Does Your Cat Yowl And Wail After You've Gone To Bed?

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Aww I wanted to hear the cats but thanks to the weather my phone won't even play a 26 second video.

Yes, my tom does this often. He rests all day, and is ready to play at night. He has a country accent, and says "Me? Me? Ma. Ma. Mom? Mom?" If I hear "Ying, ying, yang" I know I forgot to put more dry food in the bowl. When he does get in the bed he walks up to me and meows very softly to see if I am awake. So cute.

His sister does not say much at night, other than when she gets up to kick his butt because he is talking.
When I hear terms like "hipster" I think, who told cliques they could leave high school??

Jade is pretty vocal when in play mode. It is a low pitched yowl. Luckily she doesn't do it when we are asleep.

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Roscooe, RIP, used to be vocal all night. He was an indoor outdoor cat, and when he wanted out, he let you know.

Max is pretty quiet during the night. He is very vocal at about 6:30 am for his breakfast. One thing he has always done though is yowl after he uses the litter box. Does anyone else's cat do this?

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One thing he has always done though is yowl after he uses the litter box. Does anyone else's cat do this?
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Kimi and Mojo both. It's like they're saying - "Mom, come look at what I just did, isn't it awesome???"


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