what are you listening to right now

in tribute to Gerry Rafferty ive been listening to this song all morning.


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Madcon and Fantasia

I am the new Black.

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The Miranda Lambert station on Slacker Radio (like Pandora)

Nothing in particular, but my dog is going to town on her squeeky toy.
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Hot 93.7 blazin' 18 jams in a row.

Do I get a prize?
2C/3A -- wurly!
"Toxic"--Britney Spears...

Don't judge!
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"Toxic"--Britney Spears...

Don't judge!
Originally Posted by nynaeve77

youve been judged guilty of assaulting your hearing senses and sentenced to 2 hours of kevin federline music.

one more before heading to work.

Tous les garçons et les filles


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Long Hot Summer by The Style Council

good stuff.....
Shiny_Disco_Balls by Who da Funk

one of these days i will do a video to this song and it will go viral

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Right now, I'm listening to my 14 year old son play Smoke On The Water, on his electric guitar. He sounds great!
I heard this singer at a festival this summer and I've finally got around to buying a few of her songs from itunes.

Heather Luttrell

The sound quality of her stuff on youtube isn't that great but you can preview some of her songs on the itunes link. I really like "Maybe I" & "Road to Hell".

These songs are also on my playlist:

California King Bed

Raining Men - Rihanna

Fake it - Seether

Castle Walls - TI & Christina Aguilera

Fireworks - Katy Perry

Paris - Grace Potter

Hard Sun
- Eddy Vedder

Rock God - Selena Gomez

Perfect - Pink

Come Undone - Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegon

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YouTube - Michael Jackson - Beat It

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I have the following on repeat...

Dave Brubeck, "Take 5"

Michael Mcdonald, "Keep Forgetting"

Eric Clapton, "Layla"

Norah Jones, "Chasing Pirates"

Daryll Hall, "Cab Driver"

Hall and Oates, "I Can't Go for That"

Simply Red, "Sunrise" and "Something Got Me Started"

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I have been loving Bruno Mars! I bought his CD on Friday and can't stop listening to it!

Nothing in particular, but my dog is going to town on her squeeky toy.
Originally Posted by Lucky Charm
I was just coming here to say that! Haha except, both of my dogs are. It might drive someone else crazy, but I kind of love hearing them play with their squeaky toys. They seem so happy.

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