Holiday shopping...why is it...

...that I am spending the most money on the one person who has no idea what is going on???

I had to buy this doll because it reminded me of this child:

And this crazy doll only is available as a I got that one and a blond one and she'll get one for Christmas and one for her birthday.

And I ordered two cute little outfits so I can dress them before I give them to her.

She'll really appreciate this. She'll look back and go, "Wow...that Christmas I turned one..."

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Cute doll (and kid!)!

This will be my daughter's first Christmas and it's been REALLY hard to keep a lid on things. And my husband is no help, has no restraint. At all.
Because you're living vicariously

I have a daughter, I understand...I have a dollhouse that I'm building from scratch sitting in my living room. My daugher never asked for it, but I feel like she should have it as part of her childhood.
Because the most fun people to buy for are kids, regardless of how young they are! Every year it even gets to be more fun. . . and more expensive!

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