not coily. I will post pictures eventually to give a visual of my hair. I had my last relaxer sometime in June 2007. In July 2008, I told my mother, whom is a licensed cosmetologist, that I didn't want her to put relaxer in my hair anymore. My father's mother put a relaxer in my hair when I was 10, lying to my mother and I, saying that the product being used in my hair would make my hair more manageable. And my hair doesn't really tangle. So my mother and I trusted my grandmother, and the relaxer was put in my hair. My mother was furious when she found out what was put in my hair, because she never wanted a relaxer in my hair because she knew of the damage it could cause. So long story, short, my mother had to keep putting the relaxer in my hair. It still makes me upset that a relaxer was put in my hair, but oh well.

So when I started my transition, my mother didn't know what to do with my hair. So she did what she knew best; keep straightening it. She didn't realize the damage she was causing to it at the time. So when I headed off to college in August 2008, I started getting protective styles done to my hair by those that love me. Then went back to straightening. After that, I picked protective styling back up in 2010. Then May 10th of this year, I got my hair cut into a bob. Now I think my hair is growing faster than what it was when my hair was past my shoulders. I love being natural! It's the best decision I have ever made.

I came to this forum to learn how to do my own natural hair. And learn and understand my hair through this beautiful natural hair process
Hello everyone. My name is Nickey. I learned about the curly girl method this January. I'd been natural all my life except for a handful of relaxers I got when I was old enough to not care what my family thought about it. I haven't had one in over a year, and they never really worked for me anyway.
I am a 3b. I never knew how to take care of my hair. Everyone said I had good hair, but I thought it was a curly frizzy mess and a heavy pain in the butt. I've been wearing it shorter since I was 18.
Since slowly starting the CG method I've learned to love my hair and realize that it is beautiful and healthy.

I still have not gotten off the poo yet. Mostly because I still have a huge bottle of it left. I'm a wash and goer through sheer lazyness thought I've tried a braid out with awkward results a few months ago.

I usually just wet my hair in the shower, maybe rub some conditioner in it if it's feeling very dry. Then let it air dry. Sometimes I use Shea Moisture curl enhancing smoothie, which is so far the best thing that has ever happened to my hair. I'm even off the gel now.

Nice to meet you all. (I talk too much)
Finally found this informative site!! Am in Australia and looking for palm tapioca deluxe cream. Can anyone suggest how I can source this. Thanks Happy Hair day!!
Hi all! I'm new here and am hoping to get help and share help. Sounds like a fun place to be!
I'm just returning's been a while. We have a Facebook page and blog,, and since we encourage people to come here we decided we could use the encouragement once and a while too...LOL!
Hey y'all!

Im a newbie

I have had naturally curly hair all my life. I hated it growing up, but now I love having it. However, I continue to struggle with maintaining it, and after watching the Disney movie "brave" and staring at perfect curls for an hour I have decided it's time to take control of my curls.

I was also wondering how do we set up a profile picture. I just can't seem to figure it out!
Hi here,

Just had my long straight virgin hair digitally permed as a hair model. Looking forward to learn how to take care of these nicely permed locks.
Digitally permed using ATS with Korean Wave Master Digital Perm... Proudly permed & styled by a family of Taiwanese hair & image stylists...

Visit my blog at
My name is Ashley I have hair type 3b and I live in Hawaii so no 1 ever knew how to style my hair!!! 1 fateful day I let 1 of my friends talk me into going to Hollywood beauty school to cut my hair, worse hair decision of my life!! They thinned out my hair and on top of that the teacher told the person to switch scissors half way threw the cut! so the gaps in these thinning scissors where different, so my hair is thicker on 1 side then the other!!!!!
do I have to go bald to get it to even out??!!

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Hey everyone! My name's Desiree and I have not logged on on this website because I was too lazy to do so. xD
Not so much of a newbie but anyways, I have made a HUGE mistake in my life using a blow-dryer with a flat shape cone thingy for straightening and styling my hair; this in which began in middle school. Oh how I regret doing so. I even got irked at a point just trying to have a cute style and stopped doing so. But that didn't stop me from there. Nope. I still used it only for the sole purpose of having my hair straight.
But some how, I thought enough was enough and began to leave it some what natural (still using a blow-dryer to make it semi-flat). Can't really remember what made me stop doing this horrific routine, but I do remember that I went curious for curls and found this website. Very useful and informal! I love it so much as I found out that I have a mixture of 3B (bottoms layer) and 2C for the rest.
I got this adorable haircut (from a lady who doesn't know curly hair, ironic huh?) and now my hair is from waist-length to armpit length. I was so nervous at first getting those scissors cutting my hair, but now I'm glad. I'm wanting to do a co-wash/no-poo, but I have to find something first to do so (and get my mom's approval to go right ahead). xD

>sorry for this long post everybody xD
Hey there!
HUGE mistake w/ blow-dryer for a straight & stylish look. Went natural when I got irked w/ routine.
> went curious for curls & found this site to be very useful.
> I am a combo of 3B & 2C

Fresh-new haircut: 07/10/13
(some frizzies here & there. But no more split-ends! )
Products I use:
>TRESemme Flawless curls Curl Hydration Shampoo & Conditoner
>L`Oreal EverCurl Sculpt & Hold Cream Gel
>Curls goddess curls
Hello everyone my name is Cassandra im 17 and i have been 11 months natural i love it but as far as growth it hasnt been as fast as i thought it would be i believe i have 4b from the quiz on this website showed me and i am looking for others who can help me on my journey because i am determine to get long healthy curly natural hair i never want to go back to a perm
Hello, I am Jernate' and I have been natural since September 2012. I have been struggling with keeping my curls and kinks shiny, moisturize, and most of all visible. Honestly I do not know what “Hair Type” I am, but I can say this: Very loose hair in the nape and sides, Crown Frizzy and semi-tight curls, Front Wave when wet nothing when dry. Then at time I get a bunch of frizz and curls that want to be there but I don't know how to make them stay. IF you can help me it would be nice.
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