What Was Your First Job??

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My first job (other than babysitting) was working for my father when I was 15. He was a pharmacist and owned a drug store. I was at the cigarettes, candy, ice cream, etc. counter. I didn't mind it really. It gave me all the spending $ I needed at that age, and I helped myself to the Chunky bars....yummy! I did that for several years, then I waitressed during the summers at home. During college I had a couple of different jobs...the dining hall (pretty gross), waitressing, and fast food joint (REALLY hated that one). When I graduated I started teaching and have been in education ever since, except for a few years when my kids were in middle school and I worked part-time in an office.
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I got my first job when I was 17. I had to tried to get hired on earlier, but didn't work out till' later. It was working the box office at the movie theater. I loved the fact we got to see free movies. The theater I worked at even let us rotate weekends, so we would not lose all of our friday/saturday nights.
I got my first job at a movie theater too, when I was 16. I worked at the concession stand. However, we didn't get to see movies for free. I don't know if they allowed us to rotate weekends, though. I was fired after about a week. It wasn't because of the customers. A number of them were nice, actually and I've had several telephone customer service jobs as an adult, so I can deal with the public. It was because my cash register was off. I've never been good at math so that job convinced me never to get a job handling money ever again.
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This is going to sound bad, but I have seen a lot of inside theft at movie theaters. My guess is someone targeted you and your register to take money from, unless you know for fact that it was your mistake.
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Working in a bank...
I was a CIT (counselor in training) at a day camp through our local community center. It paid poorly, but I got to be outside, yack with friends while we watched the kids and it wasn't difficult work (except for being outside in TX heat in the summer).
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My first job- and second for that matter- was as a camp counselor. First summer at a sleep away camp that I'd gone to as a camper for the preceding five years, the second summer at a day camp I'd gone to before that, teaching dance.

I'd danced my whole childhood so it was a pretty natural thing to do.

During the year I worked at a dance supply store-- shoes, clothes, costumes, makeup, crap like that-- which was okay except for the women who ran the place. They were horrible. Yelling at customers, making unreasonable demands of their staff. I stayed for a year or so for the discount (10% over cost, which for dance stuff was effing killer) and then moved on.

I waited tables at a pizza chain for two years. Good experience-- everyone should work in food service in their life, IMO. Teaches you a LOT about people.
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It can be hard to get a summer job, at least in my town because there are a lot of kids and few businesses. So I suggest applying early to places, soon since summer is coming up. Try not to be lazy like I was...you might get yelled at when your boss catches you on camera doing nothing...my first job was at stop and shop but I started working in the fall because they weren't hiring when I applied over the summer.
my first job was the summer before 8th grade. wat a nightmare. 6 in the morning my dad would wake my sisters and me up to go to this peach farm. we would cut peaches in half, pit them and lay them on a large wooden tray. they paid 3$ per crate of peaches so my dad would exhort us to work faster. our hands were full of cuts by the end of the day usually between 10-12 hours.

funny thing was we were the only one of two asian families working there. everydoby else were Mexican immigrants so we had to learn spanish to get the guys carrying the peach crates to us. FRUITAS POR FAVOR!!! my dad only paid the little kids like me 5$ while the older sisters got 10-20$ depending on how much we cut.

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CSR for Domino's Pizza. I get expressions of surprise about my sunny disposition (sarcasm) and how cordial I must have been. I think I was perfectly nice and helpful, thank you very much!
My first job, when I was 14, was as a coder at a market research company.
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CSR for Domino's Pizza. I get expressions of surprise about my sunny disposition (sarcasm) and how cordial I must have been. I think I was perfectly nice and helpful, thank you very much!
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Rock Chalk Baby!! If you aren't from Kansas, you just won't understand!

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My first job was a car-hop at a local Shoneys. I loved it. I got good tips and there were always cute guys there. LOL!!.
A friend and I went into edible arrangements today to get a bouquet sent to her mom at work, and the owner offered us both jobs!! We still have to fill out an application, and interview, but she said that as long as we can be legally employed we've got the job!! And they pay pretty nicely.

....now I just have to find references....
Rock Chalk Baby!! If you aren't from Kansas, you just won't understand!

Dame Kenz Matilda Jayhawk-Rocksalt, heir to the family diamonds.
awesome! Good luck with it and let us know how it's going after you get started!!

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I start training for Macy's on Wednesday.
I have a work study job on campus, so really that is my first one.
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My first job was at the Sears credit processing center. I worked in the payroll mailroom. I basically sorted paper. It was boring and tedious but I liked it. I didn't have to deal with people, just paper.
I was 16 and worked at McDonald's. it was truely the WORST job ever! There was only one manager I liked, and I was always stuck cleaning the lobby. The customers were disgusting. They wouldn't schedule me a lot, and one week they only gave me a 7 hour shift on Christmas Eve!. My grandmother was dying, and I was a 16 year old kid who wanted to be with my family on Christmas Eve. I was sobbing and my dad called to say I would NOT work that shift. I finally quit after the General Manager said there was a report filed against me for giving a customer the finger (anyone who knows me realizes how absurd that sounds!) and I was written up for my last warning. Well, I demanded to see this report they claimed I signed, but ironically could not produce it. They also scheduled me the day I graduated high school which I had requested off. They were idiots.

It was about a year before I ate McDonalds again!
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This is going to sound bad, but I have seen a lot of inside theft at movie theaters. My guess is someone targeted you and your register to take money from, unless you know for fact that it was your mistake.
It was 25 years ago, so there's no way I'd ever know what really happened. I was shy and timid back then and adults such as supervisors really intimidated me, so even if something had really jumped off, it's likely I wouldn't have stood up for myself. Besides, the movie theater in question closed down around five years ago.
I was a babysitter, not very good with kids though.

My first minimum wage paying job was as a clerk at a convenience store/gas station that also served ice cream and prepared sandwiches.

Pretty easy work, if you can stomach the random gross odors of some customers and tolerate massive amounts of rudeness.
This is a neat older thread.

My first job was at a bath & body shop. Not the bath & body shop. It was ran by 2 local women. We sold lotions, shampoo's, shave gels, etc. and had a huge selection of scented oils that we blended with the product. We also had neat items for the home, temporary tattoo's, and other odd and ends.

The music selection was great, my bosses were great, and it was fun. I really enjoyed it.
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