Working for a temp agency?

I'm thinking of signing up with a temp agency while I am looking for a more permanent job, and wanted to hear from people who had done this. How does it usually work? How often do you get paid? How quickly did they find you work and how often did you work? Would you recommend it or not?

I think they're a great way to get into good companies and prospect permanent positions. Some assignments are temp to perm, meaning, if all goes well, the company will hire you after your temp/trial period. I think most of the agencies pay weekly. I know many people who have had success with this route. I'm not sure what type of job you are looking for, but some agencies specialize in areas such as administrative work, accounting, technical, and creative work.
I've had all good experiences with temp agencies. I was able to get work quickly and pretty consistantly. Sometimes I went job to job, week to week, but sometimes I'd have long-term assignments that lasted for months. I was paid weekly by the temp agency, (but I guess that could depend on the agency).

It's a great way to get a foot in the door at different places and to gain experience with different things. I got each of my permanent jobs by being a temp first.

Good luck!
I'm thinking of signing up with a temp agency while I am looking for a more permanent job, and wanted to hear from people who had done this. How does it usually work? How often do you get paid? How quickly did they find you work and how often did you work? Would you recommend it or not?
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You normally send your resume to a contact at a temp agency and then call to follow up and make an appointment to come in and be interviewed and tested.

They can usually place you in a position fairly quickly unless you happen to live in an area where temp agencies are saturated with candidates. They can place you as quickly as the next day, etc.

If you are looking for work ASAP, then your best bet is to send resumes/test for as many temp agencies as possible and also be on the look out for agencies holding employment fairs.

You are usually paid each week for the previous week's work.

It's an excellent way to get a permanent entry level job.
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i haven't had experience myself, but a few friends of mine have done it while they finish up with their doctoral work.

they seem to have had good experiences with them, and one landed a permanent position that she likes very much via temping.

i'd say go for it.


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I've hired two people permanently who started as temps.
Actually, this is what I'm doing now. I was looking for a perm. job but saw that a company was looking to hire temp to perm. for an HR Assistant and I applied through the temp agency. The temp agency screened me..did a background check and tested me for proofreading skills, etc. Once I did okay with that, they sent my resume on to the company and they agreed on me coming aboard.

I've been here for about a month and I really like it. I went ahead and applied for the permanent position so we'll see how that goes. However, me being on probably won't help my case.

ETA: I have to fill out time cards and my supervisor at the company I work for THROUGH the temp. agency signs it. I then fax that time card to the temp agency and they issue me a check the next week.

I applied for a specific position, but depending on the number of clients the temp agency you are looking to work for has, you could get work the next day.
I am at the moment. In September they saw my resume on and contacted me concerning a position at a law firm that was for 2 months. At first they wanted me to come into the temp agency to meet with them, etc but the people at the lawfirm said my resume was so ideal that they just wanted me to start asap. I took it and started the day after the agency contacted me, no interview, no screening, nothing. I get paid every week. At the end of the week I fill out an electronic time sheet, and my supervisor here approves it. My check is ready by the next week Wednesday.

I'm glad I took the temp job; it is working out beautifully for me. Right now I'm doing my second temp stint at the same office and will be permanent here this month. There was another temp here they were training to take over a spot that was opening up in January, but she wound up being a big slacker and trouble maker in the office, so they gave her the boot and they realized that I was a much more diligent worker and I was the better fit for the permanent position, so now I'm training for it while working as a temp. I should be official here in another week or so.
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I temped for over a year after I got out of college. I hated it. It wan't really the assignments per se but I had no benefits (some agencies offer benefits) the pay was low. I'd much rather have something permanent and full time than to temp. Actually I was thinking of doing it again. I liked the flexiblity and got to pick the assignment I wanted.

They were able to get me assignemens quickly. I think I got paid every week if I remember correctly. I just faxed my timesheet into the office. That was almost 15 years ago so maybe things are slightly different. I reccommend over nothing that's for sure.
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I love temp agencies. When I was in college, I worked with temp agencies in the summer and got all kinds of experience in different companies. I worked as a receptionist, data entry clerk in PR, proofreader for a printer, cashier for a real estate office that handled leases, etc. They were all strictly temp jobs, but I busted my butt at them and got some of the best references from them you could imagine. Plus I got experience that built the foundation for me going into HR later on.

I also have worked into 2 permanent positions that started as temp to perm.

All the agencies I ever worked with paid "a week behind". You fax them your time sheet on Friday and the next Friday you receive either a check in the mail or direct deposit. They all offered health insurance pretty reasonably as well as short and long term disability after you'd worked for them for 90 days, no matter how many different assignments you went on.

As an HR manager, I love using temp agencies to find candidates. Why? I don't have to screen applicants that way. I call and tell them what I want and when I want them and the agency does the background and reference checks, skills screening, drug testing, etc. If for any reason I don't like the person they send, I call them and the next day I have a different person.
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Both of my two "real" jobs since college have been temp-to-hire. Like gg said, it stunk to not have benefits while temping but it's my experience that most companies have a 2 or 3 month waiting period for benefits anyways - so in both of my jobs they counted my temp period as my waiting period and started my benefits the first of the month after my official hire date. Both temp places (two different states) paid weekly for the previous week's work.
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I temped for a bit after school. I HATED it, but they had 6 or so of us shoved into a windowless rooms entering document codes into PC's. It was awful. The people I temped with and the person in charge of us at the firm were all really nice though. It was a big law firm and we were basically regarded as the lowest form of life.

Since we were placed through a legal temp firm & all had degrees, the money seemed to be better than average -- $20/hr. with OT available and that was 16 years ago. So, I would advise you to make sure you particularly list with an agency specializing in your degree or specialty area. One of the guys I temped with hit it off with the firm's office/business manager and was offered a job on his staff.

The contracts we signed had rules about applying for permanent jobs at the places we were assigned to or if the place where we were temping offered us a job on its own initiative. (Basically, we had to tell them if we were applying for a permanent job at the assigned place and if the firm hired us, they had to pay the temp. agency a commission.) We also had to agree not to "freelance" temp at any place the temp agency sent us to during the term of our contract with the temp agency. I don't think the contract was long, maybe 3 months.

Also, find out whether the temp agencies you're going through offer health insurance or other benefits. Some here offere hi if you're with them long enough.

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