Why my cat hates me

I yelled at her yesterday b/c she launched herself at me biting and scratching. She doesn't do that. I was carrying one of her toys and I thought she was in her "chasing" crouch. She scared me and I yelled "NO, PHOEBE." I'm an absolute creep. She decided to hang out on top of the kitchen cabinet the rest of the day "sulking."

Of course, it appears she's probably somewhat sick. She's had diar. for two days, won't eat her regular dry food, drinking tons of water, being lethargic , etc. Putting it all together, I figured the "attack" was her attempt to comm. "I don't feel well." So, I took her to the vet this morning. The x-rays were fine, she has a sort of big gas bubble in her "middle", her tum was a little tender. Dr. Barbie said the stool sample they took didn't show anything out of the ordinary. The gave me some prescription brand (bland) wet food, three pills to give her for possible worms and liquid antibiotics.

I put a pill in her bland food. She spat it out. Then, I mashed it up, heated the food and gave it to her again. She ate part of it. Then, she scratched next to it on the floor like she would do with poop, pulled the "food mat" over her dish and walked out of the kitchen. Later, I had to give her the antibiotic. So, I wrapped her in a towel, picked her up, tucked her under my arm, tried to open her jaws (which were clamped shut. Finally, she let out this pathetic cry and I stuck the eyedropper in her mouth and squeezed.. It all went in. The moment I let her go she walked away, looked at me and hid.

I feel absolutely terrible. I know she's just a cat and it's for her own good, but I hate the idea that I hurt her. She forgave me yesterday and went to sleep on my back when I rolled over on my stomach while sleeping. Two days in a row of crappy behavior might be more than she can take.
Oh, sad!! I think they get over it pretty fast though. Maybe she's just crabby at you because she doesn't feel good.

I had to laugh about her scratching the floor and "burying" her food. My cats scratch the floor when they drink, and sometimes try to bury the food if we give them something they don't like. My aunt's cat did this with some smelly dog food too. Cats are so funny.

I'm sure she'll be fine when she's feeling better. Keep us updated!

To quote wild_sasparilla:
'Thou shaketh it a little and it feeleth alright.'
she loves you for getting her help. Just think how many people out there would have just ignored her symptoms. You're a good cat mommy and don't you dare feel bad! I wish all pet owners were as good as you.
I hope she's feeling better soon...
Healing Women - Please help.
The beauty of animals is they live in the present. She'll move on from this faster than you will!
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She will forgive you, mine do all the time when I doctor them up. Pills are the worst thing ever with cats, one of ours will always pee on whomever is holding him. Mark gets that job, I just pop the pill in that cat's mouth and rub his throat untill he swallows it.

Deworming is horrible I look like a porn star when I get done with all the animals. White goo everywhere
Once I had to give one of my cats a pill and as I was trying to close her jaw around it, she struggled and the pill tore on one of her teeth. All the medicine spilled into her mouth and she flipped out. She ran around the house, foaming at the mouth, and then hid. She wouldn't come near me for hours. Needless to say I cried and cried!

But she got over it.

However, I will say, I wish we hadn't given her those pills. She had a chronic health problem and needed a pill everyday, and it was too traumatic for her. I would rather my cat have a short, happy life, than a longer, unhappy one. She was never the same after we started pilling her--she didn't like to be held anymore because she didn't trust us anymore. And she still died young. So next time one of my cats gets ill, I will consider whether the treatment is really better than the disease.[/url]

she loves you for getting her help. Just think how many people out there would have just ignored her symptoms. You're a good cat mommy and don't you dare feel bad! I wish all pet owners were as good as you.
I hope she's feeling better soon...
Originally Posted by yagottaloveyacurls
Exactly. I know how heartbreaking it is though, so big HUGS to you
Hope she feels better soon, and try not to feel guilty!
This morning, I tried the dropper again. She made this sound of "I love you and you say you love me. Why are you doing this?" So, I punked. I coated her kibble in it instead. It was all gone by the time I left this morning. Of course, I have no doubt the moment I walked out the door this morning she shredded the bath towel I had her wrapped in.
The best thing about cats (besides everything) is that they have walnut-sized brains and don't remember much after it happens.

That said, get her some kitty tuna and put her medicine in that. She'll thank you and thank you!

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Aww, poor sick kitty. That must be so hard for you.

I think being sneaky and putting the medicine in her food is definitely the best way to go. And I hope she starts feeling better soon.
She HATES the bland food. HATES it. As in, spits it out hates it. So, tonight I mixed a little Wellness Salmon & Turkey in it and doctored it with the antibiotic. She was on it like stink. Mission accomplished. Out of guilt, I also made her a paperbag tunnel this evening.

GOOD lord. I think I'm officially a spinster cat lady. I'm going to spend the weekend at Goodwill looking for ratty old cardigans & dirty Keds.
Oooh, paper tunnel! You're an awesome cat mom! The best I ever do is leave a paper bag or cardboard box out for my cats. But then my cats are attention whores and never stay mad for very long.
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