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Clubbing Question

I went clubbing twice in college. I didn't really like it, aside from getting to have fun dancing with my friends. Too loud, too smoky, too many creepy guys either trying to come up behind you and grind on you, or staring leerily at you from the corners. Ew.

I have gone to "bars that have dancing" a couple times though, and enjoyed that. Much less skeevy, for whatever reason.

But in general, I'm more of a homebody.
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I've gone and liked it. I liked the anonyminity of dancing with strangers, the music, the airs people put on, the clothes, and the men. I always had a good time.
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Like Who Me?, I prefer "bars with dancing" - less formal, cheaper drinks, less swanky. I don't really like getting too dressed up, because drinks inevitably get spilled, so I usually wear jeans and some sort of cheap bar shirt and flat shoes. At home, I go maybe every week, every two weeks, to this bar that my faculty has parties at a lot, and to a more alternative one that I really like. Here I go every week, or lately twice a week, because we have 13 euro open bars each Wednesday (and no school on Thursdays) only for our school, and it's been campaign week for the last couple weeks so we have 2 or 3 open bars for 4 euro each (what a deal!). This is a bit different though because everybody there goes to my school, but it's a club atmosphere.

My hair? Usually big and as curly as I can get it, but I don't know why I bother because it gets so hot that I put it up in a ponytail anyways.

I love going though. I love dancing with friends, drinking, the music, the random funny people...I always have a good time!
We don't really call it clubbing. We are more "bar-hopping" people.
Originally Posted by shelli

Ya, we did too. We would hit so many places in the area, some of them would be bars with dancing, some of them would be clubs. We really didn't frequent the big "clubs" in Boston and stuff much. They usually had a much younger crowd. Plus, Worcester is only 15 minutes away, and there's SUCH a nightlife scene there w/ all the bars surrounding the colleges and everything.

Clubs are usually 18+; Bars w/ dancing are 21+.

Actually, we didn't really CALL it anything. We just always said we were going into Worcester, and everyone pretty much knew what that meant.
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I went out to clubs and bars with djs almost every night of the week for years. I worked as a DJ, all my friends were DJs, promoters or party people so I spent most of my twenties and even my early 30s clubbing all time. I also managed a bunch of very well-known DJs and electronic music artists, so I'd occasionally travel with them and I'd always be out if they were playing in new york. I lost interest in the lifestyle so I don't do it anymore, but I had fun being fabulous. I bet I could still get on just about any guest list in the country just by making a phone call or two.
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I've always loved clubbing. I started when I lived in Trinidad after high school. I lived with my aunt and grandmama who would not have approved of me clubbing, but some weekends, I would go to sleep over at one of my older married cousins' places, and then go out with them and their husbands and my friends (it was considered OK if I had male family members watching out for me.) Then I went to college in Montreal, which has probably the best club scene in Canada, so once I was old enough I started clubbing several times a week with my friends and absolutely loved it. We'd club hop and then end up at an after hours joint. When I would come back to Toronto on vacations, I'd club with my friends there as often as I could get away with it since my parents didn't like it either. Then I went to grad school in New York and still went clubbing but not as often because I was older and busy with school and music stuff and I lived in Queens and it was harder to get around. Probably I still went a couple of times a month. I've also clubbed in various cities around the world that I have visited, just to see what it was like. Since I moved back to Canada and got married, I didn't go as often, but still a couple of times a month or so. I think that I am now cutting down on that because the baby is coming and my desire to do it has diminished and I know I will be less able to do it - plus I can't have a drink any more and I don't feel great and get tired earlier.

I like: the excitement, being with friends, running into lots of people, the music, the dancing, the atmosphere, the drama, the euphoric mood it puts me in, the crowds, the people, feeling young and free. As a married woman, sometimes it's nice to go with my husband, and sometimes it's nice to go without him.

I don't like: the noise (I refuse to have conversations there because it's too hard on the voice), if my shoes hurt my feet, feeling tired and crappy the next day, some of the persistent or gross guys.

Clothes: I like to dress up when I go. In summer, I wear pretty, sexy dresses and strappy sandals or summer pants, fancy tank tops and strappy sandals. In winter, fitted pants in a nice fabric and/or colour with a tanktop, high heeled boots and jewellry, or a skirt and top or dress with tall boots. BIG ear rings, often hoops.

Hair: down, big and curly, or slicked up in a bun with nice earrings, or pulled up in a very high, curly, fluffy ponytail, or the back down and the front twisted or corn rowed with pretty pins, or sometimes in a half and half style.

I still remember my college clubbing uniform of one summer. It was - a very short, A-line type skirt with bicycle shorts underneath, fitted baby tee, and lace up Doc Marten type boots, my relaxed hair pulled into a bun, and big hoops, or a very short slip dress over a baby tee and the same as above. My best club friend always wore faded Levi's and a belly-baring baby tee and those purses that looked like backpacks and her relaxed hair in two ponytails with little girl bubbles. Actually, she liked raves more than clubs so for a while, we were doing that. That was before she joined a cult and everything changed....

In Canada, you can club at either 18 or 19, and Trinidad and parts of Europe have no age limit within reason, so I started younger than you guys!
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i chose "other" because i'm not sure if what i do would be considered 'clubbing' per se. i do like to dance, and i do go to places regularly to dance, one of which is a bar. i go primarily to dance salsa (and a little bit of merengue, cha cha cha, bachata and cumbia) and tango.

i go anywhere from one to three times a week.

what do you enjoy most about it?

i love salsa, pure and simple. i love dancing, i love practicing and learning new moves and styles, and meeting new people to dance with. dancing makes me happy, it is good exercise, it energizes me and just gives me an overall feeling of being alive.

i can be dead tired from a week of work, and i can walk in and hear the music playing, and i can't help but move. hours later the time has flown by and i'm exhausted but happy.

it's also fun to have an excuse to dress up and look purty and bat your eyelashes . i enjoy spending time laughing and talking with my friends too. i've met so many fun, nice, interesting people in the salsa and tango scenes. they are very open and carefree.

what do you wear?

it depends on my mood. i usually wear black, just because for me it is understated and not fussy - i don't have to give a second thought to what i'm wearing. i usually wear black trousers (fitted, but slightly menswear cut) or dark levis. sometimes black cigarette pants, or a well fitting black circle skirt. for tops just a nice close fitting black tee or blouse, etc. something that breathes and moves with me. short sleeves for sure. dresses in the summer, with twirly skirts (50's era cuts, mostly).

all of my pants have to be long enough to accomodate 3-4 " heels, so during the week i'm the short girl in converse with her jeans turned up. heheh.

i usually wear some heels and accessories with a pop of color, but then at the club i usually change into my dancing shoes (because they have suede soles and i don't want to muck them up out on the street). they are black peep toe with a 3 1/2" heel and an ankle strap. even though they're pretty high, since they're made for tango, they are designed very well and are comfortable enough - even at that height - for hours of dancing. i have a few other round toe 40's style heels with leather soles that i wear sometimes instead.

i usually wear my hair down and it gets big and curly with all the humidity. love that. makeup is usually smoky eyes and nude gloss, but sometimes i do a little retro glam (almost cat-eye, red red lips) thing. always a million coats of diorshow mascara.

wow - that was a long winded response!

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I love clubs. Normally though we hit up the 'bars-with-dancing' but when Im in Vegas with my best freind then its all out clubbing. Im from Nevada though so Im used to the bars and such staying open until it was dead but now that I live in Cali its not really worth it to get kicked out at 0130. I think Im over it now, the last few times I have gone werent all that, but back in the oh man. I LOVED going out, the strange men, the drinks, the sweaty dancing...I loved it all. Now I think Im more partial to the jazz clubs, a relaxed martini place with live music...a place to talk and socialize rather then get blasted and make out with strangers

What to wear...normally jeans, boots and a slinky = BIG
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Oooooh, jazz clubs. I still love those for nights you want to relax.
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I answered other. When I was younger in college I never went clubbing. The friends I hung out with didn't club much either. I kind of consider myself a late bloomer. I didn't do it in my 20's so much, maybe been maybe 3 clubs but in my early 30's there was a time for a good two years that I went clubing Wednesday night, Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night every week. I loved it. I just enjoyed having fun and going out with my friends meeting people and just letting loose.

Since I've moved away from those friends about a year and a half ago I haven't been to a club since. My bf hates clubbing and right now I have no friends to go out clubbing with and I can't afford it now. There was a time I lived for clubbing but now those days are over.
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I hate when music I hate comes on, like crappy R&B or any music with a weak beat. My body just will not dance. If the music sucks overall, or has a period, of 2-3 sucky songs, I could just lose my energy until the good stuff comes back on. I am at the mercy of the music & I have no desire to dance to any Beyonce or *****Cat Dolls song. I can't stand the stop-start nature of a poor playlist. I can be at home and dance and I know the playlist will be on point.

The grossest thing (apart from random skanky guys trying to feel you up and grind on you uninvited) is when random peopleís sticky sweaty flesh presses against your skin and then peels away. I really hate that sensation.

Also, a club is the last place I would want to pick up a guy, though whenever I go it seems most people are participating in a mass mating ritual.

I much prefer a party at the home of somebody I know; with good sound equipment and a good DJ. And not too many people. Enough people to create a certain energy, but not so it's so rammed you can hardly move.

Getting dressed to go out, doing your hair, the excitement of getting there and the first, like Ĺ hour of being at the venue, that I love.
I wrote other because I used to about 4 yrs. ago when I lived in FL. All the girls from the day care I worked at used to have a once every couple of months "girls night". WE had so much fun just dancing & being kidless for the night! WE were all moms.

I usually would wear jeans w/ a trendy little top w/ heals Went heavy on the eye makeup
I wrote other because I used to about 4 yrs. ago when I lived in FL. All the girls from the day care I worked at used to have a once every couple of months "girls night". WE had so much fun just dancing & being kidless for the night! WE were all moms.

I usually would wear jeans w/ a trendy little top w/ heals Went heavy on the eye makeup
I voted other. I used to go once in a while, when I was younger. Now I am too old, too tired, and even if I got a babysitter my son would still wake me up at 6:30 on a Saturday. When I went, I generally preferred the more laid back bars with dancing type places. What I enjoyed most was the music and dancing and hanging with my friends. What I enjoyed least was the skeezy guys, which is why one of my favorite places to go was a lesbian club.
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I don't go regularly anymore, but I used to always be in the club. Then, I HAD to be there for work (broadcasts, etc) and got burned out big time.

I love to dance, and wouldn't mind going out sometimes now, but I am a mommy. So that's that until she is a bit older.
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If you do; what do you enjoy most about it?

Dancing, dressing up, hanging out with friends, drinking to get a little crazy, flirt with boys sometimes

Oh, and if you do go, what do you wear?

Usually jeans and sexy top. Lately I've been baring my legs though, short skirts and those dressy shorts. Always high heels.

I usually go twice week, rarely just once. I can tell I'm starting to get a lttle sick of it..probably in less than a year or so I'll tone down to once every couple weeks or something .
I hate clubs. The only way I have ever enjoyed a club is when I had a date. The few times I've gone with my girl friends, it's a mess. No guy wants to dance with you because they rather dance with the girls who have their cheeks hanging out from their "dresses" or "skirts". Then the few guys who do ask you to dance end up being jerks who can't keep their hands off of your body and think they can try to touch boobs, booty and other parts of your body. Then when you are finally fed up with the BS from the guys there, and decide to leave, all these skeevy dudes want to try to press up and grab your arm as you are heading out the door. Give me a break. The last time I went about 2 and a half years ago, I realized that I'm just not cut out for that type of nightlife.
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I love clubbing!!! We are all about the same age although I am married which can make things odd. One great perk is we NEVER pay for drinks. I always say no when a guy asks to buy me a drink. But my girlfriends are bringing me drinks all night because the guys buy them 2. Saturday night we was at the club and this guy comes up and starts talking to one of my girlfirends, 2 minutes later she gives me a $20 bill he gave her for her drinks...Too funny.
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Then I went to grad school in New York and still went clubbing but not as often because I was older and busy with school and music stuff and I lived in Queens and it was harder to get around.

Originally Posted by Amneris
What part of Queens did you live in?
3a/3b thick coarse WL dark brown hair. CG/Mod CG since: 5/4/05. Current products: Right now my hair is in such a tizzy over this winter weather we are hving that nothing really seems to be working. I need a haircut.
I put that I have been but didn't like it. I would much rather go to place where I can relax, and actually talk to the friends I'm there to hang out with. I don't mind a bar you can dance in, but I want to be able to talk too. ~~jax
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