Are you a water snob?

As in - do you only drink bottled/filtered water? I realized today that I won't even drink Kool-Aid or use ice cubes unless they are made with filtered water. It doesn't really taste much different but it just doesn't 'feel' right.
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The water around here tastes like ass, so we filter all of our water. I hate tap water.
I'll drink tap water, but if we buy a bottle of water I prefer Fiji. I seriously notice a difference in the "taste."
I'll only drink tap water if I'm very thirsty and have nothing else available. I notice a difference in the taste and smell. I make my ice cubes and tea with filtered water too. One time, I didn't think about it and just poured tap water into my tea kettle, and ended up with some really funky tasting tea.
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Total water snob. Our water is filtered & I still won't drink it.

I prefer Fiji- definitely tastes the best to me
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I have big bottles of water delivered for drinking. For cooking, I'm not as fussy and will use tap.
when i had an old fridge i didn't mind using tap water for ice cubes, i don't like tea so i don't care about that, but use tap water for cooking and stuff, i don't like tap water because of the taste.
my favorite bottled water is Poland Spring, i think it's only sold in the northeast (i grew up in nyc) now that i'm in florida i miss it, when i go to ny it's the first thing i buy when i get off the plane,
i HATE the taste of evian, dont like fiji either
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Philly's tap water tastes nasty to me, so I never drink it. So I guess I am a water snob.
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I drink Publix Spring tap water for me.
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We buy bottled water and drink filtered out of the fridge as well. Living in FL means the water is totally and completely disgusting. Before they sold Fiji locally in the grocery store I ordered a case from their site because I love the taste so much. As much bottled as we drink though it wasn't cost efficient to buy it all the time.

I've had Poland Springs when we were in Maine and it's good stuff!

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Nope, I really don't care, as long as it's not tap temperature. If there's ice in it, and it's cold enough, I'll drink tap water.
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Nope, I really don't care, as long as it's not tap temperature. If there's ice in it, and it's cold enough, I'll drink tap water.
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Same here. Our tap water tastes fine, and although we have a filter in the fridge, I usually just drink it from the tap.

Not sure what the difference is, but I have a friend in the next town and her tap water is awful. You can't use it for anything, even juice tastes funky
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I love tap water! I can't stand filtered or bottled water. The tap water here tastes just fine.
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I grew up in the country drinking well water. There were also a couple of live springs that we used when our well was low or dry. When I was little, we used my grandma's well that had the old-timey hand-pump on top.

When we got our house, the driller had to try several places before they could get any water. Finally they had to drill EXTREMELY DEEP through a great length of solid rock (and I mean, solid rock), and that's our present well.

The minerals in the water give it a taste that others find very strange. I don't know if it's considered "hard" water, but the ice cubes taste very salty and look kind of opaque. (I don't know the difference between "hard" and "soft" water) The water itself was clear and odorless, and safe to drink, though. It tasted like water that had a smidgen of salt mixed in--nowhere near as salty as the ice cubes. It was weird.

Anyway, the chalky deposits it left behind finally messed up the pipes, so my dad is using another well from a homestead a short ways down the path. I cannot, can NOT get used to any other water. I have to force myself to drink water here. I usually don't even bother to drink tap water here unless I mix in a sprinkle of salt or sugar to cut what I perceive to be a bitterness, or add a slice of lemon or lime.

One of the springs back home is still live; it is at a church called Spring Church in Skippers, VA. Our water at my dad's well tasted similiar to the water at that spring. The spring's water didn't leave any chalky residue or salty opaque ice, though.

After years of trial and error, I have finally found 2 waters that taste anything close to the water back home--Evian brand and Food Lion's store brand. I buy Food Lion's more often because it's cheaper.

Yeah, I guess I qualify as a water freak

Mountain Valley Spring Water is my favorite and that's what we have delivered to our house every month for our big water dispenser thingy.

I also like Evian and Clear Mountain.

I hate filtered water, but I'll drink it over tap anytime.
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I hate water period and don't drink it enough . i will drink tap if i am really thirsty and there is nothing else. If i must drink water i prefer Fiji or Evian

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I LOVE Fiji water. Unfortunately it is way too expensive to buy on a regular basis, so for bottled water most of the time, it is Poland Springs or Monadnock. I will drink our tap water too though.
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I love all kinds of water. I'll drink it warm, room temperature, cold, even hot, just as long as there's no ice in it, I'm fine. (My teeth are sensitive to super cold water) I'll drink tap water anytime, I like it. I'll also drink the water from our refrigorator. I'll drink any bottled water, as long as it's not Evian, (spelling?) that stuff is nasty. Usually, the bottled water I drink is Poland Springs. Fiji is my favorite, but its too expensise, so I only have it once and a while. I also really like Ethos water because the money goes to help countries that don't have clean water.
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I drink filtered water with a few drops of lemon essential oil. Just use tap water for coffee and tea.
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Not at all. Our tap water is mountain fresh and tastes good most of the year (late summer/early fall is the only iffy time).

When I travel, though, I only drink bottled water. I was in San Diego last week and the water tasted terrible.
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