Double-pierced ears

I was watching a Lifetime movie from the early or mid-90's and noticed the main character had two earrings in each ear(lobe). It was a lot more common back then. I remember begging my mom for a second set of piercings in 4th grade (circa 1991). I rarely see anyone with double-lobe piercings any more. Does anyone still have their's?

I think there could be an ethnic component because I mostly see it in black and Indian women, though it is rare amongst us as well. It looked adorable on this particular actress but she was a teenager with big earlobes. I just noticed how teeny my lobes are and I work in a conservative office so it may not fly. Though, I don't think it would matter so long as the earrings are small.

What do you think of this look? Anyone have double ear piercings ( in the lobes only)?
I had double piercings, which eventually led to 4 holes in one lobe and 3 in the other. I haven't used the third and forth holes in several years, and I haven't used the second holes in at least a couple...I wonder if they'd still work. I should try that out!
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It's pretty common in Miami (where I'm from...). I had them done when I was either twelve or thirteen, I cannot remember. I haven't had anything in the second hole though, but last year I accidentally placed an earring in it and it was still open. I don't know if it still is though. I kind of which that it is because I like the way it looks when you have hoops on and then a small stud.
I had three on one side and two on the other and I'm not really sure why I stopped wearing something in all of them. I kept small studs in the top holes and would change out the bottom depending on what I was wearing. Now I just wear hoops in my bottom holes. It's been about 6 years and I'm sure they've grown up.

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I used to have two lobe piercings in each ear, and one cartilage piercing. I let them all close up years ago, except for the original two, which I got when I was about 16.
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I have three in each lobe and still wear something in all six. The second have a small ring, the third a small stud, and I wear different earrings in the first hole.
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I pierced a second hole in each lobe when I was in 8th grade (1976...did it myself). I wore earrings in the second hold regularly through the 80's, but not so much after that. The holes are still open and usable now...I wore a second pair of earrings just the other day, and they went in just fine.

I think it's a very conservative look if you just wear small-ish earrings.
I had the double holes in the late 90's and always wore 2 pairs for years. Especially medium hoops in the first and small hoops in the back. My mother had 4 holes in her ears and wore 2 pairs of earring for as long as I can recall. She was a professional and I think she got away with it because her hair always covered her ears. LOL! I don't ever remember her without 2 pairs of earrings on.. LOL! This was in the late 70's, 80's and 90's. She was why I wanted the second frickken set of holes! LOL!

I still have two holes in each ear but I usually only wear one pair in the first hole. When I do wear earrings in the second holes..they are always some small stud like small pearls or other tiny gemstone.
Heh, I got my second lobe piercings in the early 2000's, and my third lobe piercings two years after that. It seems like I always miss the boat on piercings... it's never really "in vogue" anymore by the time I decide to do it. Like how I got my belly button pierced last summer . I also got my nose pierced towards the end of the craze that came through 5 or so years ago.

I wear earrings in all my piercings. I have a small ring in my cartilage (pierced it myself) and small silver balls in my upper two cartilage piercings; the third hole has tiny little ones and the second has ones a bit bigger. I wear different earrings in my lowest lobe piercing.

I generally take out the top two sets of piercings for when I need to look square, like for job interviews or sometimes if I'm working in the clinic (healthcare field). I feel like they are part of my "look" and my personal expression, so I really really don't like to take them out for any reason (esp. my nose ring). I don't look like myself without them.
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I have 2 lobe piercings in each ear. I got the first hole when I was young, and the second last summer. It's not uncommon around me, but I'm an older teenager. I'm not really into dangly/hoop earrings, I usually keep my small diamond studs in my second holes, and a slightly larger stud in the first hold (which I change often). I like the look : ) I kind of want one cartilidge piercing, too.
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I have doubles. I HATE them, hahaha. I got them back in middle school because it was the only body mod I could talk my mom into letting me have at the time. I keep them in because i'd rather have piercings than shrunken holes or scars.
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Yeah, I still have two piercings in each ear. I don't wear earrings a lot, but I have a pair that goes through both holes so I still use them from time to time.

ETA it's funny to hear y'all talking about begging your moms to let you have the extra piercings-- when I said I wanted mine, my mom thought it was a cute idea and took me. Then she ended up getting a second piercing in each ear too.
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Yeah, I still have two piercings in each ear. I don't wear earrings a lot, but I have a pair that goes through both holes so I still use them from time to time.

ETA it's funny to hear y'all talking about begging your moms to let you have the extra piercings-- when I said I wanted mine, my mom thought it was a cute idea and took me. Then she ended up getting a second piercing in each ear too.
Originally Posted by MichelleBFT
Me and my mom too! I had 4 piercings in my left ear and 3 in my right (in high school in the early 90s). To this day, I wear studs in my 2nd holes and never take them out. My mom got multiple piercings too, around the same time. She still wears teeny diamond studs and yin yang studs in her upper holes. I think she has 3 holes in each ear? It's making me smile to think about my mom and her earrings!
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I got my ears pierced for my 12th birthday. In the mid to late 80's, I got a second pierce in each lobe. I still wear earrings in both piercings, 14k 5mm beads in the second piercings (rarely changed) and I change the lower piercing every few days, depending on my mood and what I am wearing.

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I have 3 holes in each ear. I actually haven't used two of them because I don't have nice enough earrings to wear in the newer two. Cheap earrings cause an infection in them.
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I got my second holes on my 21st Birthday and love them! Never take out my diamond studs.
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I have two on one lobe, 3 in the other lobe, and wear earrings in all of them, all of the time.
It's not unusual around here, and cartilage piercings, usually the helix, have made a resurgence around here. The next most popular cartilage piercing around here is the tragus.
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I know loads, most are in their 20's and/or are teens.

I had them for about 2 days, but the sucka that did mine lied about using gold earrings so they got infected and closed up. I rarely wear jewelry so it was for the good of the country (me).
I have 3 in each lobe plus a cartilage piercing. My dad did my first pair of lobe piercings when I was 8. I did the other 4 lobe piercings at various times in the 70s - 80s. The cartilage piercing was done at my tattoo parlor in the 90s.
I wear earrings in all 8 holes every day. I consider it a conservative look with nice silver hoops but I do work in an office where there is no dress code so it doesn't really matter what kind of earrings I wear, or how many.
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Double piercings were really popular when I was in high school in the early '80s. So, yes, I have double pierced ears, and I still wear earrings in every hole (but they match better now). I also have a piercing in the upper cartilage of my right ear which I got in about 1990. I still wear an earring there, too.

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