A little update and maybe a little hope for my fellow waist-watchers.

I recently mentioned discouragement because I was beginning to feel that old familiar post-prandial firmness in my abdomen. I thought my visceral fat was beginning to accumulate again--and maybe it is. But what I found out over the next week or so was that my gut motility had slowed significantly again, and I was also constipated. So, food is sitting in my stomach much longer than it normally is, and my intestines are backing up as well. This both pleases and irritates me. I'm glad to still be fitting into my size 8 pants just fine, but I'm not happy about my gut motility. I don't understand because I do "all the right things--lots of both kinds of whole foods, fiber, fluids, exercise. Further proof that your body is going to do whatever it wants, despite your best efforts.

I just wanted to share this anecdote hoping it may serve as encouragement to someone else who thinks they are losing the battle of the bulge even though they are doing "all the right things." It may just be slow gut motility and constipation. I'm sitting here in my new little shorty shorts from Aeropostale, so I'm not delusional or in denial. They fit exactly the same today as they did the day I bought them 2 months ago; last week, I was afraid to even try them on because my stomach was so bloated and firm.

Hang in there!
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Gosh, I am resonating so much with this. I've relaxed on the low-carb path after stalling for 6months. So well done on mostly keeping on the straight and narrow. Have you tried probiotics?

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I have the exact same issue. I can gain up to 5 pounds...then when my body decides to empty...it changes. I do think some of my weight gain has been to eating too much carbs/calories. I've restarted myself to start watching both...hopefully the weight goes back down. I hate the bloated feeling...sometimes my stomach is just huge... I drink 8 glasses or more of water...plus 5 cups of coffee (not sure if that counts...I know cokes don't).

My clothes seem to fit still just because the rest of me is shrinking because of working out...I just wish my weight would show it..