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Hi everyone !
Another newbie ^^. I've been transitioning for 14months now. I live in france for now but I'm from west africa.
I plan to big chop this year.

Anyone from Africa here ?!
Originally Posted by Transitionneuse
Hey! my family's from Kenya I was born/raised in the U.S. though...
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Hi everyone! I'm new here...not sure what type of hair I have, but is curly and it can be very frizzy at times. I have Spanish curls (I think that's what they call it) and boy! this hair can be difficult at times.

Anyways, I hope you all doing okay
Hi there! I'm a new member and have been trying to figure out where to start here at NC. I tried one thread, but it seems kind of inactive, so now I'm trying again. Anyway, hello to everyone!
Still new to all this, but so far I love:
Co-wash: As I Am Coconut Co-Wash
Leave in: Hawaiian Silky 14 and 1, Shea Moisture Raw Shea Hair Masque
Gel: Ecostyler Krystal, EO Tame Curl Control Gel

Any product recommendations are much appreciated!
HELP!!! please So, I cant wait to see what answers i get,,,I can really use some help..I am still deciding whether to go completly natural or but in the mean time, I am wearing weaves and wigs while I take better care of my hair and not perm as often. As of today, its proble been about 3mo since perm and when I wash my hair, then gets sooooo tangled and Im not exgagerating. It is horrible..right now my plan is do try no poos and see how my hair respondes..also instead of leaning over the sink, i will stand in shower and see if my hairs reacks diff and less tangled...if you have any suggestion, please HELP
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Hi Everyone,

I'm Angela from Aberdeen (WA State). I've read these forums quite a bit but this is my first time posting. Good to be here.
Hello Ladies,

I am new and am happy to join!
Color treated hair
Shoulder length heading for waist
Co-washing, Protein Treatments & Deep Conditioning
Hi all!! New to the group, been stalking this page and forum for a while and finally decided to man up LOL. Started my natural journey in April of 2013, BC'd in October and have been in love with my coils and curls ever since!!! Can't wait to share with everyone!!!
3c/4a....I guess. Kinky/Coily Either way, LOVE IT!
Transitioned for 6 months
Chopped it up October 2013
Wash-N-Go's, I love them so
#ProudPJ #ThereIsNoMoreRoomInMyCabinet
Good Evening Queens,
I'm BreeKay from Houston and I'm new to the natural world. I had my last relaxer in August of 2013 and actually just fell into the natural phase. I'm excited about it because it's definitely something different. I probably have three friends that are natural and they seem to love it. I will start a diary to show the transformation and share with my fellow naturalistas (hope I spelled that right). I'm not doing the big chop so I decided to phase into the full look. I may eventually have to do a mini chop.

Look forward into sharing with you guys.
Hi everyone!
My name is Patrycja and I'm 22 years old I live in Poland :-) if you want I will show you my hair after a haircut and a photo from today where the night before I tried to use CG method :-) I think I'm 2A maybe 2B :-)

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How do I add photos and hair properties to my account?
Hello to all you lovely curly ladies out there! Just took the dive into the deep end and joined Naturally Curly after months of benefiting from the information and the treasure trove of hair knowledge on this site.

I have 4c fine hair that I can only describe as cotton candy in it's natural form. My husband prefers wooly sheep but that's his business

Ok, so I went natural for the first time since I was 12yrs old and big chopped 18 months ago. The deciding factor was simply that I fell pregnant with my gorgeous, now 11 month daughter. It has been an eventful journey with many tears and trying to make it work as I absolutely hated having my hair so short and unmanageable.

My natural hair journey has taken up a lot of my time. More than Iíd like to admit but that is simply because I had no idea what I was doing and where to start. Finding other naturalists online started me on my journey of appreciating my hair to the point that I really love my natural coils now. Yes they are challenging and time consuming but when you get into a groove, itís simply natural

My main reason however for joining today is to find some help so I can continue my natural hair journey.

Almost 2 months ago I bought the Organix Keratin Home Treatment. Yes, I can hear your silent scream, NO! Well, too late! I did this because I thought it would eventually cut the time spent on my natural hair by a great percentage and make it more manageable and when I wanted to have a straight style (I love versatility) with or without heat, it would be easier.

Great in theory but the reality is painfully different. My hair is breaking continuously and Iíve shed my tears for my curls Iíve come to love so much and want back. Iím actually worried there is some worship going on, however, its crunch time.

Iím an extremist so my natural thing now is a Greek tragedy style, all-is-lost-big-chop, go back to an old but not so good ex lover, relaxer or wait it out (if thatís even possible)!

Any helpful advice would be seriously considered and very much appreciated

Oh, I live in Western Australia!

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Hi everyone !
Another newbie ^^. I've been transitioning for 14months now. I live in france for now but I'm from west africa.
I plan to big chop this year.

Anyone from Africa here ?!
Originally Posted by Transitionneuse

I'm from West Africa. I live in Australia. How is your transitioning journey going so far?
Hello! I'm new here to curltalk, but I have been browsing the forums for a little while now and decided to go ahead and post. I started the CG method a couple of months and I know love my curls. Used to flat iron for about 10 years. So I still have tons of questions! I'm puerto rican and of course proud of it! I am married to my high school sweetheart and mother to 2 curly girls as well. I'm pretty excited to be on these forums.
Hi Im finally signed up and on here. its my first time here. I have been natural for one year and three months. Just recently my hair grew long and thick and I was too lazy to cut my own split end. i did them when i was 6 months but this time i chose to go to the hair dresser that did my big shop. She blew dried my hair and used shampoo. My hair is dry enough. she did this so that she could cut my ends. i was better off doing it myself. i left her with less hair and dryer hair than ever. I learned to do it myself
Hi Fellow Curly Girls! (: I'm new and not sure if I am posting in the right place. Thought I would join since I am starting the curly girl method, about a month in ^.^ Anyway, it's nice to meet you all!
You definitely posted in the right place... welcome to CT! There's a lot of curlies on here that use the CG method so you have a lot of resources... take a look around and enjoy .
3B--low porosity--high density--fine/medium
PT: Hello Hydration/coconut oil, Poo: Organix, Condish: Jane Carter, Leave-In: As I Am, CW: Shea Radiance, DT: homemade, Sealant: avocado/jojoba oil, mango butter, Styler: KCCC, Shea Moisture
Hi Everyone!! I've actually been using this website forever but I decided to actually start posting. Today is my first day starting the CG method (last sulfate wash/first cowash) but I haven't straightened in months.
I have been natural for about four years. I have always cut my hair really short even went bald once. I just Big Chop for the last time June 14 2013. Now I am currently on a growth Journey. My Goal is to not cut my hair and to let it growth and flourish on its on. So far I have been wearing different protective Styles so that i can keep my hands out of my head and off clippers. I have wore wigs, kinky twist, sew in once, little braids, and poetic justice braids. My favorite style is the long poetic justice type braids. Thats what really helps me that i feel comfortable with that doesn't bring my own hair out and that i feel really protects my own hair and doesnt take long at all. Currently i am nine months natural going on ten. My own hair is really growing in nice. I take my vitamins and I am learning to be patience and take care of my own. Its a learning process and it takes time. I have learned to relax and wait. If anyone has any suggestions and ideas and some go to products feel free to comment. I have a blog on here some where as well
Hello, all! I'm about to start the CG method this month, equally excited and anxious about it. I have very fine hair, so I'm hoping the co-washing doesn't weigh it down too much. Decided to try this method because my hair is so dry! (I have dry skin too, fun stuff.)

I have kind of a toss-up between type 3A & 3B curls, currently the "canopy" (top layer) of my hair falls all flat and frizzy while all the curls underneath flourish. I once permed just this top layer of my hair to match the curls to the ones underneath, and that worked pretty well but it has obviously grown out now. I haven't done it again, and hope I don't have to if the CG-method works out as well as it seems to for so many! Fingers officially crossed.
3A/3B ē Fine Texture ē High-to-Mid Back Length ē never relaxed or dyed

Going CG in April 2014! Finishing up the last of my sulfate/silicone products.

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