Housetraining a puppy

In general how long should I expect it to take my puppy to be housetrained? He is doing great in his crate (won't go potty in the crate) and goes everytime we take him out but he's still having a few accidents in the house. I take him out every thirty minutes so it seems like I'M the one who's trained, lol!
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It vaires. Some dogs pick it up in a week, others it takes months.

Be sure that wherever he has an accident, you clean with something like Nature's Miracle. Also, I found it helpful never to let him out of my sight. If I wasn't playing with him and couldn't keep a close eye on him, he went back in his crate. We closed all the doors and blocked other rooms so his space was limited to our line of vision. That way I could see the signs that he needed to go...and he couldn't go off and hide to do it.

Have you shown him how to let you know when he has to go? I agree at first the best method is just to take him out ALL the time (saves on clean up) but you can also hang a bell from the doorknob and bump it with hise nose everytime you go out or buy one of those doggie paw print doorbells and use that. That way he starts to learn how to tell you.

Lastly - pic?!?
How old is he now? And he's a pretty small breed, right? Small dogs can take a bit longer to pick it up just b/c they have tiny bladders, and when they can't hold it they just go. I wouldn't expect him to be 100% trained until about 6 months, but he can be mostly trained before then. If he goes every time you take him out, you're already doing very well. Make sure you praise him when he goes outside and clean up REALLY well when he has an accident.
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I have never had a problem potty training (or puppy training) any of my dogs. I've even taken other peoples dogs in for a month to train them. The number rule (as stated above) is to NEVER take you eyes off the puppy. It's not only good for potty training, but also for NOT getting the wrong things chewed on etc. If you can't watch it, put it in the crate. If your watching it, it can't make a mistake....well, it can start to make a mistake , but you need to pick it up immediately and take it outside. Yes, sometimes that makes a bigger mess, but it's best for them to learn. Never scold them, thats confusing. A deep louder NO is good, but spanking, rubbing the nose in it, etc - bad! When you take it outside, repeat the word you want it to do "go potty" or whatever. Silence when they go. Huge praise when they are done. Of course the obvious times are as soon as they wake up, after they eat or drink, or after playing.....not to say they won't stop in the middle of playing to squat! Also as stated above, the smaller dogs do sometimes seem to take a little longer to train. Hey, what kind of dog is it? A Jack Russel terrier is very smart and is going to catch on before.....lets say.....a Lhasa Apso, or Shi Tzu (HUGE apologies to those of you with those breeds ). If I remember a previous post from you, it was a picture of puppy you were hoping to get? Wasn't it a jack mix or something? Anyway, I would plan on devoting at least 2 weeks to never taking your eyes off it, and then start to relax A LITTLE. After two weeks of no close calls, start to feel more relaxed.
Hope that helps, feel free to ask any questions and CONGRATS!
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Someone where I work posted an ad to sell a 1-year-old Shih Tzu, and the ad said "Not housebroken." I don't think that would inspire me to call...I assume it's mainly the laziness of the owner?
Thank you all for the great advice! We are already doing many of the things mentioned, mainly watching him at ALL times. Thank goodness there are four of us to keep an eye on's like a full time job!

He just turned two months old last week so he is still a baby. He really is starting to get the hang of it, especially with the cold weather we're having. He does his business and heads right back in. I was just wondering about how long we're looking at before we can relax a little and not have to watch him so closely.

And thanks for the tip on Nature's Miracle...someone else mentioned that to me. I think I will get some tonight. I've been using a bottle of cleaner than my cleaning company gave to me but sounds like the other gets rid of the smell better. (I'm a total clean carpet freak too...NO ONE even wears shoes on my carpet!!)


Nosing around outside

Cuddling with big brother

(He's a Jack Russell/chihuahua/Corgi mix)

Oh, and SuZen...I agree on the Shih Tzu, a year?? Our neighbors have one that bit my daughter (badly) in the face years ago. Not my favorite type of dog.

Thanks again for the advice, I SO appreciate it!
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