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Hey everyone I was sooo happy to find this site! Am glad to know there are ladies out there keeping it natural and curly and loving it!

Am new here but am looking 4ward to sharing different hairstyles, some beauty tips etc and learning also.

Oh and my hair is 4a type I believe.
Im liz and i have hip length 3A/3B all in one length. I love it the way it looks now inspite the sulfates, silicones and im so thrilled at the possibility of improvement!! cant wait to start cg method tomorrow!
Curly girls rock! Btw i found the site thru google while looking for info about curly bangs, and discovered so much more. Keep up the good work nc!
I'm guessing I didn't post my initial introduction in the correct place! Oops!

Well, my name is Ambrosia some may know me as xGOLDn from yourtube! Just thought I would check out some natural hair forums

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in response to christinealexis question about moroccan oil...
this and other products simular to it are very expensive. They are however one of the newer trends. I have found that the only "healthy" or "exotic" thing in these products is the Argan oil. Now you can buy organic Argan oil in its pure form without all the additives and it is way cheaper. The oil is great for skin and hair. FYI- this oil does have a different smell, more distinct in some brands, but it does go away shortly after you apply.
hi! i'm sydney and i'm new to the site and i have type 3b curly hair!

Hey everyone! Iím new to this site (my mom found it thanks to good old Google when we were looking for new haircuts for me) and I just wanted to announce myself. My name is Ariana and Iím 16 and have hated my hair for just about my entire life.
Every time I meet new people theyíre like ďoh I just love your hair! Itís so beautiful!Ē and Iím like ďoh, thanks. Itís a pain to take care of though. I hate it.Ē And then they seem surprised. So a few months ago I went through some old pictures of me when I was younger and realized that my hair was nicer when I was a little kid. Why itís not perfectly curled anymore I have no idea but I want to try to take care of my insane monster-brain eating hair and try to get it back to its healthier days. Iím pretty sure that Iím a type 3c hair and I am bi-racial (quarter black if that counts lol ). Anyway I hope Iím posting this right and I was just wondering if anyone had any early-on advice for me thatís quick, easy, and affordable.
óAriana Storm a.k.a CurlStorm_13
Hello fellow curlies!

I can't believe I've never had an account here or posted before but my hair is going all wonky on me and since I officially hit "middle-agedom" today I've really been wanting to have hair that gets compliments again. To top that off, we've moved from my lovely NV back to CA where there's much more humidity and my hair is protesting. I'm so depressed here.

My hair is changing a bit, must be those middle-age hormones but now I'm getting new curls up front where it previously was straight.

I believe I have a combination of 3a/3b hair. Very curly up front at the temples and almost straight for a few inches from near the forehead to the back of the head. I know, I know.

I was thinking about purchasing one of the curly cocktails but I'm not sure whether I should get the 3a or the 3b package.

Okay, well, see you on the other forums.

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How do I start a thread? Hence the name 'curlyconfused' I guess! I can't even figure out how to introduce myself...
Bonjour! My name is Zana! I'm familiar with the Curly Girl book and have even had my hair cut by Lorraine Massey (see my avatar pic)! However, I got lost along the way and am back now to reclaim my curls!
So glad to find like-minded people!
hi i'm hailing from boston ma with hair that has been trashed by two pregnancies and extended breastfeeding (worth it but.. i'm starting to get bitter!). i'm about to pop over to the health-related hair issues forum to get some tips from other mamas in similar situations!
Thanks much...Im still trying to figure my own Hair type correctly ..Please Help....Ive been using carol's daughter which works pretty good, with my hair being healthy..But im interested in finding products for my hair to prevent dryness,as thats often a problem...PIC OF HAIR ATTACHED
Thanks in Advance

Hi, textured-hair friends, and welcome to!

I've compiled a list of articles I think you'll find helpful! NaturallyCurly can be overwhelming, as we have 11 years of fabulous content to share with you.

Hopefully these links will help you on your journey to wavy-, curly- or kinky-haired nirvana!

What Is My Hair Type?

Transitioning From Relaxed Hair to Natural
All About the No-Poo Routine
Tell Me About Silicones
Tell Me More About Silicones
All About Sulfates
All About Alcohols
What is Plopping?
A Glossary of Hair-Product Terms
Originally Posted by Gretchen
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Hi my name is Ismarji and i was wondering what hair type i have? If you check my profile picture i think im a 3a but im not sure; any suggestions? Also what do you think in your opinion ( 3a hair types only ) are the best products to use on my hair if im indeed a 3a. Right now im using pantene's new line of curly products ( the gel and detangler ) and so far its working out pretty well; any more advice you could give me - im a newbie...
Hi, I'm Satasha from NYC. I'm here in VA for school and I've decided to go napptural! I'm a newbie since my last relaxer will me a month ago tomorrow. I would like to transition the rest of the year and then possibly BC. Just looking to meet other like minded women on the same journey along with fully natural women to give and receive knowledge and encouragement. My hair is extremely thick and it's hard to figure out what to do at times. I also think I may have scab hair. I don't want to be weak and relax so I'm going to be patient and wait. I'm also new on YouTube with two videos. If you like you check them out under BeautifullyNapptural. Take care!!
Hello everyone. I'm a middle-aged curly girl. I've been lurking for a while, learning all I can about taking better care of my hair and getting some surprising results. I still don't know what type I am. My avatar shows what my hair looks like when I wake up in the morning. If I let it air dry it's just frizzy. Amazingly it looks better if I sleep on it.

I'd like to show you a photo of how it looked after plopping but the photo icon requires a URL when I'd rather just insert a photo from my file.

So what say you, curly girls? What am I?
Just saying hey to everyone...I am new here and not quite sure how to use this page....I am open for any suggestions that might make it easier for me to use this page :-)
I am transitioning at the moment (9 months) I am not fully natural and my hair is getting quite hard to maintain... how can I make my hair softer?
Hello curly ladies. I am new to the site. I am a all natural sista with a 4b type hair. I transitioned into my all natural state. My hair is a little harder to manage but I use glycerine mix to soften my curls. Question: How often do you cut your ends? I feel like my ends are frizzy and need cutting. Any suggestions?
Hey Curlyhaired folks, I have been browsing this site for sometime looking for hair advice, but not as a member. So I decided to join because I need to ask questions too. I have a severe product junkie problem, but as you know, what works for some does not work for everyone that means back to the store I go. As of late, I have been having good results thanks to all the advice I have read on this site. My curly routine is pretty lazy...I say the less product the better, but we know how that really works. I clarify once a month, DT every 2 weeks, use a non-sulfate shampoo weekly, I mix a protein and moisturizing conditioner and co-wash mid week. I detangle in the shower. Add a little leave-in because my hair is fine and some KCCC. I plop nightly with a flour sack that I wear overnight, spritz lightly in the morning followed with some jojoba oil or a little leave in finger detangle the knots and I'm out. See not that I try really hard to stick to the no-sulfate, no-cones, but my hair likes cones so I try and go with the ones that are water soluble.

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Hi Everyone!
I just found this website and I think it's great for us curly girls! Anyways, I have a question.

I am in the process of switching hair products. I have used curls rock amplifier by Catwalk for 8 years. I just switched to ringlet 07 by redken because Curls rock was leaving my hair crunchy with a lot of buildup.

Ringlet is okay,but it still leaves my hair with a little too much frizz.

Do any of you know of a product that is somewhere in the middle of these two products?? That would be ideal.

Excited to see if anyone has some ideas.
Hi All!
I absolutely LOVE this site! I am newly natural...I've transitioned for 8 months then BC'd at the beginning of may...I'm still trying to figure out my hair type..I would suspect some of it is 3c and some 4a...I've quickly become a product junkie! I think i've found that the Curly-Kinky Line is awesome!.. Does anyone use an oil between the Knot Today and Curling-Custard?
Hello curly ladies! Im Trenice, and I am from New Orleans, La. and my hair is like a 3c. Comparible to Rachel True of Half and Half. I have been natural for about 3 years. As a little girl my mom permed my hair to relax my waves/curls like once a year. I am looking forward to meeting new curlies, especially ones nearby in my area. If anyone is interested in meetups in the New Orleans area contact me via email @ Looking forward to talking to all of you ladies!

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