Job Interviews

What are some of your worst experiences?

My latest interview has hit an all time low. I get flown halfway across the county, I shell out the money for everything and they'll reimburse me.

I get there the interview is cut short because the manager of that position doesn't come in that day and the HR manager has to leave.

They made me fax in my reciepts beforehand so they could have a check ready. At the end of the quasi interview the HR guy goes off to find my check - it's not cut yet. HR guy informs me "Accounts Payable doesn't have your check, we can do 1 of 2 things: You wait for an hour while AP takes her lunch and she'll cut the check when she returns or we can overnight it to you."

Of course I tell him he can overnight the check which would be better because I can fax in my car rental reciept and they will only have to write 1 check.

I fax in my reciepts for the car, my lunch, and my airport parking.

Check came today and they only covered airfare, car, and hotel. Not my parking or lunch - it was only $21!!!! Total!!!

Cheap *******s!
At least you figured out they were unorganized morons before you took the job!

My worst was also an out of town interview. They didn't pay for jack squat. I paid to fly myself out there for the interview. I met with the creative director. Showed him my portfolio. He kept making snarky remarks while I was showing him my book, which is just rude. Then after the interview I handed him a leave behind. It was this mini booklet version of my portfolio. I had to make the darn things by hand and pay to have them bound. He starts flipping through the book and tearing out pages while critiquing my stuff!!! "You shouldn't have this in here. This doesn't show me anything. Obviously you can do this kind of work I don't need to see it..." The head of HR was in the room while he did this. I called her up the next day and said "You know I don't think this is going to work out." She said she completely understood.
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I actually wrote about this here last year.

I was one of two final candidates up for a management position at this start-up. It was the third interview. I was told I'd have to give a 20 minute PowerPoint presentation on a certain topic. The only problem was the organization I was interviewing with didn't own any PowerPoint equipment -- no laptop, no projector, no screen. So I was told I could either provide my own equipment or I could just forego the eqipment and just print off copies of the PowerPoint slides beforehand and pass them out to the interview panel during the interview...and pretend I was giving a live PowerPoint presentation. I suspected the other candidate would have equipment and do a live PowerPoint, so I felt I needed to do the same, especially, since I knew her and I knew her credentials were strong. So I paid $350 out of pocket and did the presentation.

But I didn't get the job.

I found out later that my interviews and presentation were much better than the other candidate's (I saw the scores). But the CEO had already made her decision about who was getting the job based on our resumes...before any interviews had ever taken place.

So why the hell did I have to go through three hellacious rounds of BS, take off 9 hours of work, waste 6 days writing my presentation and another 4 doing research for the interviews and come out of pocket for almost $400 for equipment and supplies...if the decision was already made? And why were my three references asked to write letters on my behalf?

This was the biggest load of BS I'd ever seen, and I had half a mind to send them a bill for my trouble...

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