Printers - UPDATE - !@#$%^

I think our 1 yr old HP 3-in-1 has bit the dust & I may need to replace it if the color cartridge error can't be fixed free via HPs customer service/tech support help line.

Due to order of usage I think I need a 4-in-1 because:

I've used the photo card slots only a couple times. These are on the computer so they're not really needed on the printer.

I've scanned things a few times, more than I used the photo card slots.

I've copied things more than or equal to both the above.

I've needed a fax several times (more than all the above) while job hunting & didn't have one so I had to run somewhere to use one. This usage would drop dramatically when not job hunting.

I've printed much more than all of the above.

So which 4-in-1 would you buy; Brother, Lexmark or HP? I always thought HP was the best in printing, until my machine screwed up!

I could get a HP for $90.

I could get a Brother for $60.

I could get a Lexmark for $90.

These are rounded up to the nearest whole dollar costs.
We have a Lexmark that we bought when we got married 4 yrs ago. I think we paid around 100$ for it (it's a 3 in one--printer, scanner, copier). It's been great & we've (knock wood!) never had a problem with it. With me printing knitting patterns, tons of address labels (2 deployments worth of care packages, ebay items, gifts etc), DH printing work stuff & me printing stuff for my MOMS club it's gotten quite the work out.
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I also have an HP 3-in-1, and it's the second one I've owned. I've decided HP is crap so next time I'm going with Lexmark.
I didn't want to have to replace a partially full ink cartridge since I've already put enough of those into the machine to probably buy it twice over, but that's what I was told to do if cleaning the contacts on the cartridges & printer didn't work.

I cleaned them enough for the machine to pass as new, though under the undamaged cartridge, the one for black ink, there was a pile of leaked ink! No frickin wonder I've been going through black cartridges like there's no tomorrow, even though I print in gray scale & use fast draft! :x

The printer took the new cartridge & so far, so good. So keep your fingers crossed for me that it was just a damaged cartridge, though I don't know how it became damaged on its own.

But since the black ink is or was leaking & the color just gave me fits, I'm going to still look around for a new printer.... just in case!

So keep those recommendations coming, I'll need opinions!

Thanks so far!

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I bought a Lexmark 4-in-1 for $62.99 after 10% discount with Target. They were on sale for $69.99. I could have got a Brother for $59.98.

Supposedly the black AND color ink cartridges go for under $20, so that's a bonus. If I remember correctly, the black ink cartridge for the HP 3-in-1 is close to $20 & it's pretty close to $30 for color.

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Maybe not so good of a choice!

I hooked it up & found no USB cord included, so I couldn't hook it up to the computer. Then I went to test the phone that I removed from the desk & put upstairs. There was no dial tone. So I checked the new cordless & ditto. I went straight to the 4-in-1 & the problem came from it! It would give me a dial tone for a split second & then a shorting type sound & then nothing. I kept pressing the hang-up button, unhooked & rehooked, tried different phone cords & even switched cords around & the problem continued. As soon as I disconnected the phone line from the printer, all the other phones in the house worked again! :x

And it was the only one of its kind on the shelf! So now my computer's without a printer since I hooked up the HP to our son's computer.
The most frustrating thing ever is that printers don't come with printer cords. :x

Good luck with it. Maybe if you put it aside for a day, you can get it to work.
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