Spinoff: Your best holiday gift ever?

This yr the best present I'm going to receive is having DH home with us! We're not traveling to see my parents or his & will just have the 3 of us together to celebrate.

It struck me today that he won't be for Christmas next yr so that's making this yr so much more special!
Originally Posted by loosecurls

Awwww - YAY for having hubby home for Christmas!!! And yay for being able to have him all to yourself!
Originally Posted by babywavy
TY!! That's what I'm thinking! I'm glad he & Bets will have this holiday together w/out dealing w/ travelling, schedules, etc!

Next yr she & I will be in VT w/ my family so that'll be nice but not the same w/out him w/ us!
Slinky's rule for NC.com:

I suppose I can't judge you because you married a serviceman and it is wartime. Boo hoo. You must be loney sitting at home with nothing else to do but pick on people. Why don't you go masterbate again?
Something I've noticed - seems like most of the 'best gifts' are not even about the money spent or where they came from, even though it seemed to be part of the theme regarding the worst gifts. I guess that sums up my feelings about it too - it has nothing to do with money spent, or where a gift was purchased, but the thought that goes into it. I'd rather have a $2 gift from a dollar store that MEANS something or is something 'me' like, than a $50 nice item that is totally generic.

Let me think on my best gift though; I have had a lot that were really meaningful to me. I'll post again .

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