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A couple of weeks ago, Life magazine had an article featuring some celebrities and how their childhood home had affected their lives. My mom still lives in my childhood home and it teems with memories. A few of my memories involve fences and gates: running into the gate as I learned to ride my bike, frantically trying to round up five dogs who escaped when "someone" left the gate open, climbing over the fence to go to the local convenience store, keeping a little bowl of frogs (who also escaped) on the side of the fence....

What about you? What are some favorite childhood home memories?

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my parents still live in my childhood home too!! I loved our neighborhood cause my sister and I were (and still are) best friends with two sisters who lived next door. My other best friend lived a few houses down the street, and we were also friends with the two boys who lived accross from us. GREAT kiddie neighborhood! In our front yard we had a great big eucalyptus (sp?) bushes that we would always run through and play hide and seek in. That was always fun!

Ours was the only house of my friends with a pool, so we had good times there too. Our favorite game was going up to the huge map of the world on our back porch, closing our eyes and point to a random spot, and then jump into the pool and pretend to land in whatever place you had pointed to on the map Silly, but those were the kids of games we played!
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My parents were forced out of my childhood home, where they had lived for 50 years, by a bad neighbor...I told the story in the Bad Cops the the neighborhood and town left a bitter taste in my memory.

I do have fond memories of the house though. It was an old victorian, converted into a "mother/daughter", and my grandparents lived upstairs. We kids would go upstairs for breakfast on the weekends and my grandfather would make boiled codfish and bananas (he was British). I can still smell it in my mind. The house was full of stairways and cubbyholes, so lots of places to explore.

My parents are much happier in their nice new house on the beach in Florida, rather than the century-old house in NJ, so, even if it was an ugly departure, I'm glad they're out of there anyway.
My childhood home is now a parking lot. It was in a pretty rough part of town but I still have great memories. It was a dead end street and there were always kids around to play with, It was actually my grandma's house and every once in a while my mom would drop me off there and as we pulled around the corner there would be all kinds of kids sitting on my porch cause my grandma just passed out popsicles to everybody. I remember sitting on the front porch with my grandpa listening to the baseball game. Everytime the Tigers did something dumb he'd say "They deserve to lose" and turn off the radio. We'd sit a few minutes and he'd turn it back on.
We had one of the biggest yards on the block. I had a tree swing and remember how all the neighborhood kids would come to play on the swing. I lived there from birth to 11 years old when my parents divorced. My father still lived there until he died 8 years ago. I wasn't so attached to it but everytime I have a dream about being at home that is the place I dream about.
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We moved about every two years, so I never had one certain childhood home. I have good memories about some of those places, though...the bay-area house and my school friends there, I still miss speaking Chinese with my best friend while my parents sat confused...the one apartment where I had my only experience with the "can so-and-so come out to play?" question, a good friend in the complex would come over and he and I would go run and play together...*sigh* Pretty much anywhere we went, I wonder a lot what would have happened if we'd stayed. I miss the people and places so much, even though I wouldn't want to give up the friends I have now.

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I now live about a mile from my childhood I can keep an eye on it!

Back then we had two lots, one of which was woods, and the lot next to us was woods also. So many of my memories are of playing in the woods, climbing trees, smelling the forest, getting mosquito bites and poison ivy.

That house was built into a north-facing hillside, so the downstairs was dark, but the upstairs was nice and sunny. We had no air-conditioning, and really didn't need it, just a big window fan.

I just loved that funky house. I ran into one of the children of the family who bought it from us, and she said she loved it too.
I have so many cozy memories of my childhood home, mostly feeling safe and secure and having friends and good neighbors and our house always smelled like fresh linens. The home is not in our family any longer but I have dreams about it all the time.
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