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Hello: I am so happy about this site...I have finally embraced my curls and I have finally realized I am not alone.
Hello all. I'm new here too. I'm a 3a.
I have had waist-length curls for the past five years and have recently gotten scissor happy . I would always have it "ovaled" in the back and angled in the front with no layers - which worked well for me. About two months ago I whacked five inches off in said cut style - and it was nice - so nice in fact that last week I got overly brave & tried layers. BIG MISTAKE. The top layers come to my shoulders which is really short for me, and the rest tapers down into a V shape. I can't figure out what to do with it ! I part it on the side but the layers were cut as if I part it in the middle - so when I flop it over there is a big noticeably shorter mass of curls on one side. Is this a normal layers thing or did I just get a bad cut?
Hi Curlies

I've been checking this site out for a while but just recently registered. I've been natural for about 4 years but have had some horrible hair cuts that have made me cut all my hair off 3 times. I am currently in the growing stage again and I'm trying to find the products that work best for my 4b hair and will promote some growth (my hair seems to grow very slowly and has lots of shedding). I'm currently using Miss Jessie's products which work great for my twist outs and defining my curls but I'm in search of a product line that uses natural ingredients but will give me the same results as Miss Jessie's. So if any of you have used Miss Jessie's before and have converted to an all natural product that you can recommend, please let me know.

Thanks and Stay Curly
Hi, I've been a lurker for a couple of months and finally decided to join! I've read lots of useful information on here.
I've been natural all of my life.
I'm three months into my natural journey. Almost two weeks ago marked the first time I've been completely natural in over 19 years. Everyday I find myself becoming more and more comfortable with my natural hair. I came across this site not too long ago, and I absolutely love it. So many good resources right at my fingertips. I look forward to sharing my journey, and sharing in all of yours.
hello dolls! newbie here! just wanted to introduce myself. i am NaturalAffHair! my journey started earlier this year. i transitioned for 6 months and the permed ends just wore me out. so i did the BIG Chop on 8/22/10. so far...i love it! i think i'm 4a but i don't really know :-/ still getting used to this! hope to learn a lot abt my newly natural hair from this site.
Hello everyone. I'm new to this thread so I figured I'd start here. I've had naturally curly hair since I was born and I've just started to embrace it the past few years. This website seems great for helping me out. I tried chemically straightening it twice(which barely worked and ended up frying it all), straightening it daily by hand for years and numerous products. I grew up in a family that definitely did not have the curly hair therefore parents who had no clue how to style it. lol I now use Tresseme mouse and let it air dry but it's such a hit or miss on whether it will turn out looking good or end up frizzy and awkward. It's frustrating but i'm finally starting to love my hair! Now I just need to figure out how to get it to grow faster (i chopped it all off about 2 years ago) and get it to lay nicely more than 50% of the time.
Hi everyone!, I'm new here. I've just decided to start co-washing my hair to have healthier curls....I'm always confused about what to do with my hair since it's short, very curly and also layered....
Anyhow, I've just started co-washing and I've been silicone free and sulfate free for almost a week now...the first time i co-washed it was curls went spiraly and all....but now there's something that is really starting to bother hair stays wet for hours!!...and when it's finally completely dry my curls have shrunk big time compared to how they were before co-washing.(I prefered my curls the way they were before, but I love the way my hair feels super healthy now.)...
Is there something I can do to make my hair dry up faster without a blowdryer and is there a way to not have these co-washes shrink my hair so much...It's looking shorter=( ????????
I would really appreciate any input.
Hey to the site and natural hair..tired of perming, sitting under dryers, roller sets and just want a healthy head of hair that God gave I am in Transition right now. Since my hair is pretty long I plan to get it cut down some and wear sew in's while I transition. I plan to transition for 12-18 mnths as my hair grows pretty fast although it took my daughter 2yrs but she's she has time!
Hello everyone! I am new as well! I had straight hair as a child and got wavy when I hit puberty. As I child I short boy cuts from the barber. Thanx dad! As a teenager and until now, I straightened my hair. My curls were never even. I had some straight hair and huge banana curls underneath. My hair has always been frizzy and unruly. I have an oily scalp that gets very dry and dry ends. I have been doing CG for 2 weeks. I am loving the results thus far! I am a product junky.
New to CG!
Current regimen:
Aubrey Organics Calagula Fern Poo for scalp
Ion Inspired by Nature Luxury Moisture Cond.
Homemade Leave-In: AO Honeysuckle Moist, jojoba oil, avocado oil, distilled water.
Type: 2Cciii

hello everyone

Hi everyone my name is shannon and im 16 well bascially i always had long thick beautiful hair! which many would call nappy but i perfer Curly! lol when i entered jhs i persuaded my mother to texturize my hair ! && i loved it ! when i entered HS i had long thick chemicalized hair ! however this all went away when i decided to follow the fashion trend and weave and put color in my hair! eventually that long hair began to thin out and look nasty. I lost hope until my friend kenya told me she had natural hair ! i loved how her hair curled and straigtened out ! So i decided to go natural as well ! i started this journey april 2010 and i am loving my natural hair ! it is not as bad as i thought it would be ! although i slipped in the begginning of july because i permed a piece of my hair its ok ! because i will NEVER do that again ! Instead of me doing the B/C i do mini chops ! meaning as my hair grows i slowly chop my hair down! ( pics below) I think natural hair is the best ! why not embrace gods gift you know ? lol ANYWAYSS i am still transitioning and as i continue i am learning many new products and hairstyles that i never knew before ! THANK YOU TEAM NATURAL for coming into my life ! =]
this was the beginning of freshman year ! im the short little one ! beautiful hair right ?

Here is where my hair thinning began ! =[

NOW ! I flat ironed my hair ! this is not a perm!! bascially
i cut my hair ( this is the mini chop ) so as my hair grows i will keep cutting !
Hi curlies! My name is Asia, I'm 27 and live in Arizona. I recently read Malcolm X (amongst other books) and was inspired to grow out my natural hair and stop the perms. My last perm was done in May of 2010. It is now Sept 1, 2010 and my hair is 2 different textures. I decided to join this site because I will be doing a big chop tomorrow. I am completely freaked out but also excited! I will be recording the big chop and will post it. Although this is scary, I am looking forward to this journey. It's sad that I don't know much about my natural hair. I had long frizzy hair that my mom would press as a child. My hair was beautiful but just like a lot of black women, I thought that perming my hair was "just what you do." My hair responded well to perming but I am sick of chemicals and want to embrace the hair that I was born with. THERE'S NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!
I look forward to participating in discussions and finding new curly friends on this site!
I am newly natural and I have constantly been on youtube getting ideas. But my question is when should I use castor oil, jojoba oil, and ACV or should I even use them?

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I just joined!!!!!!!!!!!!

NovemBer 2012 Long $ex At FitNess Center With Flat Iron Special With Spiral Cone Wand
NovemBer 2012 Long $ex At Pier 1
Hair Length At Start 10 inches NovemBer 15th 2012
Goal Waist 24 inches March 2015
Hair African Curls 2-3-4A Fuzzy Wide
ShamPoo Aussie Moist
ConDitioner Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle
I'm Katlyn. Just joined, looking for help. I'm not really sure what my hair type is. None of the "types" really fit my hair. It's been hugely curly since I was born. I wore it up in a ponytail until high school when I chopped it short and loaded it down with half a bottle of gel to keep it from turning into a fro. I've had it chemically straightened with no results, I've manually straightened it, which lasts about 10 minutes making it completely pointless. I had a salon send a piece of it to a lab. Apparently I'm missing some sort of molecule or hormone or something that won't allow it to straighten. I've been growing it out again, but I can't do anything with it. I'd love to go natural but a fro is really not my style. Thanks. =]
hi, my name is taylor. im 16 and i love my hair.... i hated it when i was younger and always tried to brush it up pulled back into a bun. i think when i stopped wearing it like that was when my grandma told me i looked like an old lady with my hair pulled up in a bun like that lol
ive figured out what products work for my hair, and i figure if you got it flaunt it..
I just wanted to introduce myself. I've been free from chemicals for two years now, did the first big chop a year ago and am now 5 months since the BC. This is truly a journey. My 5 year old son told me the other morning that he no longer wanted his father to cut his hair. He wants his locks to grow like when he was a baby. That was truly a proud moment for me . Anyway, I have been on this site trying to get information on the best products to try and decided to join...Hope to connect to you all soon.
so, i've been lurking for about a year, mostly reading threads i found through google search. i... ummm. popped my posting cherry about a week ago and figured it would be pretty rude for me to just go around replying to threads w/o introducing my self... so... hi!!
Hello all,

I'm brwnskinbella84 and I hail from the DC metro area. I'm a new natural (BC'd in June) and have been a lurker of NC for quite some time. I finally decided to register to share my hair experiences and to fellowship with other naturals!

Hi. I'm new, duh. I have bra strap lenght hair, virgin and wavy. It used to be curly after I got a perm almost 20 years ago. It seemed to have kept a great deal of the curls even after I grew it out and cut it several times and I loved it. But, once I had my kids, the curls are almost entirely gone. I need to put in tons of different styling products to get it even a little more wavy than it is. So, I'm considering a bodyway/perm. Unless there is some product which actually can make my waves tighter and stay.
Can't wait to read all the articles. Thanks.

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