We had a neighbor once that had ivy growing up every tree in his yard. Finally, one day he cut the strands of ivy all the way around the bottom of the trees and in no time at all, the strands of ivy going up the trees died and they pulled right off the trees. Otherwise, trying to remove it while it's still alive is VERY difficult, if not impossible. If you want if off your trees, it's worth a try!
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I just did this with several trees in my yard about 2 months ago and it worked like a chram. While ivy doesn't kill trees, it does prevent the tree from making bark and it also weakens branches/limbs. After having several fairly large tree banches fall in my yard, I was afraid I was one thunderstorm away from one landing on my house and causing some serious damage. Ivy can be useful as a ground cover plant, espically in areas that don't get a lot of sunlight...but you HAVE to prune/trim it to keep it in check!
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