Facebook asking me to upload photo id?

My Facebook account was disabled and the only way I can "appeal" this decision is to complete a form with my full name, e-mail address and upload a government issued photo id. Sounds like a pretty good phishing scam to me. Good bye Facebook!
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I've no idea. I just couldn't sign in this morning.
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That's really weird. I agree with Eilonwy. Just send FB and email. Let us know what they say. Or are you really done with FB?
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You could always make a new account with a different email address, rather than reactivating the original account.
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i've heard about this happeneing to other people today. those people have all said that they're either no longer going to use facebook or that they're just going to try to start a new account using all of their old info.

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I finally got back on line this morning. I googled how to contact FB last night and I found a couple articles about the bug so I just waited it out. I'm definitely going to post on their security page about the photo id thing. That's just preposterous that they'd expect people to actually do that under any circumstances.
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