Laser Treatments to Even Out Skin

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I think I've asked this before, but how long does it take to recover from this? I think I'm talking about pulse dye laser, but I'm not certain.

I REALLY want this done on a couple of little spots, but I'm worried that I'll be too embarrassed to go to work for a month. What should I expect?
It depends on how high of a setting they treat you at. Is it for little angiomas? If so the spots that are treated are going to be bruised...usually very dark (eggplant purple) that is usually the darkest on the first and 2nd day and gradually gets lighter and lighter each day lasting about a week.
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I'm talking about a few spots where I have dark RED broken caps from scrubbing my face too hard in a sensitive area. I know they probably won't disappear after one treatment, but I'd like them to be lighter.

So, after a week, I could go out in public with some concealer?

Also, someone I know (who hasn't had it done) seems to think that this type of treatment causes your face to be red in the treated area indefinitely. Is that true?

Also again, do some docs do a better job at this than others? Should I go to the plastic surgeon that my derm sent me to, or wait for another derm who does the procedure herself?
After a week yes you can use concealer on the areas. You can use concealer right away but it is usually such a dark bruise that makeup wont cover it the first few days. I would definately ask the doc how bruised you will depends on the setting he uses.

It will not cause your face to be redder..they actually use this laser for patients who have alot of redness from rosacea and things like that. The PDL laser targets the blood vessels..this is why you get a bruise and since bloodvessels contribute to any backround redness you may have it also helps with that.

I would feel pretty safe with either a dermatologist or plastic surgeon doing this treatment. I wouldnt go to a regular doc though (lots of them do this treatment now) this is not their field of expertise.
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Thanks again. I tried to get the doc to be specific about my recovery time, and he was kinda backing off of it. I said, "Would I be red for 2 weeks, 3 weeks, a month...more?" I just got some cautious nods as a response. I'd probably be red for a year, wouldn't I?

I'm really fair, so I'm thinking it would be EVEN HARDER for me to cover up the spots after a week. I really don't want to go out looking like I just got a beat-down. I could wear a hat low over my eyes if I had to go to Wal Mart or something...after a week. I can't live like a hermit for months, though.

Would I definitely be able to go out with concealer after 2 weeks without looking like a freak?

Does anyone else know about this? Now that I don't have a job, I should get this taken care of...I already know the cost.
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a co-worker at my old office in Ottawa had it done about a year ago. she had the redness around her nose zapped.

within a week she was able to cut back on the amount of concealer she was using after her first treatment.

after 2 treatments, she was REALLY happy with the results and i know she had signed up for 4 treatments. unfortunately, i moved before she was finished the series and never got to see the results.
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