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I want to get an Adagio tea sampler for my SIL for Christmas, but I can't decide which one. Just when I think she might like the herbal, I change my mind and think she might prefer the black, or maybe I should get the white tea, in case she hasn't tried it, or maybe the oolong...

Goldencurly knows a lot about tea. Maybe she'll stop by soon.
I'm counting on her, since she's the one who introduced me to Adagio in the first place. It's all her fault if I screw this up!
i'll help you out on this dilemma..

send a sampler to your SIL, send a different one to me, and send a third to someone else.. we'll all share

Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master!
Originally Posted by Poodlehead
I got the green one and didn't care for any of them..so that's my bit of advice.

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I think more people like black than (real) green or herbal (I've never really learned to like either and I keep buying and trying different kinds - can't GIVE them away) - so I'd go with black.
I love jasmine, green, golden oolong, rose, and peppermint. People tend to be picky about tea, though, for some reason. I can't stand most herbals, for instance.

There's one Japanese company that exports to some areas of the US (I've seen their products in Hawaii and at the Met Museum of Art in NYC). The bottles are cylindrical at the bottom, cube-shaped in the middle, and are topped off with a pyramid shape. I can't remember the name, but they sell the best bottled tea...no sweetener or anything. So um, if anyone knows the name of this company, let me know! I just had to put it out there, even if it's a bit of a derailment...
can you browse her kitchen? Or maybe ask what she likes? Just be generic... ask if she likes black or herbal, etc. Then get one for yourself too... so you can decide what you like... and then you have something in common to talk about in the future as well as know what to get her in the future.
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I love Adagio and I love pretty much all teas

I agree that most people have no exposure to green or white or oolongs, so they will naturally tend to lean towards the black teas because they are more familiar.

If I didn't know what a person's preference was, I'd give black tea. I have been impressed with everything from Adagio that I've ever bought. Their quality is supreme!

Also, for my SIL who prefers good ole southern sweet tea, I give her the herbals because she mixes them to flavor her black iced tea

CGNYC- what teas do you have? Maybe we can arrange a swap

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I'm not really sure. I went on a kick just after I had the baby (I'm not sure what the logic was there - too fat to clothes shop, I guess I'll just buy tea?) and bought TONS of their tiny sample sizes. Like...25, 30. So they are quite old. I'm not even sure where they are. But if I find them, I'll let you know.
So go with black because it's familiar, and don't try to broaden horizons with the white?
Or should I do the flavors sampler?

I'm hopeless!
If only one, I'd choose black.

If two, black and herbal.

She's sure to love whatever you choose, however, so relax!
If only one, I'd choose black.

If two, black and herbal.

She's sure to love whatever you choose, however, so relax!
Originally Posted by Sisa
You're right, Sisa, thanks for the help. I ordered the black, which I should have done to begin with!

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