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Hey I'm new to this forum but I've been familiar with this site for awhile. Im 19 (about to be 20!) & I've been natural my entire life. I just got into real hair care in October. My hair is between 3a & 3b.

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I just joined this site, but have been researching information on here for months now. Hopefully joining this forum will help me answer some more questions

Thank you x

I am
High porosity
Medium Length
Medium/Course Width
High Density (I think)

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Hello there ladies!

My name is Anne from Tampa Fl , I am the mommy of a toddler with beautiful curly hair. Her hair is very fine textured with curls ranging from 3A-4A. I recently discovered that my daughter has low porosity hair.So keeping her hair moisturized has been my biggest challenge to date! I have currently purchased OYIN hair dew , and Curl Rehab Moisturizing Hair Treatment by Curl Junkie. So far so good I am looking forward to sharing product results!

Hello ladies! I am a naturally curly 3a/b (I think). Just went from brutally damaging my hair to using natural, curly girl approved products (Shea Moisture). Still testing and tweaking my routine. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Love to you all!
Hi everyone

I am a 36yo mother of 6 and nursing student with naturally curly 3B hair.

My hair had reached my shoulders (and was sporting a dreaded triangle look) so I went ahead and had it cut short today. Getting used to it, but glad to have the curls back (it had reached a flat top triangular look)

Anyway just saying hello

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Hello, curly babes! I'm Meg from Louisiana/Tennessee/Missouri/New Hampshire (take your pick! lol).

I am SO excited to be a part of this community and to soon begin my CG lifestyle! I have some expensive product I need to use up first, but I can't wait!

Last night, I tried a brown sugar scalp scrub to get rid of some flakes that had intensified since this Polar Vortex madness started. I conditioned it out and then rubbed some olive oil on my scalp for overnight. I'm a little alarmed at how much of the oil my scalp soaked up. We'll see what happens!

Super happy to be part of this community, and I can't wait to steal beauty tips from some of you!
Hi Everyone,

After lurking here for about 2 months, i have joined this forum. I am 35, mother of 2 beautiful kids. I have dark,long hair but prone to frizz. I have started CG method just a couple pf weeks backs but having a hard time managing my frizzy hair. Hope to get some help here.

Enjoy everyone.
Hi everyone! Just joined here for the first time after lurking for a bit. Hoping to learn more about my hair and how to take better care of it.
Hey everyone!! After FIGHTING my curls for 25 years, I finally found my HG product (SS spiral gel) and get compliments on my hair all the time now! I can straighten it or wear it curly, both ways look ok. Found this site while looking where to buy more spiral gel-look forward to getting to know everyone and seeing what works for others!!!
Hi everyone-
I am new to the forum, but I have researched on the site before. After 15 years of straightening my hair, I have decided to embrace my curls. I got my first DevaCut today at Curls Rock Hair Studio in Boca Raton, FL. My before and after picture is attached.

I believe I have 3A hair - or some combo of 2B/3A. My hair is very fine, with high porosity, and medium to low density.

I am using DevaCare No Poo and One Condition... and am trying to decide between DevaCurl AnGel, or Curl Keeper by Curly Hair Solutions. I have them both, but can't choose between the two yet. I will end up picking whichever one reduces my frizz the most.

I look forward to chatting about curls and getting advice from everyone!
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Hi natural curlies! I've recently gone back natural and I'm looking forward to learning all about my curls with the help of this site and all it's wonderful, gorgeous members <3
My name is Renita been on NC since 2003. Used to be Analyze. Mother of 2 beautiful kids. Chicago. Self employed Graphic Design. My natural journey began in 2005. After trial and error ive learned to love my natural hair and care for it the best I can.
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Hey, everyone! I got my last relaxer in December 2013. It's been quite a journey so far, and I love it. My decision to go natural has spread to all aspects of my life. My big plan is to retain as much growth as I can before I do my chop!
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Been transitioning since last month. I have an inch or more of natural hair and today after I washed I discovered my roots were curling up a little bit woop!
After hating my hair for my entire childhood and into my adult life, I have come to love and embrace my curls. Mostly due to the great success I have hafd with the Deva cut and Deva products. Sadly, I believe I have developed an allergy to the Deva line (I noticed many posts that suggest others have as well). I need a new line of products that are going to give me the same results as Deva. I have 3B curls, but my hair is very delicate and fine.
Hi there,

I find that the deva products are good but very expensive. I also have 3b curls. I use Shea Moisture line and I LOVE IT! I highly recommend it!
After years of straightening my hair and abusing it with the flat iron, I decided to embrace my natural curly hair. I've been natural for about 10months now. And just last week I made a big chop! I'm still getting used to it because I've never had my hair so short... and the fact that it shrinks so much makes it look even shorter. I look back on when I had my long curly hair and wonder why I ever started flat ironing it. Right now I just have to be patient and let it grow back. Any tips or suggestions on hair growth please let me know!!

Thank youuu!!!
I've been lurking for a while but finally decided to start getting more active. Not sure if this is where to start, but I figured it looked promising. So, hello everyone! I'm really excited to be here and have already learned so much.
Still new to all this, but so far I love:
Co-wash: As I Am Coconut Co-Wash
Leave in: Hawaiian Silky 14 and 1, Shea Moisture Raw Shea Hair Masque
Gel: Ecostyler Krystal, EO Tame Curl Control Gel

Any product recommendations are much appreciated!
Hello everyone!

First let me say that I am so happy to have found this website! I was forever alone on my hair problems!

I can't tell what my curl pattern is yet, but I know it's the driest, crunchy hair when dry but when wet (right after a co-wash) it's soft and my curls are defined and bouncy!

What's my curl pattern ?!
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Hi everyone !
Another newbie ^^. I've been transitioning for 14months now. I live in france for now but I'm from west africa.
I plan to big chop this year.

Anyone from Africa here ?!

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