Well, my plan to beg a piece of pizza for my kids worked brilliantly. They both got pizza, chocolate milk, peaches and a cupcake. Plus we managed to walk out of there with another whole pizza!

I should volunteer every Monday!
Being pregnant I frequently eat a salad for lunch to get my vegetables for the day. I eat all types of salads, I love Chef's Salads, Cobb Salads, and my favorite is a garden salad with buffalo chicken strips, that is so delicious.
vegetarian soup: sausage, white beans, potatoes, broccoli.
Originally Posted by goldencurly
am i really the first that thinks hmmm when i see this..

anyway.. i didn't get lunch today! i was busy being gta today, all day long without a break..

i'm now waiting for my SO to get home with pizza.. i'm so ready for dinner :P
Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master!
Originally Posted by Poodlehead
I thought the same thing too goldy. I ultimately assumed it was some type of soy sausage.

My lunch today was three slices of DiGornio (sp?) supreme pizza. Wasn't very estatic about it though.
3B that is no longer CG, but still endeavors to have healthy hair by not using sulfates.
I'm going to cut up some yams to make french fries. My stomach is a little upset this morning, but maybe the cinnamon will help settle it. I can't think of anything to have with them, though. I have a tomato basil burger leftover from last night, but I don't think my belly can handle that...
I thought the same thing too goldy. I ultimately assumed it was some type of soy sausage.
Originally Posted by Aries_jb
Yep, I assumed it was a veggie meat.
Maybe the sausage is made of vegetarians...?
The best revenge is living well. The second best revenge is fire ants.
Maybe the sausage is made of vegetarians...?
Originally Posted by MoppyT
Handle every stressful situation like a dog. If you can't eat it or hump it.....Piss on it and walk away.
Location - WI
Crap in a box-- Lean Cuisine Chicken with cheese and broccoli.

To quote wild_sasparilla:
'Thou shaketh it a little and it feeleth alright.'
Crap in a box
Originally Posted by Megara

Yeah, that stuff is... well, indescribable. And not in the good way.

Unfortunately, I end up eating at least one Lean Cuisine a day. :x
I also had Lean Cuisine--chicken in peanut sauce. Sue me, but I have a fondness for LC.
2C/3A -- wurly!

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