Dear Foodies, My asian spoon and I are lost

So our first supper club is at at my house and I'm so excited. Since it's a small group (8-10) I decided to have a little fun and do a appetizer/canape theme with an tropical twist.

I had absolutely no reason to buy them, but I just picked up a pack of asian spoons and I want to use them. any suggestions on what to serve in them?

Already on the menu
  • coconut shrimp
  • crab stuffed mushrooms
  • roasted chicken
  • grilled steak
  • Plantains (I know, not mini, but we love them)
  • mixed greens with avocado and blood oranges
  • empanadas
  • coconut toast
  • pina colada cake balls
  • mango cosmos
  • parfaits
any other suggestions on what to make in general (I know I'm lacking veggies). oh, maybe I could do something with corn (but that's another starch)

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I have nothing to add. Just wanted to say that I think your menu sounds delicious!!

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You could do ceviche on spoons. Ceviche is juicy, so it's a good candidate for a spoon.

Or how about a sorbet spoon for some palate cleansing?
A spoonful of chilled soup with appropriate garnish (beet with sumac yogurt, as an example)
Something like a beet chunk, orange supreme, vinaigrette, and herbs on top
Granita topped with whipped cream

Make your empanadas with spinach filling if you want more greens.
Falafel with mint yogurt for another vegetarian choice. This could also be put on a spoon.
Another spoon and also vegetarian idea, along the ceviche vein:
Tartare of avocado, mango, and grapefruit. I'd go with a Meyer lemon vinaigrette, but lime would be okay as well. Cilantro in there of course!
roseannadana, thanks for the compliment. I hope my friends like it as well.

I forget, I'm also doing mango coconut soup shooters. and goat cheese and fig jam on toast. Since I'm leaning towards tropical, I may do mango or pineapple instead of fig

I'm not so sure my friends will do a meat/fish ceviche, but the vegetarian option or the sorbet might work

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See, I think it doesn't make much sense to have a Parmesan tuile in a spoon. You want to pick them up. I think they're best put in a parchment cone in a cup/glass.
The ceviche idea was with scallops in mind, but it isn't always easy getting tiny scallops. Scallops make really good ceviche since they're so sweet. I like them with a yuzu vinaigrette especially.

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ha, I was kinda thinking the same thing about the cones. I knew you would either come in a same that or or offer an adjustment to make is messier = spoon preferred

If I can't find small scallops, I will do shrimp but I will grill either one. I'm weird about my seafood so I don't think I can do ceviche.
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All right ---- I'm crashing this party. Scrills, expect me any minute (j/k).

You are such a social butterfly. I admire that so much.
I guess it's not you who's a sushi/sashimi fan on the boards?
I'm not a huge ceviche/tartare/crudo fan, but I like a few types. With ceviche you're curing the fish and the texture changes with the acid so that it's basically cooked. It doesn't taste fishy. And I definitely prefer the zestiness of ceviche to sashimi!
What's pretty cool too is that you can take ruby grapefruits and slice them so they look just like tuna, then garnish it for a pretty cool faux tartare.

You are more than welcome to join us. It's Sunday at 6:30. PM and i will give me my address. I'm right off the 271 so it's super easy to get to my house

Saria, it's a texture thing. I guess I shouldn't say that I don't like ceviche since I've never had it. The only seafood that I can tolerate raw is scallops. Otherwise, it's crab and shrimp for me when it's sushi time. and even then it's maki rolls, no sashimi.

The Tartare of avocado, mango, and grapefruit is looking pretty tempting. Do I dice the avocado and mango, mix in lime, top with grapefruit, or do I mix them all with the lime and arrange on the spoon?
What a fun party! I like the sound of the fruit tartare and the scallop recipe from Citron et Vanille.

I have seen the asian spoons used for a tiny creme brulee. I'm not sure where I saw that being done and actually I can't even remember how they achieved that. Maybe making the custard in another dish and then portioning some onto the spoons before doing the brulee step.
I'd top with diced grapefruit so that it stays intact. Dice the avocado and mango, season and dress, top with grapefruit, pour a bit more dressing over. Top with a cilantro sprig or chopped cilantro. Squeeze bottles are your friends. If you dice the avocado ahead of time, just make sure to put a layer of plastic wrap over it to keep air out. The dressing can be made with some of the grapefruit juice and a mild white wine vinegar as well.
You could make an avocado purée and put a dollop of that on the spoon then top with the other ingredients as well.
There are lots of possibilities!

Here is a picture of the grapefruit "crudo" idea I mentioned:
Grapefruit Crudo - Recipe - Herbivoracious - Easy Vegetarian Recipes, Veggie Recipes, Meatless Recipes
It's pretty cool-looking!

Misspam, they do make for some nice mini-dessert ideas, but I figured scrills had dessert covered!

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Happy birthday misspam. (I know, wrong thread)
Originally Posted by scrills
Thank you. Wrong thread or not, it's the thought that counts.
Fig Jam!

(Sorry, had to get excited about that.)

Saria, it's a texture thing. I guess I shouldn't say that I don't like ceviche since I've never had it. The only seafood that I can tolerate raw is scallops. Otherwise, it's crab and shrimp for me when it's sushi time. and even then it's maki rolls, no sashimi.
Originally Posted by scrills
Have you had eel? It's cooked! It's a rich, fatty texture - not sure if that would bother you or not. My texture-sensitive friends/relatives tend to much prefer it. Obviously, those who just can't get over the idea of raw do, too.

I like the ideas you've gotten here! I may steal some to have friends over on Saturday to cook. Have fun!
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But at least the pews never attend yoga!
NetG, great suggestion!!!! How could I forget UNAGI!!!! I love eel.

After all this planning, I am actually thinking about re-vamping the menu to the comfort food version of everything (mango soup becomes tomato soup with mini grilled cheese, empandas becomes minippot pies). This is a monthly thing my next turn will be in the summer. See, this is what I shouldn't be allowed too much time to think.

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