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Hi curly forum!

I am 4 days into the curly girl method, and so far I adore it!
I took the plunge after yet another haircut that just didn't turn out as good as I felt like it could. I booked a devacut for this wednesday (3 more days!), and I am really excited.

Here is my hair before CG:

Start Here!-img_3539.jpg

here is my hair after my last 'normal' shampoo, CG condition, leave in, gel, plonking & diffusing:

Start Here!-img_5595.jpgStart Here!-img_5602.jpg

I am amazed how quickly my hair is changing!

So far, it is protein thirsty.
I have 3A curl, medium density, normal porosity.

Thanks for all the great info here!

Greetings from the deep south. I'm from Louisiana and about 60 miles from New Orleans. I've been wearing my curls for nearly 43 years now. If you can imagine living in the deep south and all the humidity (even in winter) my curls have presented challenges for many years. I can say I have learned what works best for me now; however, I can hardly contain my excitement over finding your site. It thrills me to be able to connect with others who may have the same challenges and may have found other ways around them. Of course, I'm always willing to try something new and most especially if the something new is less expensive than what I'm currently trying. I'm a 3b though one of my largest challenges is very thin curls. In 2011, I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and the variety of treatments and medications I've had to take have truly caused lots of curl loss. So I'm always looking for volumizing as well as defrizzing only times my hair has been straightened is when I've gone to a salon. It appears I'm not skilled at straightening it and the minute the humidity hits it I have curls. Only if I've tried to straighten it they are a frizzy dry mess. So I do not even try. When having my hair shaped or cut in a salon, I have my stylist straighten the curls for a new look for my husband for the night while the rest of the time everyone including my husband are simply used to the curls.

hello everyone. I found out about you all thru an article in Family Fun magazine. I'm a 2a and this is all new to me. I usually straighten it but I want to just wear my hair naturally. so any help I would be happy to accept
Hi I am not new to I have been a member since 2010. I want to continue learning about ways to maintain and keep a healthy natural hair journey. I enjoy reading about others experience and using knowledge to increase my overall care for self. I have been natural since 2000 when I started my natural curly hair journey, there was not a lot of resources available to help me understand care for curls including easily prone dry/coarse hair. I mostly wore my hair in cornrows a lot during the process of transitioning since I never did a BC. In 2009, I cut my hair and grew it for 2 1/2 years. Then I just cut it off recently and have regrets. I was frustrated with hair of frizz, dryness, shedding, split ends and mild breakage. WARNING: Please do not give up on your goal if you are growing your hair. There will be times when you are very frustrated and scissors seem the easy way out. DON'T!!! Just get a small trim and continue being patient as well loving to your strands.

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Hi everyone! I'm a new member! I've actually been lurking these forums since I started growing out my curly hair back in 2010. I relaxed my hair all throughout junior high and high school, and once I hit college I started yearning for my curly hair! I consider myself 3c, even though I have at least 3 different types of curls on my head. I've learned so much from this site and am looking forward to finally joining the community.
Hi guys um I'm new here and I just started going natural. I have a mixture of 3a and 3b curls. I have no idea how to handle my hair without straightening it. I ask my sister to help me, but her hair is completely 3b curls. Her ways don't work on my hair. I want to feel confident and pretty like I do when I straighten my hair. We used to relax my hair when I was younger and straighten it. I honestly do not know what to do. Please help!
Hey ladies!

I'm new to the whole forum thing but have been natural for over four years now. I just love the topic of natural hair and realized that liking Facebook pages and following on instagram was not enough for me lol.

I would say my hair is a mixture of 4a/4b and 3c textures.
I get quite a few questions about my hair and regimen when i'm out and about or posting pics but never felt able to really put myself out there. I've always wanted to post on youtube or have a blog and I love talking hair/sharing experiences.

Hopefully this will help me get over my interweb shyness lol
- Melissa
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Hello Everyone

I've followed Naturally Curly on Facebook, Youtube and Instagram for a while, I'm new to the forum. I've learned about a lot of products, techniques and styles from watching the Youtube channel.

I live in NJ, I've been natural for 2 and a half years now. This is my second time around and here to stay, I'm a lot more in tune with my curls this time around. I have low porosity 4b hair. Looking forward to learning even more about styles, products and techniques so I can try it on my own hair.
Hi everyone! My name is April and I have EVIL hair type 2C but its much much more than that. For me my hair is a constant battle and has been for 7 years. I have done everything i can afford (literally) I have gone to salons, i have used beer, mayo, honey, avacodo, eggs, wen, all tresseme curly line, i have tried to use the instyler with much succsess until the next day, i have used all kinds of oils, serums, leave in conditioners, mousse, gel, I have done an "in-home salon" relaxer.... worst idea ever! now my hair it back to normal and its curly and wavy and frizzy and poufy and reallly mean. dont get me wrong, when i do it right or when it wants to- it looks pretty awesome. but thats a rarity. I get alot of comments on my hair, i honestly dont see it. we have a kinda love hate relationship- sometimes i look at it and im all wow my hair looks really pretty today! one hour later.... AHHHHHH! BUN TIME! right now it looks awesome its being nice and let me style it but it put up a good fight (an exhasting 2 hour fight with hairspray and curl cream and oil) Is there anyone like me? with hair like me? I guess im here because i want to love my hair.
Hey, guys!

I've been lurking the threads for about a year and finally decided to join.

I'm mostly a 2c with some 3a, shoulder length. My hair was pretty damaged due to heat-styling (touching up curls with a wand) about a year ago, and I've been trying to grow my hair out for what seems like FOREVER. I've been CG for about a year and a half.
This is my first post to the website. I am obsessed with finding my Holy Grail! I can see that it will be a process, but I'm confident I will find it. I am 2c-3a, I think!!
Hi everyone- I've been reading all the great advice on this site for a bit, and it's really helped me embrace my curls. Hope to learn so much more from everyone. Hope I posted this correctly.
Hi everyone! My names Alexarae and I have been natural for about two years now. With that said, I have gone through a lot of trial and error, and everyday I feel like I am always learning something new about my hair and myself. My curl pattern is 3c, and my hair love love loveees moisture! I try to stick to only using natural/organic products with no sulfates, silocones, etc. Im glad I found this site as its filled with so much information and people who are in the same boat as myself. (I can't relate to a lot of people in my community). Looking forward to hearing from you all!
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Here we go....

Up until about six months ago, I was an every-other-day blow dry, almost daily flat iron kind of girl, but my hair NEVER cooperated. It's been getting wavier over the last few years. I've been toying with the whole "less is more" concept for my hair over the last several months, doing a sort of modified CG routine with no sulfates and minimal 'cones for quite a while. I stumbled across this site a few days ago. I just started the CG method (last sulfate shampoo was this morning!) and have no idea where things will go from here.

I'd guess that I'm somewhere between 2a/2b, low porosity, low to medium density, fine to medium thickness. Currently using Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle shampoo & conditioner, a tiny dab of Curls Creme Brle plus HE Toustle me Softly gel. In the past, I have struggled with some frizz, stringiness and not enough definition in my waves. Here goes nothing!
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Hello I'm Doreen out of California, Im new on here and just recently stopped fighting my 2c hair texture ( been straigtening for years.. and thought I could find some neat tricks on here on how to embrace my curls. Its nice meeting everyone
Hello everyone, I'm Michaela, I'm a newbie to the site had wrote a couple of natural hair poems,:a
Hello all. So glad to have found this forum to help me clear up some of the confusion over products and techniques. I just did my first co-wash today and used a mousse to scrunch since that ws all I had. I plopped with an old t-shirt. I was absolutely amazed at the difference it made and as soon as my hair air dried I rushed to the store to get better mousse and some gel. I'm so happy with my hair and can't wait to learn more!
Hello my naturally curly sisters. I am newly natural, my big chop was Aug 2011. I am relatively new to the cg method maybe three months in. I love this process and excited to see where my journey will take me!!!!
Hey everyone! I am new to the forums here on naturally curly although I've seen some great tips on this site. My name is Cita. I have 3c hair for the most part. I've been natural officially for over a year. Visit my page ---> CurlyCita. I love feedback that can continue to encourage my journey for healthy hair and I love to help others out as well. Thanks and keep in touch!

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