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I thought that show ended forever last year, and now I see the premiere advertised for this week. What's the deal? Did it have something to do with Arthur's absence in some of the last few shows of the last season? Has he been sick or something?
I don't remember the season finale show. If I recall correctly, it was just a season finale not a series finale.

Can you refresh my memory about the season finale show?
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I thought I had heard that KOQ was having its last episode ever *before* I actually saw the last episode of last season. It was one where they wanted to put Arthur into a retirement home, and everything was all settled, and they had paid $$ to have the basement redone and it was all fabulous. Then, Arthur came back...I don't remember why.

There was an episode where they had bedbugs and another one (maybe two) I can't remember where Arthur was said to be "on vacation". But, I guess characters go missing for a little while on a lot of shows.

I didn't hear anything about the show in a long time (other than the repeats), so I was surprised to see them advertising it the other day. I guess it just didn't end after all. Maybe they told them that they might cancel the show if the new fall shows all did well or something...maybe it was sort of on the chopping block...
Well, I had this great reply, but some how it disappeared...

Basically, I found this...this one shows that the series finale episode was when Carrie mentored a 16 year old girl and Dough befriended the a driver of a rival delivery service.

and this:

The funniest episode ever to me was when Doug convinced Carrie to take pole dancing classes. I laughed so much...
Life shrinks or expands according to one's courage. Anais Nin
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Thanks for the info. I watch this show almost every day, so I like a lot of them. One of the really funny ones is when Doug and Deacon get laid off, and they hang out with Arthur. I also like the one where Doug borrows the money from the cookie jar to gamble, and he ends up winning all that money with Deacon that they have to hide from Carrie. Then, there is that whole upstairs/downstairs wife many of them are funny. I love the ones with Danny and Spence storylines...

Hmmm...I never saw the one where Carrie mentored the girl, or the one where she was building homes.

Love that show. Hubby and I get such a kick out of it.
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I love love love that show. But unfortunately, I don't know anything about whether or not there's a new season. I usually watch re-runs.
from what i understand the new season started later because Kevin james(doug) was making a movie and it conflicted with the series. Thats my favorite show can't wait. Also Carrie is all skinny now.
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Love that show. Hubby and I get such a kick out of it.
Originally Posted by Dayzie

I'm gonna go have myself a shutty sandwich...
The article on the front page of our local TV guide today was about this show. It says KoQ starts it's 9th season on Wed. Dec 9th. Arthur isn't in the first 2 episodes (doesn't say why) but is in later episodes.
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The best episode is the one where Carrie tries not to speak with a NY accent anymore. Also the one when Carrie and Doug switch partners with Deacon and his wife.
I just "discovered" this show last year and have been LOVING the re-runs they play on TBS! Sooo funny -love all the characters. Except maybe Spence..he annoys me a bit.
Is this show a spin-off of Everybody Loves Raymond?
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Is this show a spin-off of Everybody Loves Raymond?
Originally Posted by Bianca
I think so. That is why Raymond has been on the show a few times.

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