Your worst holiday gift ever?

my SIL gave me a paris hilton perfume last year .

please note : she has known me for ten years, knows i am allegric to perfume and knows i don't wear any -- oh and did i mention it was paris hilton -seriously some people don't even try. i sold it for an mp3 player
Originally Posted by Elicia

I kinda like the smell of Paris' perfume.
Originally Posted by babywavy
i am sure others do too or it wold be off the market .
it is not just paris it is all perfume . it gives me a headache, breaks me out and makes me want to throw up, so it is very hard to fake it when i get some .
btw , i sold the perfume to my sister . i don't know if she kept it or returned it for something else

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I've so had it with you calling me names.
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I almost forgot a famous family story a couple christmases back: Basically, after my Grammy died 6 years ago, we stopped talking to my granddad (long unrelated story) but one of my uncles still hung out with him in hopes of getting a Christmas gift. So my grandpa gives him this HORRIBLE GROSS-SMELLING cheese that is unlike anything else. So Christmas morning my uncle brings some over for us all to smell and we all almost die gagging and laughing! We have it all on video!! Instead of eaing the cheese ,my uncle started leaving some in our house and my other uncles. This cheese got passed around three hoousholds all year and it was just so bizzare and funny. It sounds weird written down but it was the most amusing Christmas gift ever lol

The best part? Next year my granddad gave him MORE cheese ,but this time it was actually good!!
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I've got one. My grandma (dad's mother) one year gave me a shoebox full of used pens, pencils and crayons all thrown together willy nilly. There was also a bottle of half used Amway lotion in there too. It was seriously a junk drawer in a box.
To this day my mom is still irritated about it.

To quote wild_sasparilla:
'Thou shaketh it a little and it feeleth alright.'
This is one of the best threads ever.... Can we sticky it? MoppyT and Iris's posts still have me laughing... and Solange's post is just... I mean, what do you say to someone after that?

I think that gag gifts are fun, and also re-gifting IF it is an intentional gag gift. My family does that sometimes.

I've never received a subpar totally craptastic Christmas gift. Either I really like or love or need what I get, or else it's good but not in a preferred color or style or I already have it. I did once get the most cheap and ugly luggage as a graduation gift. Since it was a gift, and I needed luggage then, I felt bad throwing it out. But it was so hideous, I couldn't even stand to look at it.
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My worst present came from an elderly, childless uncle when I was about fourteen or fifteen. It was a weird-looking plastic doll with these huge eyes. Ugliest thing I'd ever seen; I can't imagine why anyone would make -- or buy something like that. It wasn't a troll doll, which are ugly-cute. This thing was trying -- and failing to be pretty. And then to give it to someone my age -- I was long past the age of playing with dolls, and this doll was not a decorative type doll -- it was a cheap plastic thing with movable joints. It was clearly meant to be a toy for a little girl to play with. I felt insulted -- didn't my uncle know that I was more grown-up than that? I gasped when I opened the present and pulled this creature out and moaned, "I can't believe that he gave me this! I've never seen a doll this ugly!" (Nobody but immediate family was present at the time.)

Later that day, my mother called my uncle to wish him "Merry Christmas." I heard her say, "Tam? Yes, she loved your gift, she gasped when she opened it and said, 'Oh, Mom, I can't believe it!' "

She made me write him a thank you note for that thing.

When I saw him a few months later, he asked me how I was enjoying the doll. I just said it was nice. As I never took it out of the box, my mother donated it to one of those "Toys for Tots" drives. She said, "Well, we can give it to the poor."

I said, "What have you got against the poor?" I can only hope that the next person to get Miss Ugly wasn't as bummed as I was.

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