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I know this is a hair question, but I feel like you guys answer my questions the most over here. I am thinking about having this treatment done and wanted to get some feedback on it. I have called around and asked different salons what products they use. My hairstylist uses the Global Keratin line that is formaldehyde free and they include a sulfate free poo in their price. I'm nervous about if I should have it done. They say it would last up to five months and would slowly wash out. It is suppose to just take out the frizz, and I would still be able to wear my hair curly. Any thoughts? My main concern is that I only see people wear their hair straight afterwards. I want to see if it would change my curl pattern, or just take out the frizz.
There was a warning about keratin treatments I believe on this website but if its formaldehyde free it may be different.

I got rusk anti curl in my hair 10 years ago. It was supposed to smooth the hair layer and make loosen the curl. It did exactly that. I had some wave - went from 3b to 2 something. To me it was basically straight but it was really wavy. I loved it because my hair was too thick, rough and frizzy. Afterwards, it looked more straight and the texture was completely different (like straight haired people's hair) actually blowed in the wind and was soft feeling. I did it 2 or 3 times but then I stopped because I didn't want all those chemicals in there. The waves started to come back to curls while the texture was still smooth so that was nice. It didn't permanently damage my curl pattern. Everyones hair is different though.
I think this question is answered pretty extensively in the keratin forum. Bottom line is that everyone is different. Results depend on how coarse, thick, curly, etc your hair is.
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My sister had it done and hated it! Her hair never looked worse! But everyone is different, I would NEVER have it done!
I did the Organix Brazilian Keratin at home and was very pleased with it (I'm a 2c/3a). Was much cheaper and had the same if not better results than my friends who have done it in the salon. I really like the shampoo and condish that are in that system. Check the keratin board for more info.
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There was a recent article on that said no salon level Keratin treatment that uses heat tools is free of -aldahydes so you still run the risk if there is heating tools and a blow dryer involved. Warned to always wear your own face mask and also demand well ventilation if you decide to go with it.

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Sheesh..just seeing the title of this thread made my curls quiver in sheer terror. LOL!
Sheesh..just seeing the title of this thread made my curls quiver in sheer terror. LOL!
Originally Posted by Marah Mizrahi
Same here I'm like whoa seriosity.
They even have a video of a guy on titled "guy gets his first Brazilian...." and I just don't understand if this space on the web advocates for curlies or straight hair wannabes.

Either way they also mentioned how most people who go back a second time damn near have to cut all the hair off cause it's quite brutal PERIOD

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I've done it three times and my hair is fine. However, the first time I used Coppola and it did sort of fry my hair. I've used QOD twice and it isn't damaging at all.

It most definitely takes the curl out, although my hair never gets completely straight. It's borderline wavy-curly for the first few weeks then gradually gets curly, especially after coloring. The last time I did it was March 13. I've colored twice since then and I'm about a 3a/b now. My hair is naturally about 3b/c and extremely thick and coarse.

If I just had plain ordinary curls, I probably wouldn't bother. However, my hair is so coarse that if if you look at a single hair, you see it's sort of nubby and kinky under the curl. QOD allows me to keep my curl but benefit from easy styling and second day hair because it smooths the hair shaft. I also save a ton on haircuts (no need for a special deva-trained stylist) and hair products.

I'd never do TR because I don't want straight hair. I just want easier curly hair and the ability to change my style every now and then. With natural hair, I was stuck with the same basic style--that every other 3b/c curly has--for the rest of my life.
Thank you for the replies. I'm sorry I never noticed that there was a keratin forum, or I would have went there first. I have used the Rusk Anti Curl, and that made my hair straight with no curl in sight. It ended up breaking my hair off so bad. That is actually how I found NC. It is something to think about. I don't want to do it unless I'm 100% sold on the idea.
I had the Brazilian Blowout done and I regret it sooo much. It did not fade out and my hair was wrecked. I ended up cutting all my hair of. I'm just not a straight hair all-the-time girl. My hair is far too thin and I love volume waaay too much.
I've had 4 Brazailian Blowouts in the last year and a half. The first two were before all the formaldehyde issues came up, and the last two were "formaldehyde free" but apparently that's debatable. I have super thick coarse 3a-b and just wanted to get rid of the frizz and keep my curls. The first two treatments did just that and I loved it, my curls were frizz free and loosened to 2's. But the last two did nothing on my hair, and it's not cheap. So I'm committing to not doing another and focusing on getting my curls healthy instead. I admit it's a struggle, I miss the waves and smoothness but the chemicals are not worth it. I'm currently off work due to a major injury/illness and it's really opened my eyes to the risks of chemicals around us. So even tho I wish for the smooth waves back, I'm resisting and turning to cg products and oils instead. Oh, and there is definitely damage growing out, you can't use a 450 iron 6-8 runs without any!! Sorry for the long rant, HTH

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