View Poll Results: Do you go clubbing?
Yes regularly. 6 13.33%
Yes, infrequently. 10 22.22%
No; have been but didnít enjoy it. 10 22.22%
No never. 8 17.78%
Other; please elaborate. 11 24.44%
Voters: 45. You may not vote on this poll

Clubbing Question

Given all the :ahem: related celebrity topics, plus the fact that it's the weekend , I was wondering how many people here go clubbing on the regular:

If you do; what do you enjoy most about it?
If youíve been but hated it; why?
If you havenít ever been; any special reason?
Oh, and if you do go, what do you wear?
I voted that I've been but didn't really like it...primarily due to the high skeeze factor of the guys that seemed to hit on me. The whole experience made me uncomfortable! I'm also a *terrible* dancer I can still be convinced to go on occasion, but I'm currently located in STL -- most of the clubs are located in pretty dangerous parts of town. When and if I do go, I generally wear jeans, heels, huge earrings, and a cool tank top of some sort.
I haven't been in years, but used to love it! When I was 18/20 I was dating a pretty sought after DJ and he used to do guest sets at a lot of the big clubs in Toronto.

We used to get the full VIP treatment (as VIP as you can get in TO ) and it was great at the time, but just not into it anymore. Now I'm much more a pub/pool hall kinda girl!
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If you do; what do you enjoy most about it? Girlfriends, music, dancing.
If youíve been but hated it; why? NA
If you havenít ever been; any special reason?NA
Oh, and if you do go, what do you wear? Jeans, high heel boots, cute/sexy top.
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I chose "Other," because I've gone clubbing a few times and didn't hate it, but there's really nowhere to go around here.

The good: Drinks, dancing, friends. Poking fun at people who can't dance, including myself. :P

The bad: I was quite annoyed with some of the guys, since I was there with my friends to dance and such, and not to hook up. They'd come up right behind you and try to start grinding. Awkward when you don't know who the hell it is and you never see their face. Blech. And it gets pretty hot and stinky in those places.

Also, I am fashion-challenged, so I generally stuck with boots, jeans and a black top.
I've gone a couple times just to say I've gone clubbing in NYC, but I didn't hav a great time. It was so loud you couldn't hold a conversation with any friends you went with or any potential guys, even though most of them were skevy it was also way too dark and the music kind of sucked. Clubbing just isn't my scene.
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How does everyone do their hair?
Hispanic/Black 3A-B
Mixed hair: Curls, waves and spirals.
Been there, done that, hate it. For good measure I went out a few times with some girlfriends while visitng Myrtle Beach last summer. Hated it then too.

I hate trying to figure out what to wear. I hate getting hit on all.frickin.night. I hate having to scream to be heard, and then not being able to hear what is being said. I hate trying to dance in a 2" space, and feeling like an idiot. Did I mention that I hate being hit on?
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How does everyone do their hair?
Originally Posted by ZARIA**
Good question; I don't do my hair drastically different, like adding pieces, on the rare occasions that I do go, but I tend to avoid ponytails because that makes my already youthful face even younger.

I tend to set my hair to get whichever type of curl I want, whether it's S shaped or a more spirally form.

My favorite way to have it flat twisted up front; with the curls all loose and framing my face from the back; never droopy curls.

I have never worn straightened hair to a club; that would just be asking for it.

Attire: Never dresses or skirts, heels I can run in LOL, fitted pants or jeans, and any kinda unique off-the-wall but not very revealing top. I don't bring a coat, though I might take a thin jacket. I always have a purse, too. And not the tiny ones that can only hold your keys and lipstick!
How does everyone do their hair?
Originally Posted by ZARIA**
I wear my hair wild curly and big, or a slicked back ponytail with hoops. Even in a ponytail its looks big and curly...I wore my hair straight once..I looked like a hot mess when I left!!
Hispanic/Black 3A-B
Mixed hair: Curls, waves and spirals.
We used to go every weekend religiously until B came along - well, until I got pregnant anyway! There are quite a few bars/clubs in the pseudo-city about 15 min away. We'd always start the night at a bar/restaraunt nearby, and head out to the clubs around 11:30/12.

I LOVED it. We always had a great time. We'd mess with the doormen, and bartenders, and I'd always be lined up to do bodyshots on the shot waitresses. Yes, being hit on was quite annoying. When dh had to go to the bathroom I'd be like NOOOO, cause they'd just swarm at that point. But I LOVE to dance - I'm the first one up dancing. I don't even need a drink first, I just get going. I have a blast. Crazy me, by the end of the night I'm usually up on stage shakin' my groove thing. Nah, I don't get emberassed easily.

Um, my hair was just crazy curly everywhere since this is New England, and there's a good chance it's gonna rain. That combined w/ sweating and dancing around a hot club, there's no point in taming it.

Clothes, I'd usually wear cute jeans, a slutty/clubby top, heeled boots, and this is one of the few times I'd wear jewelry. Purses stayed in the car, and I'd only bring in lipstick and my ID. DH was responsible for keys and cell phone b/c he had bigger pockets.

We did it quite frequently, so we were seasoned, and I just loved the crazy people, and the super loud music and crazy lights, and trying to manuever through insane crowds of people while holding on to the belt loop of the person in front of you so you don't lose your crowd.

By the time we left we'd usually have to go in seperate cars to drive insanely drunk friends home, or try to gather up wandering drunk friends, or stop the girl walking through the parking lot from lifting her skirt up and yelling "Where's the Party?!" After parties were always at our house b/c DH and his best friend would spin on turntables, so there was no real closing time until we were too tired and blasted to do anymore.

Good times.
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I prefer what I call "bars that have dancing" to actual "clubbing", but I think lots of people may consider that clubbing, too! To me, a "club" is really big, has a cover charge, you dress a little sluttier than usual, guys can't wear sneakers, drinks are expensive, and they play lots of house/techno/whatever music. A "bar that has dancing" is a little more casual, and they play mostly hiphop and top 40 music.

I go to "clubs" about twice a year. I got to "bars that have dancing" every weekend when I'm not too busy with school, but nowadays it's probably about once a month. I think babywavy described it well, although I need a few drinks in me before I hit the dance floor! In general, I'm just the type of person who likes crowds and stuff, though.
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I never really cared for the club scene and prefer our local watering hole.

I was born to be a pessimist. My blood type is B Negative.
I voted other. I used to, but don't now. I'm too old for "clubbing" as I defined it then, and having a boyfriend does negate part of the reasons I went clubbing.

When I did go, I enjoyed the danicng and picking up guys.

The bad part was being picked up by guys, but that's part of the deal.

I usually wore something sexy and/or way too sexy. Lots of leg, lots of cleavage, etc.
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How does everyone do their hair?
Originally Posted by ZARIA**
For clubbing? BIG!
Kiva! Microfinance works.

Med/Coarse, porous curly.
I used to go regularly when I was younger. After I got married 7 years ago I haven't been much. My husband and I went a couple of times with his sister and her husband, but it wasn't so much fun any more.

I mainly went to dance. I have never been big on drinking and stuff. I went with my girl friends and danced all night. None of us really looked for a guy or anything. All we did was dancing and maybe drank an "adult coco" (Baylies).
When I was seeing a boyfriend for a couple of years we used to go out with a big group of people.

I don't miss it much. It would be fun to dance again, but my friends are back home in Sweden...and I doubt I would enjoy the crowd now. I am content with out it. Age I guess.

I used to wear what ever my mood was up for. Dress, skirt, jeans.. All depended where we went. Did my hair and some mascara.

I hate trying to figure out what to wear. I hate getting hit on all.frickin.night. I hate having to scream to be heard, and then not being able to hear what is being said. I hate trying to dance in a 2" space, and feeling like an idiot. Did I mention that I hate being hit on?
Originally Posted by three rivers curly
At this point in my life I agree with the above. When I was 19 - 22, I loved clubbing, getting hit on, the music, the celebs, everything. (Granted, I grew up in a small north jersey town, so the trips to NYC were half the excitement)
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I liked it in my younger days occasionally, but not all the time. Now, I can't stand the noise and having to scream in my companions' ears to be heard. No fun.
We don't really call it clubbing. We are more "bar-hopping" people.
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I very rarely go clubbing. The last time I went was a few weeks ago in Boston, and several weeks before that I went to a gay bar with one of my friends. There's just no one to go out with around here. My friend doesn't bring me to the gay club very often because I think he feels uncomfortable with me there, and he would also feel uncomfortable at a *straight* bar. I can't drive. My sister doesn't drive for some inexplicable reason. Her friends are hella boring and won't go out anywhere. My brother can't drive and wouldn't want to bring his baby sister out, anyway.

The few times I've been to clubs I've liked it. I can't go too crazy now because my guy would pop a blood vessel.
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