View Poll Results: At what age do you feel it's appropriate to wax your daughter's eyebrows, expecially if she has a un
10.5 to 11 years old if she looks like Helga Pitaki 11 18.64%
12 years old 5 8.47%
at least 13 years old, not a day sooner regardless of whether other kids are making fun of her. 3 5.08%
When SHE asks, therefore letting the decision be hers. 40 67.80%
None of the above. I either have a son or like natural bushy brows. 0 0%
Voters: 59. You may not vote on this poll

At what age is appropriate to wax your daughter's unibrow?

A lot of people prefer hairlessness because it is natural and typical in their family/amongst their people. A lot of people naturally don't have any hair on their armpits, legs, arms; there are many people who don't have hair in their pubic area, not owing to any medical condition, just genetics. It's not purely down to societal pressure.

I don't think it is fair to put pressure on girls to shave their armpits and not on males, especially when it is them who typically have the most hair under there. I personally do not like to see really obvious hair under anyone's armpits regardless of gender, but that is my personal preference (and it's also easier to properly apply deoderant on a smoother surface . )
Haven't read the pages and pages of answers here, however I think that sometimes kids don't know to ask. It is just what it is. I was made fun of for my freckles and hairy forearms forever...right through high school. I would have given anything for someone wiser to come along and say we could bleach that hair so its not so noticeable or wax or whatever. Nobody gave me that info and I still have flashbacks today...... :x ----kidding.

Seriously though, giving her the info, letting her know there are options if she chooses then letting it go is good. Just my 2 cents.
2C/3A auburn hair.
between shoulders and BSL
The thing for me is this: Perhaps, she thinks the way she looks is fine, good even -- even if she is/may be teased by others. Broaching the "option" to her sends the message to her that something is "wrong" with her appearance. Frida Kahlo had a "unibrow", more or less, and she was beautiful. It just seems like a really fine line to walk when you raise something about a girl's appearance b/c you want to "help."

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