Dark hair and light blue eyes

I recently colored my hair dark brown. I love it, but I'm just not sure now how to wear my eye make-up. I also have blue eyes and olive skin. I'm particularly confused by what eyeshadows would look best.
No advice on make up, I am the complete opposite...blond hair, brown/hazel eyes & very pale skin!

Just wanted to say I think it's a very striking look!
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No advice here either. But my husband has dark hair and light blue eyes. Love that combination!
Ive always loved that look! its loke rory on gilmore girls! (lol, im a dork! )
hmm, maybe a navy blue or brown liner? im not sure.
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Sounds pretty!

There is a girl on maybe a make up commerical?? Or some beauty product. I think she is examining her face in a mirror?

Short curly with the prettiest blue eyes. Every time that commerical comes on I tell my husband how gorgeous the girl is!!
I also love that combination.

Found this: Makeup colors for dark hair and blue eyes
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I think shades of brown and burgundy ("berry" shades) would look lovely with your new dark brown hair and blue eyes...It would definitely make your eyes pop. Also like the link above says...rose/dusty pinks would be nice. I have dark hair and light brown eyes, with medium-dark olive/yellowish skin, and dusty rose is nice for the eyes
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I wear this brownish-purplish eyeshadow with a soft black eyeliner on the top only. I had a really pretty dark pink eyeshadow that looked really good, but haven't found another just like it yet.
Sounds pretty! Go to a fancy department store and the makeup brand/company of your choice and then let them do the work of showing you flattering color combinations Sephora is good for this too...
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supposedly if you have light eyes (and I do)...I've seen it on what not to wear and in magazines, you are supposed to wear the opposite color of your eye. So if you have light eyes you wear brown or grey/brown eyeshadow. Also on what not to wear she did a lady with light eyes in sort of a plum eyeshadow and it looked really nice
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To tell you the truth, I think a neutral color palette would look great. You've got plenty of color contrast naturally: blue eyes/olive skin/dark hair. Warm, bronzy blush applied with a light hand along with a cafe au lait colored eyed shadow and a fabulous gloss are probably enough to make those eyes pop like nobody's business.

My coloring is much different than yours (I am a black girl), but, like you I have plenty of contrasts naturally (Dark hair/light eyes/bronze skin). I don't like to use very much color at all.
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I second the "berry" shades. I also can easily wear rosy brown eyeshadows. I had one that is a pinky-coppery shade that was perfect...of course I ran out and they don't make it anymore.

(I have dark hair (going silvery gray!), light blue eyes, and pale skin with very pink undertones.)

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I have light blue eyes, dark hair, but I have a very fair complexion. I use neutral eye shadow. Creme, beiges, taupes, etc. When ever I go to a makeup counter the first thing any one wants to do is put purple eyeshadow on me. The purple tones would be pretty on you, I bet. I can't wear them myself because I am sensitive to anything with pink or red in it on my eyes.
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Thanks for all your advice. I'm going to do some experimenting with all the ideas you guys gave me. Thanks again!
I have dark hair and dark blue eyes. I like black or charcoal liner for a bit of drama or a dark, chocolatey brown if I want a more natural look with the blue really popping out. With light eyes, maybe a lighter gray or silver would be better. My daughter has bright blue eyes and she likes to wear lavender liner. Looks great on her but she's also only 13.
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I have dark hair and blue eyes (probably medium blue) and an olive complexion. I always wear browns or bronzes. But this gives me new ideas though.

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