Colonoscopy/diabetic question (ASAP please)

My elderly friend called me from his assisted living home- he's scheduled for a colonoscopy on Wednesday morning. To prep, every hour he's supposed to drink so much water, but not have any food or today or tomorrow.

He's already so weak he almost fell going to the bathroom, and when he called the nurse at the VA, she told him to get some apple juice or grape juice immediately because he's needing the sugar. He doesn't have anything like that, he's too weak to get to the cafeteria in the assisted living, and the social worker/assistiant the might be able to bring him some isn't answering. I can't remember if he's insulin dependent or not.

He's asking me to bring him some juice, which I'll do if he can't get any there soon, but has anyone done a colonoscopy before- does nothing but water for 2 1/2 days sound right? For the diabetics, is there anything else he can have that doesn't count as "food" but won't throw him so off balance? (I thought of maybe just disovling some honey or sugar in water, but he doesn't have that either.) hard candy?

I got the number for the nurse at the VA and left a message for her to call me back. He's almost 80 and doesn't always understand things so I want to make sure he's not in danger.
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I am not a medical person & you really need to talk to his nurse.

I do know several people (including my parents) who got colonoscopies this year, and they were allowed to eat non-red jello and drink broth during the fasting period. That's if you're talking about the diagnostic exam and NOT surgery.

You don't want him to go into shock or coma, especially if it wouldn't be noticed immediately.
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I don't think 2.5 days of only water sounds right. If it's bad, I'd give him glucose tablets to start with, since that's the purest form and will get his sugar up the fastest.. Also, try to contact his doctor. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
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When I had a colonoscopy I started my fast the afternoon of the day before the procedure. I had to drink a gallon of that nasty stuff that cleans you out. I didn't feel like eating anything after that anyway.

But they said I was allowed Jello, popsicles, broth, juice, as long as they weren't red or orange. (So no grape juice, apple would be OK.)

I don't know about 2.5 days of clear liquid diet? Maybe because they didn't want to give him the laxative solution?

Definitely he should be under some medical supervision during the prep because of his diabetes.
Thanks all- his social worker is supposed to be bringing him some juice, but I may still take something by for him. Because he's a diabetic and my have problems getting out for food, I'm going to suggest he keep some non- perisible juices on hand (canned pineapple juice, capri suns...) so that he doesn't run into this again.

The VA nurse still hasn't returned my call :x
Don't let your heart be broken. Let it love.
you are a good friend. You can indeed have clear liquids up to 3 hours (in my case) before the procedure. Be careful how much sugary stuff you drink (I am extremely sensitive to sugar) and even diet made me feel better.
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