What was "It" that finally made you decide to lose

I was tired of feeling heavy and uncomfortable, my belly would roll out of bed before the rest of me. I just kept thinking about it, I read the French women don't get fat diet book and it seemed kind of simple. Baby steps. So I began to eat more fruits and vegetables, then I hopped off the subway early and walked 20 blocks home, which is 1 mile. Next thing I knew my clothes were baggy and I lost 14 lbs. I also ate every 3 hours and have 1 serving of vegetables or salad with lunch and dinner.

It took me about 6 years to get to this point where it stayed off. I was watching Wayne Dyer and he said if you just keep thinking about then one day you'll make it happen.
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this is an interesting topic and i've enjoyed reading everyone's posts.

right now i'm struggling to get control of my eating. i exercise 5-7 days a week and i'm actually an instructor at the gym, thank goodness for that but my eating has gotten so bad in the last several months and about 20 lbs that i'd lost before has crept back on. i don't look bad but i don't feel my best. i'm 5'9" and i look "thick". i can feel it in my tummy and hips that i'm carrying too much weight....yet i still eat. i love comfort foods and sugary stuff and i know i've been eating things i know i shouldn't too frequently. i've been having some family problems and i'm sure that some part of me is eating for nuturing that i'm not getting due to a poor relationship with my mother but i'm not one for excuses so i know i need to make a change. i know more about health and nutrition than anyone that is not actually a nutritionist or in the field because i love reading health and fitness magazines and books and i actually love to exercise but the food part is killing me. i'm not at the point where i'm depressed about it but i'm definitely bummed that i don't feel as comfortable as i did a short time ago about my body, when i was 20 lbs lighter. plus i feel bummed that i can't seem to control my own eating. the irony of it all is that i love all things health and fitness and have even regretted not choosing it as a full time career. i love motivating and helping others and others actually seek me out for advice yet they probably don't know how i struggle to make sure i don't get in the car and drive to get a frosty from wendy's or something like that when i get bored at home at night. i joined weight watchers for the support and thought the program was good but i was going to mtgs on the weekends and it got to be too much because my boyfriend felt like my schedule was way too packed with time at the gym then sunday afternoon mtgs and to be honest the mtg was a little inconvenient for my already busy schedule. right now i'm exploring journaling and i'm also considering going cold turkey on some foods that i'm overindulging in and i'm going to read a book on addictions to see if i come up with anything helpful to guide me as i try to lose the weight and make positive, lasting changes!

oh well i guess i haven't answered the original question at all...perhaps this thread will be the thing that helps me refocus and make get myself together to stop letting my actions be controlled by the feelings i have for food.
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