Pretty Little Liars!

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so i know it was talked about a little bit in my guilty pleasures thread, but... oh well.

i am just soooo impressed with the show! it's as if it isn't even airing on abc family! last night's was so good.

who's your favorite character? i think mine's toby!!
and what did you think of last night's homecoming episode?!
let's talk abouttt it!


I'm really impressed with it too, I watch secret life also, ITS SO HORRIBLE!! I still watch it, but abc did pretty good with this show, the acting is WAY above secret life, and the show actually has you looking forward to the next show. I usually just get mad after watching secret life.

Okay, my favorite character is: Hanna

I'm not sure why, but I really like her, especially since the last night with the geeky guy.

Spencer is a little strong, she comes off, but I like her pesronality anyway!

I don't like Aria, only because of the teacher thing, I know its tv but I hate when tv shows do that story, its stupid and it makes me hate the student in it, you know good and well it will RUIN the guy's life, but you still keep going with him? If you really cared for him you'd leave his ass alone so he wouldn't go to jail and have to be a bum for the rest of his life!!

Last night's episode:
I'm mad most of took place at that dance, and I hated the ending because I wanna know what happened to Emily!
Oh goodness. Toby is yum.

Just had to get that out of the way.

I don't really like any of the girls....maybe Emily.

Spencer is pretty but I can't relate to her, liked the boy she was with last night though. She needs to stop stealing her sisters BF's. I don't care what beef she has with her sis.

Hannah is a cool girl. I just think she's going to use that poor boy, and I don't like it.

Aria, she's pretty too, and the teacher is SMOKING.

Emily- love her! Gorgeous! I think she's confused and torn. She seems to really like Toby and he seems to really like her.

Sigh. High school.
turtlessss! haha i was hoping you'd see this! i used to watch secret life, but i had to stop. it was just too awful.

yeah Hanna and that Nerd kid were so cute!
I was watching the three sneak peeks on abc and there's one with emily in it and she's fine, just she's go like a bandaid or something.

so then i was freaking out cause i thought that maybe it was toby who died? and imdb has all their numbers wrong, so that's sad! but then i watched an interview with him and it sounds like he'll be around a while longer. (loved his shirt riding up all episode,though!ha)

i like emily! but i don't like the whole maya thing, like i have no problem with her being gay or.. whatever! but not at the expense of poor toby

I've read spoilers- based on the books- and I'm not happy abt the person who dies. Let's hope they pull a True Blood and keep this person around.
yay We need to make sure to update this threaad after every episode even if we three are the only ones who watch HAHAHA

I don't like emily and maya either (I don't care that they're gay) I don't like how emily did maya, I know she's confused but I don't know it just made me feel bad for maya!!

I was scared when she pushed toby into that shelf!! Talk about AWKWARD from now on HAHAHAH

I think its nice that hanna doesn't care for emily and maya even though emily is all over the place right now, but it was nice that hanna tried to get them together, I was imagining she was going to be grossed out or something!

I love her scrub uniform for her job the little kitties on it! HAHA
ha ha ha....but you were so upset about finding out who is "A" I don't want you coming through my computer screen and smacking me
omg what.
is it toby? you can tell me
Originally Posted by fuzziestbunnys


What about jenna?! Thoughts on her?
hah i was just mad that i knew. i'm happy about who it is, well like.. i don't care. she's annoying.

it is toby isn't it?
i'm gonna cry.

when he was bleeding. aw.

omg wait. too late.

i saw something.... but when does that happen?
Originally Posted by fuzziestbunnys

i LOOKED ON wikipedia HHAAHHHAH, not for who does what, but for that happens next week and theres only 3 more episodes this season, and I don't think anything happens to toby THIS season.
i wish i knew like... how everything corresponded with the books,
apparentlyy toby stuff happens at the end of the second book... but when is that? who knows.

Yes, Toby dies

Toby is too hot to die. I wanna know what that date really means.
it probably means
"i'm hot. the viewers wanna seee me take this shirt off."

That seriously made me LOL!

Yeah, Jenna....

she's a witch! but there is something I don't understand, but I will see how they explain it.

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I think I'll buy book one after the season finishes. That's the day after my birthday!

hmmmm but maybe I don't want to read it. The show is really good...
prison cell 901? JUST KIDDING I DON'T KNOW!

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