Does Anyone Listen To Pandora Radio?

I've just discovered it.

Unfortunately, I'd like to add Broadway music but they don't seem to have any! I've added some Broadway singers (Linda Eder, Bernadette Peters) but that's it.

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I browse when I'm tired of listening to my playlist. VERY CLEVER site.
Under construction.
I love Pandora! I've discovered a few bands I'd never heard of because of it.
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I've discovered a few bands I'd never heard of because of it.
Originally Posted by sassette726
Me too! I keep it running in another screen sometimes when I'm working online.

I agree...very clever site!
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I love Pandora!
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Please share! Is this broadcast via the web and if so what is the link? Thanks.
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Pandora is awesome! I love, LOVE it and highly recommend it.

I'm not very musically literate; I like music but I've always been more interested in books. And so I have a hard time finding new stuff. I'm the type of person who hangs onto the same catalog of CDs for 4-5 years in a row.

Honestly I love Moby's "Play", but you try listening to it straight for 4 years.

Anyhoo, you enter in a song or artist into Pandora's interface and it selects music for you similar to the musical characteristics of whichever song/artist you mentioned. (And plays the music for you). If you do/don't like what they select you let them know and that way they can narrow down the field and successfully choose music you may like.

I find it actually pretty uncanny sometimes.
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I've had it for a while and I love it. I think Zzzzman posted about it a while ago.
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