Tell me about being a nurse...(and also my issues...beware)

I have to say I don't think I would EVER say nursing is not difficult, but it's varied so people can usually find a fit somewhere. But, you definitely need to be able to know science, math, and critical thinking (For example, today I had drawn a lab value X; what does that mean; and what do I do next? If you don't really know, that could compromise a patient.)
I know people in school for early education, and they tend to be creative and have a genuine affection for kids.
Nursing classes I think are tough, because you are expected to know a lot in short period of time, and there are labs and clinicals. Not sure about early education classes though...t.

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Frau, you're beautiful. It is crazy that you say men don't find you attractive. They must be idiots, anyway.

A black man? Hee.

It is hard to believe that they would allow a 2 year degree for something that exceedingly difficult...considering that there is so much to learn and know...and then, a lot of people work while they are getting the degree...

I never thought it would be easy. The social smarts/book smarts thing doesn't worry me as much as possibly making a mistake, or not learning everything there is to know because I would be going to work at the same time (and thus, my attention would be diverted in two directions). I would really hate to just work part time...I just dug myself out of the crazy debt I incurred in college the first time (but I still owe some $...just not that crazy unreasonable, high interest stuff). Plus, I can't comprimise my current career path in case the nursing doesn't work out for some reason (that sounds dumb, I know, but I always have to have a backup...right?). I guess I can't start on this unless I'm fully committed, and I'm not quite there from the sounds of it.

I have another concern, too. They're closing hospitals where I live (new news since I started the thread)...I guess I should get the hint. Not many jobs, lower-paid jobs, hospitals closing...My area must be going down the tubes. However, there are still a lot of hospitals that will be open, but with all the job losses from the ones that will close...
date a black man. i know that sounds weird, but i think that will help improve your self-esteem.
Originally Posted by frau
I guess that's a cheaper alternative to therapy or nursing school.
Originally Posted by Kenzie_06
lol! yeah, bad advice. sorry slinky!
Originally Posted by frau
No, I don't think it's bad advice - just struck me as funny when it's compiled with the other posts in this thread. I wouldn't know if dating a black man would improve self-esteem or not - could be the solution, you never know. I do hope that certain members of this board don't catch wind of your comment and turn this into a race thread.
I have another concern, too. They're closing hospitals where I live (new news since I started the thread)...I guess I should get the hint. Not many jobs, lower-paid jobs, hospitals closing...My area must be going down the tubes. However, there are still a lot of hospitals that will be open, but with all the job losses from the ones that will close...

I wonder where you are (you don't have to tell me) because our hospital is growing, and neighboring towns have employments ads for their hospitals in our paper all the time. It's the only industry around here that's doing well. I'm not sure what Dayton and other large cities nearby are doing, but I haven't heard that they're shutting hospitals or laying people off. Will you be open to re-location once you finish school?

About the difficulty of nursing ~ I wouldn't say that my cousin isn't smart. Maybe "not very book smart" wasn't the best phrase to use. I think it's more an issue of study habits and focus. She always got excellent grades growing up. It seems like now she gives up more quickly when it comes to wrapping her brain around difficult concepts. I probably don't spend enough time around her to judge her intelligence. I'm going more from what I hear from her relatives' discussions, which is probably unfair. I know she gets A's and B's for the most part, but sometimes struggles with science and math. Like slinky said, I don't know how an RN could be that difficult when it's a 2-year degree. It would prolly be difficult for someone like me who got C's in math and science, but I've never wanted to be a nurse or go into a math/science field. I'm curious about what RN's actually do, though. I mean, what subjects come into play? Is it in-depth physiology or more like basic biology and chemistry? The girls I knew that went into nursing honestly weren't very bright people. I'm sure that they probably did as well or better than I did in math/science (which isn't saying much), but in general, they're sort of ditzy. I'd think that would be a recipe for disaster in nursing, but they seem to be doing ok.
I have a bachelors degree (4 year) in education. I also have an associates degree (2 year) in nursing. Nursing was a beeotch compared to my bachelors. Seriously. MUCH more INTENSE. I don't care what anybody else plays it off to's intense...short period of time to learn your stuff quickly.

I'm not dumb...have always had good grades, do well on tests, etc. I did fine...but it is hard work. You have to be committed and study hard.

I was a returning student so I had good study habits. I saw many young girls right out of HS flunk out. I remember I dreading my clinicals because my instructor grilled us about each of our patients (dx, drugs, patho, nursing dx....)

My school had a policy....Anything less than a C+ was an automatic fail...two fails and you're out of the program. Plus we had "practice board" exams we had to take and pass in order to graduate. Then of course the real boards when you're done. It's not easy. It can be done, but it's not easy.

I cried with relief when I was done and passed my boards. My program was also known for being pretty challenging. But it's not just a "2 year degree." Most of us go on the next 2 years to get the BSN too.
I'm not a nurse and don't know anything about the field. All I want to say is that when I delivered my daughter, the obstetrics and maternity ward nurses were fantastic! They really helped make the whole thing the wonderful experience it was. And I will always be grateful. I think any job (profession?) that can have such a positive and long-lasting impact on a person's life is a good one!

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Now that I got the chance to read the stereotype thread, I see where the black man comment came from!

People really have to get over the idea that people who go to community colleges aren't as smart. Maybe people in those programs didn't pay enough attention in HS, or they weren't interested at the time...but that doesn't mean that they aren't smart or capable. It is true, in my experience, that some of the CC classes are "slowed down" a bit, but I've never taken any courses that were specific to a certain degree. I don't see how they could "dumb down" nursing...but I don't see how you could do it in two years, either. It must be pretty rigorous.

I'm thinking that more specialized degree programs are the way of the near future.

I read everywhere that healthcare is a field that is growing, and will continue to grow for at least another 3-4 years. Then, this report comes out saying that they want to close some hospitals, merge some hospitals...A lot of people weren't surprised, since these are hospitals with a lot of empty beds. You go in there, and it is a ghost town. Our state (NY) is in pretty rough shape, and our new governor says that this will be one of the hard steps to recovery.

There are still hospitals in which to work, but the displaced workers from the others might have an effect on how many new nurses that they will hire. Plus, I've heard that the other hospitals are changing people's hours...probably cutting down on night workers and paying the shift differential.

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