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Hey everyone, I'm HollyElise. I have curly hair, and love my hair!

I've joined the site to pick up more tips and tricks on caring for and loving my curls.
(2a, by the way)
Hello Everyone!

My name is Nys and I just figured out how to post something lol (took me about an hr). I have been natural for 11yrs now and quite honestly there weren't forums like this or blogs to help a sista out during that time lol. But i'm glad to be on here and learn the lingo/names of things that I probably do or know, but just dont have the proper terms for it. My hair type is a 3c and I love being natural. This past month I decided to blog and vlog about being natural so i know this site will help with ideas and suggestions. Please feel free to comment or give me ideas . Ok enough rambling.

my blog
Hi everyone,

Well, I finally stopped lurking and decided to set up an account and actively associate with my fellow curlies.

I've been natural for over 10 years - having bc'd twice (the 2nd time was quite by accident, as when I told the barber to "trim and shape", he must have heard "scalp" instead. Since that time, I've been trying to combat discouragement and grow back my luciously thick, dense afo.

I had a minor setback the beginning of this year; after I had surgery, my hair shed like crazy. My ob-gyn explained that this was a side effect of the anesthesia. So, for the past few months, I've been dealing with trying to not be discouraged my this minor setback, and deciding to take extra extra good care of my hair. Part of this involved delving back into my product junkie ways (I'll spare you the details). But one of the best things I did for my hair was to invest in a hair steamer.

Anyway, like I'd mentioned, I'd been stalking for quite a while. I was especially obsessed with the Ayurvedic hair care thread! So, one day I decided to make a list of all the different powders recommended by the posters here. What I couldn't get at the local Indian grocery, I got at AyurNatural Beauty (Ekua is the greatest!) . Long story short, I am SO hooked! For the first time in several months, my hair is really flourishing- getting stronger, healther (and longer) with each passing day!

I'm so glad to finally be a (real) part of this community, and to continue to be encouraged and hopefully to encourage!
alright at risk of sounding like the village idiot...what is relaxing your hair?? plz clue me in!


I'm Sarah, my hair's wavy but curls very well. Currently growing out a short cut.
Nice to meet everyone. I've lurked this site forever and I finally decided to join! I'm in cosmetology school and I'm a natural hair care junkie, I prefer the natural stuff to the store stuff with whoknowswhat ingredients.
Hey! Sorry to butt in but I'm new to the site and have no idea how to create a new post/thread. I'm here to learn about what it means to be a cg and in need of some serious help.

I recently just got my hair cut (it's been pretty long my whole life) and it got totally butchered. 3 different people cut it and it ended up in short layers with the longest layer at my shoulder. My hair type is 3a/b and as you curly girls know short layers = super poofy (whether it's straightened with a flat iron or naturally curly). I'm desperate for any ideas for how to style it and appreciate the help! Thanks!!
Hello everyone!

I've finally made the decision to join the tell-all curly website that has helped me these past two years accept my ridiculously curly hair and embrace it!

My name is Leigh-Anne and I have a 3b type of curl.

It used to be straight, then right after I hit 14, it got wavy, then curly. I was astonished to find it doing so! Though the years between the ages of 13 and 15 were the worst! Frizzy, wavy hair that I didn't know what to do with! No one in my family, except my father's sisters, had curly hair! So I learned, one step at a time, how to style and care for my ever-curling hair!
I guess if you were to look at my profile, I wouldn't be so new, but I just recently started getting on this site. I'm looking forward to talking to people who have the same issues as I do, seeing as the style where I live is, as is in most places, straight hair, therefore my friends don't see the appeal in having curly, natural hair. I've been looking for a site like this forever
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My name is Tiffany and I have recently done the "big chop" and I am loving every minute of having a head full of waves and curls! This is my second time going natural and I am almost positive that it will be my last! I am not too great with hair classifications but I believe I am a 4a with some 3c areas lol. Hey everyone! ::waves::
Hey.My name is Tahina and I'm new on here.Currently I am transitioning 2 natural hair and it's been about 8 1/2 months now. I'm planning on cutting my hair when i feel that it is long enough because i haven't really had a hairstyle that was shorter than reaching my chin. My cousin got me into transitioning 2 going natural with her. I thought it was a pretty good idea because i never really understood why i got a perm, but my mom told me she couldn't really handle my thick curls.Well now im happy that im doing this and so is she.I know she misses seeing me and my curly head running around.
Hi, I'm Sha and new to the site. Just found this site today and decided to join. I'm here to learn from others and pick up some new hair tips.
Hello all! I actually BC'd last night lol. Im not used to this look but I do love it. I feel super liberated.....but WHAT'S NEXT? Any suggestions on cute styles for my TWA???
Hi! My name is Priscilla and I have 3A/3B hair type. I am from Orlando, FL. I am hoping to find some good hair stylists that live in this area. Also, I'm hoping to find some friends with simliar hair types as me, so that we can exchange ideas on how to make our hair look superb. Looking forward to hearing back from you all!!
New here...I think I have between 3a and 3b type curls although you cannot tell from my pic. That was taken yesterday after I tried plopping for the first time. I must have let it up too long, curls look more like waves here. I have been wearing my hair natural for 10 years - moved to Mississippi from California and had no choice . My hair is looking pretty bad right now...I have yet to find a stylist to cut it so it is all one length except for the bangs which I cut myself (big mistake).
Hello curly friends, this is Suzigirl. I'll be 45 tomorrow and am seriously thinking about going completely natural with my hair, i.e. rarely if ever straightening my curls (I think I'm a 3b), but I don't really know where to start.
The products that I've been using for my hair (Redken, Paul Mitchell) make my hair look great for several hours but then my hair either feels dirty, isn't shiny, flops or something. I found a salon about 1/2 hr away that specializes in the DevaCurl method but I'm so hesitant to "leave" my current stylist. She's great but when she cuts it she does so after washing it and combs it straight. Perhaps she does this because I've been wearing it both straight and curly?
I have an appt. on the 30th to get it cut; what should I tell my current stylist? HELP!
I'm also very unsure of ordering products online, I'm so used to leaving the salon with something in hand that is recommended by her. Help on this too, please.
Happy Monday all!
Hello fellow curlies!

I'm Tryst and I'm actually a former hairdresser ^^ However, I find that my previous experience is not providing me with any help regarding my curly hair.

I used to have stick straight hair that wouldn't even hold a perm (ah, remember the '80s) After a period of high stress at work, I was lounging on the couch after a shower. When my hair was dry I went to the bathroom and was shocked to see big fat waves! See, I usually blow dried my hair.

I always thought that hair was hair and that curly hair should behave the same as straight hair. Wow, I've never been so wrong in my entire life....


Ever since that fateful day, I've been trying to come to terms with my new hair texture. I've been lurking on the boards and trying product after product to figure out this mess on my head.

Hopefully, things will get better

So, that's my introduction, nice to meet you all!
Hi Gals!

My name is CharyJay and I just recently did the Big Chop after a year and 7 days of transitioning! I'm here to learn more about my 4a & b curls and also to help some of the transitioners along with their journey as I know it can be quite stressful!

I have a YouTube page that you're more than welcome to check out if you'd like.

See you guys around the forum!
I would love to have a transtitoning partner to take this journey with until I am comfortable to do the BC. right now I have started this process and so far I am just co washing with Patene relaxed and Natural and I also use Curls products. I am very interested in any advice I can get. I havent had gotten a perm in what has seems like forever which has been since April.
Hi Gals!

My name is CharyJay and I just recently did the Big Chop after a year and 7 days of transitioning! I'm here to learn more about my 4a & b curls and also to help some of the transitioners along with their journey as I know it can be quite stressful!

I have a YouTube page that you're more than welcome to check out if you'd like.

See you guys around the forum!
Originally Posted by charyjay
I subbed to you on Utube a couple of days ago.

I'm Anika, and I've been lurking this site for about a week now (hehe) lol and I finally joined. I've been reading up on tips for transitioning & whatnot. Everything is so helpful! And keeps me amped to continue my journey. My last perm was mid May, so I've been transitioning for about 2mnths. I cannot wait till I get more length so I can BC! I don't mind cutting it short, because I'll prob. be wearing braid in extensions most of the time 'till it gets a lil more length. :3

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