using a person's given name on a messageboard

No, the funniest thing ever was her pair of god awful Manolo Blahnik knockoff boots.

i know next to nothing about the majority of the users of this forum.

i usually only remember details about the ones that stick out in my mind (i.e., ones i like, don't like, say funny things routinely, currently engaged in a running conversation, etc.). pretty much oblivious to everything else.

even the people i know know, i don't know everything. i guess i could track them down, but that would go for anyone really....we all have ip addresses. there's probably some person somewhere that can track you down regardless.

basically, i don't have the time, desire, or energy to track anyone down. so, rest easy, curlies. you're all safe from me.

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is that where she asked "What is NatT?" or something?
Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce & FreeCurls

That was one of divapoet's aliasses.

Still the funniest thing ever is where she talks to herself in the thread!!!
Originally Posted by CGE
It was divapoet? She was on another one of my message boards. I remember feeling really sorry for yall when she left there and brought her special brand of crazy to here.

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -- Theodor Seuss Geisel
That was one of divapoet's aliasses.

Still the funniest thing ever is where she talks to herself in the thread!!!
Originally Posted by CGE
It was divapoet? She was on another one of my message boards. I remember feeling really sorry for yall when she left there and brought her special brand of crazy to here.
Originally Posted by DarkAngel

Special brand of crazy is right!!
Its not so much a matter of people finding anyone. I just think people should be careful about putting their business out there on a public message board and posting pictures to go with it. You just never know. You really dont need people to have certain types of information about you and your family PLUS photos to go with it.
Although I do have pictures posted for others to see, I agree with this sentiment.

I was part of another online community where one member got another one FIRED FROM HER JOB -- for real. If the one woman (the "fire-ee") hadn't been so open about where she worked/lived, that probably would never have happened !!

There's some scary people out there!
Originally Posted by LAwoman
My sister is in graduate school on an athletic scholarship to study sports pyschology and belongs to a message board to do with her chosen sport which has a diverse membership with a lot of gay people, a lot of Latino people and some people of African descent. They like to make ironic self-directed gay jokes, racial jokes and gender jokes (not my preference, but my sister likes it) which they also make as a form of social protest/venting. Many of the members have met each other as they have frequent gatherings connected with their sport. My sister and several other members had a dispute with one woman, and she called the Dean of my sister's university and told them my sister was violating University discrimination laws by belonging to a hate site and posting racist and homophobic things. My sister was dragged in for a meeting with the Dean. They found the site and her picture and were accusing her of hate crimes, threatening to yank her scholarship and kick her out, etc. My sister had to fight to show them the context of what was written. She said they had also assumed she was white and were taken aback to discover she was Latina and African because they had been told she was such a virulent racist. This same person also called another member's job and told her boss that this member spent time during the work day on line on this site. Luckily, the boss said "I don't care - she gets her work done," and hung up.
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So now everyone thinks I'm some message board freak
Originally Posted by FreeCurls
If it's any consolation, I thought you were a message board freak even before you started monitoring dia's posts.
Originally Posted by PartyHair

Honestly FreeCurls, I know next to nothing about you. I know you're obsessed with Orlando Bloom and you like entertainment news. Oh, and that you have curly hair.... that 'bout covers it. Not all of us can be 'message board freaks' like you!
Originally Posted by Rheanna83
And that she loves Madonna! :woot:
And that she loves Madonna! :woot:
Originally Posted by WileECoyote - Daddy's grl
And then there's Wile who for the longest time wouldn't admit that she'd had a baby!!!

Wile is so secretive I sometimes wonder if she's an old man sitting in front of the computer in tighty whities with a beer in one hand and cheetos in the other.

I definitely agree people should be careful, but there are so many free sites out there someone can find you whether you put your **** on display here or not.
Interesting topic! And I'm learning so much about everyone!

I don't think I've ever used someone's real name. If I did, it was an accident.
I don't give more or less information here than I do with strangers in real life. I don't worry much about things happening because of info on message boards, since most of it can happen in real life. Just about everything mentioned here (stalking, phone calls, getting people fired or in trouble) can and has happened in my little office building.
I'm not interesting enough to stalk, and my town is so ordinary no one would make an effort to find me here, so I don't worry about it.
But if someone is uncomfortable about giving out info or posting pictures of themselves here, that's their business and it's fine with me. Everyone should do what's best for themselves.
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I'm not interesting enough to stalk
Originally Posted by jeepcurlygurl
I shall scratch you off my list.
I think she asked "WHAT IS CARRIE"
Originally Posted by Scarlet
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She (diva) had exceptionally high self esteem I "knew" her from another board as well, and she struck me as pretty tame compared to some other characters there that were also members here.
Please, stop posting so much info about yourselves! I'm getting the urge to stalk you!
I think someone on this board has been stalked by a member. ( was it Burt?). I remember someone else having another member contact their job's HR department and make accusations. I may not be remembering that entirely but something like that happened.
Originally Posted by FreeCurls
That someone searched out my wife's work email address and emailed her.
i have used an initial occasionally . I p.m with some folks, so they many know my real name and i may know their name . I have meet one curly and I definitely know her name and of course she knows mine. I would never post it here and would hope they would not post mine. Even my sister calls me elicia when i am here and does not use my first name or last name. I use hers all the time since her user name is her name.

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