Free comic books!!!! Everything Must Go!!!

sadly i must let go a part of my past. several years ago i donated my 79 con bug, then my toy collection and now its the comic books. i would like to let the curlies here have first choice before i head to the local foster care home. i have Batman, Superman, X-men, Spiderman, Spawn...too much to list. so if anyone here has little boys/girls(or yourself i wont tell) that would appreciate them PM me. all are in placstic and cardback so theyre in mint condition. all are from the 90's era so theres no chance of getting rich on ebay for those with ideas.
*High-pitch girly scream* I'd jump on that (at least the marvel titles) but my cats are seek and destroy on all the single floppies and I only get the TPB now.

You remind me of my Dad who steadily sold all his 60's/70's/80's comics through out the 90's to buy my sister's and I back to school clothes every year.
Lady Fand of the Joy Filled Summer Skys in the Order of the Curly Crusaders!
I have an 8yo boy who would greatly appreciate the Batman comics. I'll pm you later.
High Priestess JessMess, follower of the Goddess of the Coiling Way and Confiscator of Concoctions in the Order of the Curly Crusaders

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