Jenn and Vince call it quits

I shouldn't say this, but just looking at him grosses me out and makes me feel dirty and I don't know why. Yuck.

(dominicana, I'm not trying to say anything about your man!!!!)
Originally Posted by Amneris
LOL I know! I can see why people get that vibe off Vince, especially as he's getting older. His personality and crazy humor is what gets me.
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Jennifer Aniston hasn't changed her hair cut since 1996.
Originally Posted by Bianca
I can't stand this about her either. I told someone before pretty much what you said and they replied "Well you haven't changed your hairstyle in years either." But unlike me she has access to a zillion stylists. She definitely needs a new look.

And I know some would argue that her style is classy and I can kind of see that. But Nicole Kidman dresses classy but she is not boring like Jennifer.

I think Vince has comedic talent but I still haven't saw Jennifer do anything remotely interesting.

She is so blah and he is so blech.
The story of their breakup is so odd because I never heard her openly admit that they were together.
Originally Posted by nappymd
Yes, I thought that was weird too.

And I think she needs a new hair cut also. I loved when she had the shorter cut when she was on friends.
I do enjoy watching her in movies.

he doesn't look healthy these days, but i still find he personality charming and funny.
She is so blah and he is so blech.
Originally Posted by aptheislandgirl
Ha, love it.

I do think he is funny and she seems sweet..... but like you say, there's also something kind of skeevy about him and boring about her.
Previously Joy4ever.
Changed because the "number in place of a word" thing was bugging my no-longer-14-year-old self.
but I still haven't saw Jennifer do anything remotely interesting.

You won't either. Now that Aniston has relegated herself to the world of Hollywood's romantic comedies, she'll just make one mediocre movie after another...same script, different day...

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