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Why is it the same ones who decide to come in either 3 minutes before closing time, or 35 minutes after closing time?

And why are those very ones NEVER coming in at that time for a quick errand, but have question after question after question about STUPID STUFF?

When I worked at a retail pharmacy, we had the exact same individuals come dragging in promptly after closing. And these exact same individuals would act as though they were grabbing at straws to keep us there. One lady would just pick at random items and the conversation would go like this:


WOMAN: I have to leave the country next week and this won't be enough to last me through the trip. Can you call my doctor to get more XYZ medication?

PHARMACIST: Ma'am, your doctor's office is probably closed, so we probably won't be able to reach anyone until tomorrow.

WOMAN: Can you go ahead and call? And if Dr. Richardson isn't there, can you call this number for ZZTop Urology? Dr. Munsen will probably approve it. Is it true that this prescription works better with ABC vitamin supplement for motion sickness?

PHARMACIST: Well, that's what the study said, but....

WOMAN: Do you have that in stock?


WOMAN: Can you order it for me?

PHARMACIST AND ME, LOOKING IN VAIN ONLINE AND THROUGH THE MERCHANDISE CATALOG: Ma'am, the only company that stocks this has the 75 mg strength.

WOMAN: Does it come in 100 mg? Can you see if anyone carries it, and the price?

PHARMACIST, AFTER CALLING AROUND: No, this company seems to be the only one that's making this.

WOMAN: Well, my husband's podiatrist said that this supplement can turn your eyes blue. Do you have any literature or resources on how I can find out more about it? I probably won't get if after all.

...did I mention that we were closed for the night---as in store locked up, lights out, equipment turned off? And did I mention that we were also OFF THE CLOCK and not getting paid all this extra time?

The worst part was passersby seeing the woman waiting, and coming on up for more service. I used to have nightmares of frantically ringing up customers hours after closing, with more and more coming up to stand in line.

I worked at JC Penney, behind the jewelry counter. There was a lady there with what I assumed to be her grandson one day. She was the only one "watching" him. He had a tube of chapstick and was going around smearing it on EVERYTHING, including the display cases. She was looking at earrings and never so much turned to look at him. He was also pulling stuff off of tables and throwing it in the floor. I'm sitting here trying not to go watching this kid, but didn't feel I had a right to say anything. You never know how a parent/grandparent will react anyway. Finally, I see him in the floor, right above where some plug-ins were in the floor, under one of those little doors. I see him lift up the little door and begin to JAM his chapstick down into the outlets! At this point the lady was talking to my co-worker, so I ran out there, squatted down to his level and ever-so-sweetly said "sweetie, you shouldn't do that! You could hurt yourself." His response? Stick out his tongue, glare, and run over to grandma who shot me a dirty look. Whatever.

Another time a little girl was violently spinning around these cases on top of the main cases, full of earrings and such. She was too young to read, but her mother surely was not, and we had stuck a little sign on the case that read "Please Spin SLOWLY." All the things were falling down, so finally I put my hand on it and said to the little girl, "Please don't spin that so quickly, look they're all falling..." very nicely. Her mother's response? A horrid look at me, followed by her saying, "She's not hurting ANYTHING." You witch.

More to follow I'm sure. All the talk on page 1 of kids out in places reminded me of those two :P.
I would have totally lost my cool in that situation!
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Oh, the children! Those children don't bug me so much, but the parents who do the "How DARE you suggest that my little imp isn't perfect??" thing...oh, I could just punch them!

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A couple of years ago I did seasonal work at Toys R Us, that was pure unadulterated hell. I watched kids take swan dives out of carts with parents to busy the next isle over shopping. Customers demand price changes, complain about not having things in stock, the normal run of oddities.

The past couple of years I've cashiered at gas stations here in town. About this time last year this van pulled up outside, the girl in the kitchen was up with me, this couple comes busting through the door yelling at us if we knew were the farmhouse was. I live in a rural area so there are farmhouses everywhere. They were tweeking so I asked if the wanted a Metholated or Non-Metholated farmhouse. This confused the couple so they went back outside to talk, then they came back in and asked what state they were in. It got weirder, the kitchen girl took my phone and called the Law Enforcement Center and the local police had a good time.

Another girl at a different gas station was working the overnight when a couple of butch lesbians came in and cornered her threatening to rape her with a strap on. When I pulled the overnight shift they tried this with me, I grabbed my knife and cut the strap on off and kicked them out of the store. Told them to come back when they knew how to use it.

People are strange, but after the shock wears off it's kinda funny.
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I hate it when there is a long line at the register, you are done with the person's transaction, have their cash in the drawer, and all of the sudden, they start throwing more money at you so that they don't have to carry around so much change...when you are already thinking about the next customer. If you don't figure out their new change in your head in .5 a second, they start making sly, under their breath jokes about you being retarded. It is not like I was standing there for 60 seconds pondering what change they REALLY wanted to give...like they were.
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I really do love kids. Besides my own I have my favorite little patients that always make me smile when I see them.

Then there are the demon spawns from hell.....

Today a little angel wrote the word "POOPY" all over my brochures. A budding literary genius.

One day a little chubby rosy cheeked darling grabbed a frame off my display and said "LOOK MOM!!!!" and proceeded to snap it in half. The mother told her to put it down and they left. No apologies......I really wanted to tell her that Santa hates her now but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.

Then there is the lively little scamp that threw his brand new glasses at me...they bounced off my forehead and landed on the floor where he proceeded to stomp the bejeezus out of them. Then mommy asks if I will replace them under warranty.

And let's not forget the little freckled faker that walks in all sickly and squinting yet his vision is miraculously cured when he puts on a pair of displays and announces "MOM!!! I CAN SEEEE!!!". Those must be some good demo lenses, (no prescription in them). Then Mom actually screamed at our OD when he told her baby boy really didn't need glasses.

Ok...I am done with my rant. Thank you for your patience.
The pharmacy one (what a horror) reminds me of times in an OB/Gyn clinic. It's amazing how many people decide to refill their birth control pill prescriptions two days after they were supposed to start a new pack. My goodness, you've moe than likely known all month that this was your last pack. The doctor is not going to treat it as am emergency. No place I've worked has done an emergency birth control refills - except for the day after type.

What's that phrase? Piss poor planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.
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At the restaurant i work at you get a soup or salad with your meal, well one time this lady decided that she didn't like the soup she got, i mean that's ok no biggie i'll be happy to replace it , but i wasn't happy when she tried each and every single one of our soups and salads to finally decide that she liked the first soup she had better!!! and she later demanded to get a new meal because hers got cold sitting on the table while she decided what salad/soup to eat, oh and did i mention that she didn't tip me!!! witch!
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My son's first job was in food service at Panera Bread. Sometimes he had to clean the restrooms after the store closed. He was totally disgusted by the women's restroom. He asked me, "Mom WHY don't women flush tampons???" Apparently some women just fling them in the metal canister on the wall and ooey stuff goes all over the place.

Especially lovely were the people who would lift the seat cushion and intentionally pour a whole container of soda under it. Or stuff their uneaten food under the cushion. I guess they thought it would be a funny prank to play on the minimum wage worker who had to clean up.

He learned a lot from that experience and vowed to never work in the food industry again.

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I worked at Taco bell for a few months, that job was a nightmare in itself, but the customers were the worst.

the worst was the Church grp. they would come in a group of 50+ I dont know how many exactly but they took up the entire lobby. They were so loud, rude and obnoxious that they very quickly chased out any other customers we had in the store. Everything would set them off to the point of yelling, telling them that we no longer had that sale, even verifying their order. If their food wasnt done in like a minute then they would start screaming for a refund. Each of them would ask for an extra tray to overfill with napkins, and sauces. They treated us like we were worth less then nothing, because we weren't "christian" because we were working on Sunday. The would purpose try and get a rise out of us and preach at us constantly because they knew we couldn't say anything back to them or risk losing our jobs. They moved all the tables, talked loudly, sit there and watch their kids throw food, spill drinks all over the place and not tell us so we could clean it up. They did not throw their food in the trash when they left, they were more likely to throw it on the floor. The floor would be littered with food that was smashed in the floor, napkins, sauces that were busted open on the floor. I will never understand the compulsion some people have to grab half the rack of napkins and as many sauces as they can grap. and we would frequently find sh*t smeared on the walls in the bathroom. The Lobby would be so trashed that we would have to close it down for cleaning after they left. It was so bad, we would just stand there in awe, not knowing where to even start, it would take a minium of 3 extra large trash bags and over an hour to clean up. I still have the urge to run in fear when I hear people call themselves "good christians"
I also hate it when customers expect me to be their little personal worker or something. Sorry but my job is the ring it in your items, not walk around with you while you shop, carry your &%$@#!, look for items for you, etc.

And just because I'm a cashier and a teenager doesn't make me second class citizen. You have no right to get snappy at me or order me around because you know what? I'll be a bi_tch right back at you.

And when I'm bagging your items you don't have to say "I don't want my eggs with my Windex!" I'm not a dummy.

Also, contrary to popular belief on the other thread, not all cashiers get confused when you give them 20.01 when the total is 7.86. Maybe some new cashiers get a little confused, but we aren't all math illiterate idiots.
Originally Posted by x_tigerlily
I don't mind all of the stuff in the first paragraph. Where I work, we're expected to look for items for the person, including checking the backstock and checking the computer for items we don't have to see if and when they are coming in. We are seeing lots of this now as some of our holiday themed items are running out and won't be coming back.

There are a couple of people that I have walked around with to help them find things. We're a new store and have some weird stuff, so I can see where some need the help. But, the store staffs for this allowance, which really helps. We're not usually pulling someone off of the register to do it. I get more ticked about inconideration. Some leave their used coffee cups on grocery shelves when we have trash cans for them. I'm not fond of it when people decide they don't want a certain frozen item so the place it on any old shelf. All they have to do is give it to one of us who are on the floor or at the register. I hate throwing away food because someone didn't want to put their unwanted frozen items back.
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Speaking of church groups, when I worked in McDonald's when I was in HS, every Wednesday night a mob of people from the Church next door would come in to eat.

EVERYONE HATED WORKING WEDNESDAY NIGHTS! We'd literally fight with the scheduling manager when we'd see our names on for that night

Anyway, it would be about 20 of them, the majority little children. They'd come in, talking in Portuguese REAL loud, and start to rearrange the tables so they can all sit together in one big group. They'd buy so much food and leave these HUUUUUUUUGE messes and never bothered throwing away their garbage and putting the tables and chairs back where they belong. The adults would be so busy chatting and stuffing their Big Mac's between words that they would never notice that their demon spawns would be running around the restaurant...one night one of them wandered behind our counter and discovered the box of Happy Meal toys and when I turned around there were 4 of them digging through the box and ripping the toy bags open. I was just a kid myself (17) so I had no problem spazzing on the kids to get the hell out of the box. The manager ran to one of the women in the group and all she did was laugh and strolled over and took the kids by their hands and tried to be SLICK by not paying for the toys. We got her to pay for them though. It was the same thing every damn Wednesday night until they disappeared out of the blue one week and never came back. We were thanking the Good Lord for taking them away!

And about those customers who come to the store after closing time. Ughz. When I worked at NY&Co, after the store closed we'd obviously lock the doors and proceed to straighten the store out. One night, about half an hour after we closed, this woman and her teen daughter were at the door knocking. We blatantly ignore them but she was knocking for a good 5 minutes. So I signaled that we were closed. She was trying to get me to come to the door. So me and another girl walked over and cracked the door open and said "We're closed." and she said with the NASTIEST attitude: "WHAT?! WHY IS THAT EVERY TIME I COME HERE AT THIS TIME, YOU ARE CLOSED?!"

:x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x :x

I wanted to say "BECAUSE YOU DUMB *****, THER'ES SOMETHING CALLED STORE HOURS AND THE SCHEDULE IS RIGHT ON THE FRONT DOOR! CAN YOU READ?! CAN YOU TELL TIME, *****!?" but all we could say was "Our schedule is from 11-7, it's 7:30, please make it here before 7pm." she said "But I can't, I get out of work then!" "Oh well, sorry, we don't make exceptions." and closed the door in her face.
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Ah, the church groups. My husband worked at a McDonalds for two years while we were in school... hated Sundays. They came in, pushed all the tables together, let kids go wild, made a ginormous mess, talked loudly, and then left them all to clean up the mess. They also had the attitude about people who were working on Sunday, and I experienced that when I worked retail too. Um, are you supposed to be out shopping and MAKING people work on Sunday? If they quit going out to these places, maybe they wouldn't be open (doubtful, but just an idea). I always thought that it was wrong to work or to buy/sell on Sunday if you were Christian?! Of course, that's another subject, but I can remember people I worked with being really mad that they couldn't go to church as they wanted to, because they had to work and clean up after the people who weren't "supposed" to be in there anyway, and whose presence made it impossible for them to be in church. Ugh.

Ah, the church groups. My husband worked at a McDonalds for two years while we were in school... hated Sundays. They came in, pushed all the tables together, let kids go wild, made a ginormous mess, talked loudly, and then left them all to clean up the mess. They also had the attitude about people who were working on Sunday, and I experienced that when I worked retail too. Um, are you supposed to be out shopping and MAKING people work on Sunday? If they quit going out to these places, maybe they wouldn't be open (doubtful, but just an idea). I always thought that it was wrong to work or to buy/sell on Sunday if you were Christian?! Of course, that's another subject, but I can remember people I worked with being really mad that they couldn't go to church as they wanted to, because they had to work and clean up after the people who weren't "supposed" to be in there anyway, and whose presence made it impossible for them to be in church. Ugh.

Originally Posted by Rheanna83
oh I know people criticize about others working on sunday while they go shopping there, theiy're there because of people like you who have created a demand for it. And because of people like that I have also been forced to work on thanksgiving and christmas day.

And on a second note: When they figure up how much to charge for lets say a hambuger, they do actually factor in labor. By making huges messes that equals more labor hours they have to pay in order to clean up the mess which equals higher prices. Think about it, Rally's is cheaper because they don't have a lobby to pick up.
Wow. Those church groups...call themselves religious people...eew.

Luckily we never had that at Target, but I did have an about-40-yr-old guy and some teens walk up to my register, buy like one thing, maybe a candy bar, and then do something really creepy and weird: The 40-yr-old hands me the card of his church and makes a speech about community that makes me want to scream "DON'T DRINK THE KOOL-AID!". Then the teens toss some more cards onto the scanner. They all walk away.

I threw away the cards the minute their freaky butts were out the door. It was like they made a cult out of their church group. I made up my mind to call security if they ever came back - they sent up some serious red flags.

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This has nothing to do with this topic but on weird church people.

Beer tent story:

I was behind the counter writing on my clip board, chatting with firemen, vendors and Mark. These decent looking clean cut guys (bikers are't what they use to be most are yuppies) come up stand there when I ask them if they need help they ask me to show them my boobs. Okay it's a biker rally, plenty of girls out there flashing their wares. I smile tell them politely I won't flash because I'm from town, talking to people, and I don't want to. They try to talk me into it!

After they got the point I wasn't going to one guy gave me a set of beads with a cross on it. On the back was the name, phone number of a church. He also gave me a little booket about being saved. He said since the beads cost money he normally saved them for the girls who flashed him, but since I was manager of the tent he would be nice. He then bragged he was the youth minister, I threw up in my mouth alittle at that point.

I was creeped out and so were the people around me. Those beads got passed on to the next set of boobies I saw, I couldn't wear them.
The guy could have been lying about being a pastor because he thought it was funny. Maybe he found the rosary somewhere, who knows? Or maybe he WAS a really twisted pastor.

Sounds like a loser and an idiot either way....
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